The Next Step


First off, congratulations to the entire FGC on a fantastic fundraiser!

I was reading my Twitter feed this morning, and came across the following exchange between James Chen and Ultra David:

To be fair, I understand what Ultra David is saying: that the FGC’s fundraising efforts should be about the cause we’re supporting, or the games we love, and not the recognition we receive for it. All other things being equal, I agree with him.

But all other things are not equal. The media, politicians and other public figures and institutions are quick to trash games, either generally (and there are dozens more examples), or specifically targeting the FGC. Everyone had something to say about the Cross Assault incident last year; all those results came in the first page of the Google search “Sexual harassment FGC.” A Google search for “Evo breast cancer fundraiser” yields depressing, if predictable, silence from those same media outlets.

We’ve accomplished something truly amazing in the last month. Game enthusiasts from all over the world raised over $200,000 to aid research aimed at saving lives. $200,000! To put that in perspective, the National Football League, the multi-billion dollar American football league, with all their infrastructure and media presence, has raised $3 million in four years. We raised $200K in ONE MONTH with nothing more than message boards and Twitter, “Spirit Bombs” and sniping.

This achievement is worthy of celebration and recognition. We should flood Kotaku, Destructiod, IGN and every other gaming media outlet with emails and tips about our incredible results. We should call in to local news stations and newspapers, write to the Huffington Post, Fox News, CNN, everything we can think of. This is something that should be trumpeted and acknowledged, and it’s up to us to see that it is. It’s been demonstrated that the media is more than willing to trash us, but we have to be proactive and make sure that they also shine a light on what we do right. We’ve done something far beyond right here.


yes, the best thing to do after a big charity event is to gloat to everyone about how charitable you are

I think some of you guys place too much importance on blowhard kotaku articles. why are you even visiting that site?


Mass media is for the masses. It’s made of carefully picked pieces of ‘information’ designed to trigger an emotional response instead of in-depth analysis requiring actual research on the matters at hand. It’s being fed to lazy, stupid people who deserve it. ALL the news outlets are like this. All the newspapers and TV broadcasts are designed to shape your views in ways they see fit.

So stop giving a shit about what others (WHO ARE WILLFULLY IGNORANT OF THE MATTER) think and just keep doing your thing.

Also what the fuck are you trying to prove? That your hobby and group of friends who engage in it are legit because you raised money for cancer research (an act that has nothing to do with the hobby itself)?

You know what they say about racing in the special olympics, so why try to beat them at their own retarded game (of public opinion among ignorant people who don’t even care enough to get their facts for themselves) when you can just stop playing and walk away?


Kotaku is garbage. Just throwing that out there.


Kotaku gave the Donation Drive results a half assed article.

Hope you’re sated.

“fighter games”


Aww they went back and edited it :3