The next step....?


Hi, I’ve gone a way in SSF4 the last weeks.
I stopped button mashing, spend hours in Training mode to get my bread and butter combos down and be able to use them in all situations.
Read guides, watched videos about strategies and all the common stuff.

It all paid out… I made it to a C-Rank pretty fast (on PC) and now Iam loosing a bit and winning a bit.
But… I have no clue where to go and what to do now. And this is where my problem starts.
There are some higher level mechanics that I can’t use at all or just randomly.
One is for example the FADC to chain combos or execute my ultra… what rapes me pretty often in online battles, especially if I play against higher skilled players.
I was thinking about starting to learn a second character (Iam playing mostly Cammy), but came to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense because I would face the same problems with another one soon.

I just feel that I’m not playing as much as I did a month ago, because it doesn’t feel like there is enough to do or not enough that I can do to really get into advanced combos/strategies.
I really love SSF4 and I want to make the next step.
Is there anything I should watch or read or did anybody face the same problems I have? And if so, how did you solve it?


The first thing you should do is find a local group of people to play with regularly. Getting a crew to play with often will give you: 1) first-hand feedback on your issues and 2) the experience you need to advance.

FADC combos are a matter of practicing execution. Check out the execution sticky thread. Accept that you’re going to have to spend some time in training mode to get consistent.

Whether or not to focus on one character or choose two is debated. Some say focus on one; others say learn two to cover your bad matchups. I tend to support the former view, but don’t let that keep you from character hopping a bit in the beginning until you find a character you click with.’

As far as other goals to search for… every player (at every level of skill) is always asking themselves the same question. Part of getting good at fighting games is developing your own ability to identify issues in your gameplay and fixing them. So if you ever ask yourself “why am I losing?”, filling those holes in the dike are the goals you should be setting for yourself.

I wish I could give you more concrete answers. If you have any more specific questions you come across in your learning process, post them on up.

good luck!


If you’re from europe I could help you out with Cammy stuff in endless and if you’re not from europe I can at least explain most things.
Theres also a huge thread in the Cammy subforums where you can read up a ton of characterspecifics or strategys.

[Cammy Masterclass Thread](Cammy Masterclass SSF4 AE 2012 [CROSSUP DIVEKICKS SAFEJUMPS AND MATCHUPNOTES]

You can add me at steam or GFWL if you want.

GFWL: tariikz


Thanks for the link, yes Iam from Europe.
To be more precise, from Germany. I will add you in steam.