The NGBC Primer Thread

In an effort to cut down on repeat posts, confusion, etc. in the NGBC thread I got permission to put all the NGBC Primers into this new thread. I’ll update the thread as more are written. So if you write one it would be much appreciated if we can add it in here.


I’d like to thank Dark Geese for writing a good portion of these. I know a few other people contributed, I’m sorry but I never wrote down names when saving these, so if you see your work in here please let me know and I’ll credit you.

Again, I am in no way taking credit for any of this, I’m simply helping to organzie this information so others can find it more easily.

Haohmaru NGBC Primer Part I:

-Haohmaru is still basics in this game with some comboability.
-Far St. C is his best normal…use it to punish but DO NOT WHORE IT. You aint meter-safe if you miss it…meaning someone can GCFS you and you get punished for missing.
-Like OG Sam Shos…far st.b is a good poke. It can combo into Df+D Slide.

  • Far St. B pressure string- Far St. b to A tornado or far st. b to fake tornado.
    -Learn how to do his Running DP. There are quite a few ways to do it… do it via Dp+AB~C. Yes it costs meter. Its his ultimate juggle meaning it has very many uses. Hits if its counterhit or not.
    -His OTG is rdp+k.
    -His Unblockable is hella usefulI got a post on it already dont be lazy look it up in the Storm 3.5 page first page 3rd post. I aint doing everything for you guys!!!
    -Anti Air is either DP or Cr.Ceither one depending will get snuffed by Mudmans dive kicks so beware!


  • Close St.b to far st.bxxDA.
  • Cr.bx2 to Running DP
  • In corner-St.D, downback bx2, Running DP, DP+Cxxhcb,f +p super immediately do his Unblockable (hcb+p) on wakeup since they cannot tech the super for some GREAT DAMAGE.

Mr. Karate NGBC Primer I:

  • Bnb is cr.bxxCr.C xxa or C fireball/Deadly Assault.
  • You can vary this via cr.bxxcr.C to ranbu super (qcfhcb+p super) Another bnb of his.
  • Do not waste time with his Buriki One (qcfhcb+k) super unless you are an expert in it…I can hit this stuff later on.
  • He has two types of command flying kicks…one that is qcb+k (b button is sae ala 2k2) and the db, f, k one that flies across the screen. So he has his old ones plus Takumas from 2k2.
  • Yes Dp+A is a good Anti Air but so is Cr.C…its pretty good and SAFER.
  • In the corner off a Throw you can link Dp+D overhead as an OTG.
  • Haohshokoken is good from afar and still used to punish stuff.

Thats it for now…Mr. Karate is pretty basic hes got good pokes like far. B etc but not too much else unless you wanna hit Buriki One Super CMV shit.

Mizuchi NGBC Primer I:

-Mizuchi is a better version of Orochi He has two major problems though:

  1. Up close hes not that great.
  2. He has no answer against certain characters up close and medium range…Which ones?

a. Mudman (Up close)- He has no answer for dive kicks up close…
b. Tung- Same thing…but makes this deadlier because Dive Kicks link into MM.
c. Haohmaru- Far St. C eats his lunch.probably his worst matchup

-He has some good pokes though Far St.D, Far St. b or close st. b are really good pokes. Far St.b can link into itself. Its his best poke he has so abuse it when they start getting in close.
Zone with Double Pillars (hcb+A~B, hcb+B~C) single pillars, hcb-f +p, far st.b, far St. D. Double Genocide Cutter (takes meter is Far. St.DxxDp+D)
-The Michael Jackson Launcher- Dp+P. Close St. D (two hits or one) can link into it and he can link into Pillars, DA, or aerial super (qcfx2 p). But if you are going for sheer damage.hte best thing to do is just let them fall and hit the ground…see for yourself…letting them hit the ground is deadlier than doing the rest.
-DP+C is the true Michael Jackson Launcher…and it works as a decent Anti Air.
-His Command Grab super is EXCELLENT. Has seriously good range, grabs through al kinds of shit…they gotta pretty much jump to get out of it…very few things beat it. (hcbx2 P)

  • You can combo c.rb into st.b into A Command Grab Super.
    -C Command Grab super you cannot combo into but does more damage.
    -If they wanna get in fireball wars you win with either the pillars or double pillars or his reflect (hcb,f+k)
    -DG Fancy Mizuchi Combo #1- After a Close St. D (2 hits) to Dp+p, run under opponent to the other side, do a Deadly Assaultlooks stylish.
    -DG Fancy Combo #2- In the corner, Close St. D (2 hits)to Dp+A, juggle with qcb+b pillar, then do a hcb,f+C Giant Star, then juggle again with a B Pillar,then finish with a DA.
    -Mizuchi Infinite combo- YES ITS TOURNAMENT LEGAL BUT HARD TO PERFECT. With my Saturn pad I can get up to 5 reps of it:
    His infinite is [Close St.D (one hit)xxhcb-f +P], run in repeat brackets…

Kaede NGBC Primer Part I:

Kaede the Last Blade Supersaiyan Ryu Ken Clone is the OG Triad playa. Hes a one trick pony that needs meter to do the most damage. But hes a noob KILLER!!! Use him to rape your friends until they discover how to get around his Noob killer cheese!
-Qcb+C is Kaedes best special. Very few things can punish it and its meter and non-meter safe. BUT you can do a Deadly Assault right before the lst hit of qcb+C and punish Kaede or other moves experts know to punish him! If it hits they cannot tech it also.
-Anti Air with Dp+Cbut be careful and dont whore it against people Like Tungbecause if you miss and I get on your back40+ hits FOR FREE.
-He has Parries like all the Last Blade characters and follow ups (forward+BD and back+BD) plus the forward+BD followup to all of this. Except with Kaede he can follow a high or low parry up with his Level 2 Light Saber Super.
-If your opponent has meter do NOT abuse cb+a. Its non-meter safe only. Qcb+C fits the bill and is the noob killer!
-His hcf+k command grab is very good…it links into a well timed qcb+C (first hit) xxLevel 2 Light Saber Super (qcfx2 C) for VERY GOOD DAMAGE.
-Objective with Kaede is combo into Light Saber super…thats it…and without meter hes too predictable and most of his ame is lost. Experts will snuff qcb+C with easeso dont whore it against experts.You have been warned…
-Poke with Far St. b also.
The Japanese Kaede Mixup- Aftera command grab time a late qcb+C so that the 1st and third hits hit, reset with a then run into whatever you want.
-Triad Kaede Unblockable: After a regular throw (CD), throw his fireballits unblockable.
His air fireballs he has two variations…one that goes closer and one that pushes you back…mix it up but do not go all Noob 3s Akuma PLEASE…
-Other bnbs:

  1. cr.b,cr.axxqcb+axxLevel 2 Light Saber Super.
  2. Far St. Dxxqcb+a to Light Saber Super.
  3. In corner, hcf+k command Grab, Deadly Assault.

Mai NGBC Primer Part I:

-Mai has always been basic…but in this game she has some pluses and minuses. More pluses hence why she is up in the tiers.
-Just like in KOFs- the most little used poke with Mai is far. St a. Its good to space.

  • Use her butt bounce (Down+D) move. Its an overhead and her Ultimage Juggle.
    -Basic DG Mai mixup: (Low)SweepxxBRC to jump Cancel down+D, or aerial Down+D (Overhead)
    -BRC or what I call Blue Rush Cancel costs meter…but its essential for Mai.
  • Aerial Down+D is non-meter safe but can be punished via GCFS.
    -On wakeup use her down+B move…its EXCELLENT ALSO because it crosses up on wakeup. Experiment with it to see what I am talking about!!! Make an ambiguous crossup
    -This move is not as good as it is in 2k2…where you can even make it an ambiguous crossup and mix it up with her flying grab…but its still good.
    -Your goal with Mai to to land the Level 2 Aerial Super as it does good damage
    -Anti Air with Mai is her qcfx k super (level 1)
    -In the corner if you land her qcfx2 k super if you time it right you can link 3 Aerial Down+Ds right after each other. Tight timing though.

#1:The Purifyweirdsoul BNB- After a Sweep, BRC (AB Roll) into jump cancel then into Level 2 aerial P Super (qcfx2 C). Difficult to hit confirm at first, but its possible because of the steps.
-#2- St.C to Df+B (one hit) to hcb+pxDeadly Ninja Bees (qcbhcf+p)
#3- St. C to Forward+B to qcb+a to qcfx2 C Aerial Level 2 Super. Hit confirm this always or you are wide open after the missed forward+b.

Mai NGBC Primer 2:

In my opinion, she’s really strong. I guess we’ll talk about normals first:

Far is a poke. It doesn’t combo into anything.
Close is fast, combos into slide (df+C) for level 1 B&B.
Crouching is a crouching version of standing A in function.
Jump A is largely just…there.
Jump down+A is her only air normal that combos into dive, which means a level 2 combo.

Far is similar to a Kyo far B.
Close looks low, but isn’t. Combos into slide like close A.
Crouch is a low. cr.B > roll > level 2 B&B is really good, but difficult.
Jump B is a knee with limited uses.
Jump down+B hits once if higher up, twice if executed on top of their sprite. May cross up. May even hit with the first hit on one side and the second on the other, I swear. Crazy, but low damage and more recovery than down+D (butt dive).
Forward+B is an interesting normal. Two hits, launches, can combo after with D Assault or punch super to butt dives (corner). This normal can avoid low pokes, and if combo’d into, acts as a forward+D.
Df+B is the slide. Done alone, it hits low and knocks down. Very similar to Ky’s stun dipper, actually. Part of the level 1 B&B, as if it is combo’d into, you may cancel after the first to a special (qcb C if you have meter, qcb B if you don’t, because the latter knocks down).
There are a lot of freaking moves with B.

Far is a fan slap, can be anti air, somewhat fast.
Close is a level 2 B&B staple, as well as crouching. Also fast.
With down+A and jump D, jump C’s only merit is hitting in the area above Mai where jump D wouldn’t.

Far is an anti air move, somewhat like Cammy’s far RH or something. She backs away and makes the upper part of her sprite a hitbox.
Close D does not combo into anything, unfortunately, but seems faster than close C to me.
Crouch D is Mai’s sweep, which is SPECIAL CANCELABLE. DG was talking about AB stepping after this, which you don’t have to do. Forward+B/D counts as a special, and forward+D cancels into level 2 on whiff. So, the combo is just:

Sweep > forward D > level 2. Fast.

Jump D is main air to air. It’s good.
Jump down+D is the infamous ass dive. Small characters can dodge it with a crouch. Crosses up easily. Very fast overhead, can be done ridiculously close to the ground. In NGBC2 it will combo into dive and everyone will DIE.
Forward D has a lot of range, but it’s slow. You are considered airborne during this, so all air attack rules apply, including level 2 on whiff OR hit. A staple in old level 2 B&B, the combo I learned after like ten seconds in training with this game.

Okay, specials:

Slow fan, fast fan. An okay projectile. Nothing special, but it does what it should. Slow fan has more recovery. STUPID: you can combo into level 2 after slow fan. Yes, seriously.

Flame spin (qcb+A/C). Flame advantage lol. Can be combo’d into, C is supercancelable. Used for level 1 B&B. Can be used for pressure in the corner, eating projectiles, lots of things. It’s fun to spin!

Fan swing (qcb+B/D). Not quite as useful as the flame spin, but can be used for anti air and B version for meterless combos off of close A/close B. Pretty long active frames on D version. She makes an annoying sound when she does it. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe. Has a super cancel for NO REASON.

Vega jump (charge move, down then up). Mai jumps backward for the wall, and then hops off unless you held a punch, in which case she’ll come back down soon after leaving the ground with a dive. After she jumps back off of the wall, you can do any of your air moves or airthrow. The US command list says you can do an air throw after a dive, but it’s full of shit.

Dive. (qcb+A/C in the air). You’ve heard me mention this a few times, it’s part of her high damage level 2 B&B. A good move in its own right, and the move is safe unless AB stepped, in which case you cancel to level 2 anyway like an awesome scrub (me) and they (Geese) get hit by it. If you see the roll and can super on reaction, this is what you’d do anyway.

DEADLY NINJA BEES. This move is terrible.


Level 1s:
Flame super with the punch putton (qcf x2), I believe DG said this was with a kick earlier, silly goose. It’s basically a launcher/anti-air super. It’ll talk about its combos later. If the move has enough time to animate, flames will come out even if you’re hit.

Flame kick super. A serious version of NINJA BEES, basically. Unsafe if blocked, but okay for chip damage or guard crush if they’re low on those meters.

Level 2:
Big damage dive super. Mai dances around the screen and makes your head explode. It hurts. A version hits at a sharper angle, which is better to use on its own/against people below you trying to anti air with normals and shit. C version is used more in combos. In most situations, you can actually do either, but C is easier to hit (if done late, A version will whiff).

Okay, combos:

Close A/close B > df+B (slide) > qcb+B. Knocks down.
Close C/cr.C > above.
Close C/cr.C > forward B/D > dive.

Level 1:
Close C or cr.C > df+B cancel on first hit to qcb+C > level 1 super. If you hit the super at the right time, you can hit with Mai -and- the flame for a little more damage.
Close A or B > same thing as above.

Level 2:
Close C or cr.C > forward+B/D > dive > level 2 super.
TK dive > super (yeah, it works, don’t go for it too close to the ground since you’ll instead land and get a punch flame super)
Jump down+A > dive > super.
Dive > super itself.
Forward D > super itself.
Super itself.
Taunt > TK super. Just cause.
Punch flame super > TK level 2 super. All your meter for terrible damage! However, if it will kill, hell yeah do it.
Oh, and I mentioned the cr.B > AB roll > close C > level 2 B&B stuff above.

Punch flame super combos: There’s a semi-infinite off of the flame super in the corner. It goes like this, basically:

A version flame super > TK butt dive xN. It’s not easy. I’ve gotten five at most. No idea how many are possible, haven’t seen it in a video.

They float higher and the combo is made easier if you do 6B > cancel on first hit to flame super > start butt dives. It’s funny with this, 'cause, it’s possible to do the TK butt dive TOO fast and whiff. So yeah, you give yourself a little more time/height to do the combo. If you get a few hits of this, it’s really respectable damage for a level 1, for sure. Not the most practical thing ever, though. If you hit a flame super midscreen, hit them with a butt dive to combo or the other super like I said above. I guess this is some kind of “Mai’s hot ass” innuendo or something? Who knows.

Mr. Big NGBC Primer Part I:

  • I can write a Big guide in my sleep…hes too damn easy to play.
  • Watch match vids of Big being played to see exactly how to play him
    -Cr. A with Big is the best poke in the game…abuse it!
    -Cr.D is his low attack…its very good…hitconfirm into qcfx2 D Level 2 of his Torpedo (hcb+p)
  • Far St. D is a good poke too…I call it the SieClayton FRX poke. LOL.
  • Rushdown with cr. a lot…I call this the JeRon strategy.
  • The only Anti Air you need with Big is B+D…his Quick Spin twirl. When they jump use it and make sure the edges hit as thats where your invincibility is.
  • His Level 2 Stick Super is Unblockable!! Always use the D Version it has more range.
  • Chip away with his fireball super if you need death. (qcfx2 p)
    -BNB JAP block string: cr.ax2, Cr. D. If the Cr. D hits you can hit to whatever or into DA.
    -BNB combos-
  1. cr.bx2 to Level 2 Stick Super/ranbu Super or Fireball super
  2. DG Big Combo #1- cr.bx2 to cr.a to B+D Twirl/ranbu Super (qcbhcf+p)/ Fireball Super/Leve 2 Stick Super. The supers are a very strict link from Cr. a. Dont go to this until you master Combo #1.
  3. DG Combo #2- cr.a to f+a to DP+CxxStick Level 2 Super/fireball Super/Ranbu Super.
  4. Dp+CxxStick Super/Fireball Super/Ranbu Super.

Dont Whore combo #4…its amateur as FUCK. Big is meant to be played safe…you can rushdown with him but he is an EXCELLENT TURTLER.

Hitconfirm as much as possible with Big.

**Washizuka NGBC Primer Part I: **

-Washizuka is a pretty complex character so we are going to start small first with him.
-First of all hes mainly a charge character with some qcf etc type moves.
-Zone with his single and double fb moves as well as his main bnb- St.D to qcb+P.
-His main bnb is safe if blocked its abusable so abuse it!
-He has parries like all the Last blade characters (forward+BD:High and back+BD:Low) and follow-ups (forward and BD after the parry and its useful.
-His Level one Supers are the best in the game. The C version has startup invincibility while the A version comes out instantly but is SAFE BLOCKED. Its also good for countering crossups as it TRACKS.
-He has Df+C as an OTG and St.B. He has many different variations of moves to go into…go in the command list and see for yourself, I could be here a while typing them up but I want you to see for yourself first. I aint doing everything for you!!!
-He can combo into his level 2 Unblockable (qcbx2 p) but mainly in tournaments people use his level ones since they are more practical in matches. But you can do a practical combo with him thats guaranteed!!
-Thats about it on Washizuka right now Im going to give for youwhen you have discovered a bit with him for yourself THEN COME BACK TO ME and I will give you more with him!

Genjuro NGBC Primer Part I:

-Genjuro is very basic…gimmicky but basic.

  • His rekkas go like this [qcf+a]x3 or {qcf+C}x3. The C version crosses up ala old school Samurai Showdown.
  • Combo into A rekkas mainly from Cr.b…is good poke.
    -Anti Air with A Dp.
  • Do NOT use his hcb-f Command Grab. IT AINT A COMMAND GRAB. (Meaning they can block it!) If you see me do it I am doing it for shits and giggles. Use his dp+K one…its a true command grab!
    -In the corner typical cookie cutter Genjuros do his Card Super (qcbx2 p) which must be blocked high…and then cr.b into rekkas (Low). Theres other shit to do with him but thats just a start.
  • His Unblockable has no real use… (qcb+k hold until release)…you cant even think about doing it post-death because it TAKES TOO FUCKING LONG TO COME OUT…ABOUT 3 FULL SECONDS.

Yuki NGBC Primer I: by: StuartHayden

-Yuki has to charge A LOT. This is done via down, down+p. He has to charge u at least three times to do his high powered stuff. This s a serious disadvantage because everytime he charges up hes wide the fuck open!!
-Dont bother with his counters because they are too wishy washy…not dependable in a match for the most part unless they are mastered.

  • Master his Tiger knee Air Dash (aerial qcb+p). Thats right…tigerknee (Please dont tell me you dont know what this is… ) into aerial qcb+k which is his electricity. You can crossup with this and it has some good priority. Its a good noob killer but against experts puhleaseyou may not get the chance to start this.
    -He has a Yuki Power up super (qcfx2+k)…its HORRIBLE…it powers you up but theres better supers. Only use for it is into his Guardcrush string.
    -Poke away with his qcf+p fireball from afar esp is you have charged up three times.
    -Also poke away with the Cable Blast super (qcbx2 p) to zone them…its used too little.
    -He sucks with Anti Airs and his pokes are horribleSlide and Cr.b are about as good as it gets…

  • Nasty Corner GuardCrush String-If they are blocking high only…[Cr.b to DP+C] repeat bracketsitll beak their guard and do significant damage to their health at the same time!!!

  • BNBs-
    #1-St.Cxxforward+C to qcb+A/DA or ranbu super (qcfhcb+P).
    #2- Chain combo in the moves list- St. A to df+c (2 hits) to back+B to Forward+D.
    #3- Crossover D to any of the above.

you can cancel his standing c(first hit only,not the follow up f.c. it will do his dash punch if you do so), standing d, cr.c, and his slide cancel into the IAD (instant air dash) geese mentioned in his primer. when you do this though, think of it is kara-iad’ing in a sense because the aforementioned moves SHOULDN’T come out, you should see an instant IAD
note: this was the main that made me shit myself

cr.a and c.b both link into his D-Assault.

his 2-hit c>f.c chain links into his a dash punch. you can cancel the a-dash punch (on hit/wiff/block) into his level 3 neogeo beam for 50%damage (if hit obviously) plus it knocks down so you can get some charges in. but the good thing is, if you don’t have the meter for the level 3 NGB (lol)you can just do his a-dash punch and it knocks them far away enough that even with quick recover you’d be able to get a charge in.

Also, both of Yuki’s dash punches (qfb+a/c just to clarify) can be super canceled into any of his supers if it doesn’t hit (block is okay) so you can do his Neogeo Beam for extra chip damage or do an a-dash punch to try and fake a throw or something and make your opponent flinch and get a neogeo beam in for some quick damage.

Also, Yuki’s far C (probably inside of sweep distance for it to hit) links into his d-assault and his neogeo ranbu super.
And Yuki’s cr.c pops them off for a potential (but small) mix up games.

QUICK EDITION(s): the Yuki corner combo I mentioned a few posts ago (close standing d into dp+c > slide or d-assault) can ALSO be ended with Chodokyu (sp?) Neo Geo Ranbu for fat damage.

Yuki’s chain combo (f.a > df.c > back b > f.d) if done mid near screen or if yuki is in the corner, even if they safe fall, you have enough time to get a charge in.

Kisarah Novice Guide Part I:

-qcb+a is an overhead, follows up into qcf+a.
-Down+D is a slide(Low)
-Qcb+C is a counter…main followup combo #1 (of like 3) after the counter hits is qcf+D to qcf+Bxxair Super.
-Bnb combos-
#1-cr.ax2 (High not recommended!) to qcf+bxxair qcfx2 k super.
#2-St.b (low), cr.a, to qcf+b to air super.
#3-St.b (low), cr.a to f+D, back+D. (Untechable)
#4-St.b to cr. b to qcf+b to air super.
#5- Cr.bx2 to qcf+b to air super.

Theres plenty more with Kisarah trust me…she is not easy to master…

She has Cancels…like look on the first page like 2nd post to find the fastest battery builder in the game. I already have it archived.

Once you feel comfortable with all of this we can go further.

The main mixup with Kisarah is-
Slide (Down+D) which is a low comboed into qcb+a to qcf+a. Or…
Qcb+a (Overhead) comboed into qcf+a.

Kisarah’s elusive Kara OTG- Off a St.a, cr.D or some other things…

go from F+D to Back+D.

#2-The Second Kara or Kisarahs-
St.a or Slide into Back+D.

The uses here are for the Kara-OTG:

#1= To finish off all combos that end with qcb+a qcf+a…if they do not tech.

For the second Kara the use is mainly as an Anti Air…if they jump and you can do it quickly enough yes you can punish into that etc.

Also Master Kisarahs Cancels!
She has some like qcb+D~C and qcb+C~D etc. Get them all down.

Master Quad KaraCancels also…

Like the following… KC stands for Karacancel…

Cr.C (KC) Slide (KC) qcb+C KC D.

Also know that if you hold qcb+D for 2 seconds…Kisarah will launch the opponent!

Other things…

Speed up qcb+D-

To speed this mode up do-
qcbx2 then Press D. Yes it comes out faster!

More BNBs of Kisarah-
-Far St. D to qcf+D to qcf+B to Air Super.
-qcb+B to qcb+a to qcf+a.

  • Qcb+D to qcb+b to qcb+a to qcf+a.

More bnbs-

  1. Qcb+D, Qcb+C, hcfx2+p Jealousy Bomber Super
  2. Qcb+D, Qcb+C, then go into her cr.ax2 or st.b to cr.a or any variation of the first set of beginner combos into qcf+b into Aerial Super.
    3.Qcb+D, Qcb+C, St. DxxDeadly Assault.
  3. Far St. D, qcf+DxxDeadly Assault.
  4. Also after a C Counter connects, Qcf+DxxDeadly Assault.
  5. After A C Counter WHIFFS, go into qcb+b to qcb+a, to qcf+a.

**Other things to know about Kisarah-

She has a few grabs!

#1- Hcb+f A/C Grab- After she walks forward and links certainly off the A one I believe you can combo mid air into Aerial Super, or also when you land into her ground short bnbs into Aerial Super.
#2- Dp+Dx2- Up Close do one DP+D then immediately repeat the same move…Kisarah will grab the opponent and slam them with her legs to the ground. If you miss this she will fly high into the air so be careful!

You Can combo into this via St.B!

Expert Level Kisarah Tricks

#1- In the corner After a Far. St. D to qcf+D hits…[.then Reset with St.a, then go into qcf+D] repeat brackets. Great for killing noobs, intermediates and experts alike…they will be trapped until they figure “a way out”

I aint saying what it is I worked on that trap for a while…

If the Qcf+D Juggles…heres a couple of things you can do…

Combo into DA of course or qcf+b to aerial super…or you can juggle with A medium Level St.D to qcb+a to qcf+a to put them on the ground then the NASTY WAKEUP GAME

**Dark Geeses Wakeup Game Level II-

Heres where if you are keen you can really kill them with Kisarah!
-In the corner of course you have the basic overhead bag/Slide mixup…but you ALSO have :
-The Counter which DOES NOT counter lows…just highs!!!
-The Overhead Bag to Kara-OTG DG Wakeup game…

Let me explain-

If they tech in the corner and you do a Overhead Bag (qcb+a) anticipating them teching…you WILL HIT THEM!! Follow up with a qcf+a once again to restart the whole cycle!

If they do NOT catch on they will die by this Wakeup Trap alone!

So what do they do? They DONT TECH…Kara OTG is free!!

More misc tidbits-

She can Karacancel into ONLY her normals like F+D and Back+D off a far st. C…test it…it has to be like a little space from the opponent…the ground bag with whiff…you can also if fast enough combo it into super!

Other things…

Know that if they jump over you get a guaranteed 30% combo off a Slide to qcb+a to qcf+a.

That will punish them everytime they jump over you…use that as your as I call it…
“Reverse Anti Air”

**Some more Expert stuff with Kisarah-

If you get a counter and the opponent is in the corner…ALWAYS DO THIS COMBO to start the nasty wakeup game- Aka The MAIN CORNER COMBO.

#1- After Counter, qcf+D, Juggle with a medium timed St.D, qcb+A, qcf+a.

Here is a Persona combo off a Far St. D for flash-

  1. Far St.D, qcf+D, [st.a KC to F+D, Back+D,] (Back Hits to launch them HIGH) then immediately repeat the [ ] brackets two more times! Yes it will OTG again but as I say its not too practical…the Main Corner combo I gave you is what you should use!

The concept of Ultimate Juggle- Kisarahs Ultimate Juggle is qcb+a…hence you can do that Main Corner Combo I told you. This also means like it someone jumps over you in the corner you can juggle with st. a to qcb+a to qcf+a…is GUARANTEED…Ultimate Juggle means if will juggle Counter Hit or NOT…doesnt matter after ANY NORMAL practically if high enough in the air and in range.

Heres a Top Secret combo I dont think anyone knows I did-
Far St. D, Qcf+D St.a KC to F+D to Back+D then finish with qcb+A to qcf+A. Yes the Qcb+A will whiff but the Qcb+A WILL NOT. It WILL OTG!

I claim first dibs on that combo!!!

Iori NGBC Primer I: by: StuartHayden

Main thing to remember: Although it doesn?t make sense, Iori IS a rush character, but at the same time you need to keep your distance (outside of sweep/knock down distance usually) until you get in and score a knock down. Then start with his amazing mix up/rush down techniques.

So with that said, here we go.

Main pokes to remember:

Standing A: good general poke, can chain into it?s self 2 more times and can chain into Iori?s rekka?s (st.a x?s 3 xx rekka x?s 3)

Far Standing HK: Great spacing maneuver. Lots of priority. Use frequently to space, but don?t abuse.

Close B: links with forward a and can combo into rekka?s (cl.b > f.a > rekka x?s3)

Close Standing C: good poke for close up, decent on wake up, links into basically any special/desperation move except RoB and his command grab. Also a decent anti-air

Crouching D: Use far away. It?s safe on block, good anti-air, when done from a safe distance can be used as a throw set up. Can also combo into his dp+a if you roll (a+b) after the hit (thanks to DG for the info.)

Crouching B: basic low poke, good recovery, comes out fast, links into it?s one more times, can also link (cr.b x?s 2 > rekka). Can be used as a tick throw set up as well. Links into cr. A as well, which is one of his bnb?s (cr.b > cr.a xx rekka)

Crouching A: Pretty much same as cr.b but doesn?t link as well. Can combo it?s self twice.

Jumping D: Awesome spacing maneuver. Safe for most jump ins. Combos into pretty much any thing (when you land obviously). If you?re not sure what to do or getting grounded, neutral or jump back d does wonders.

Special Moves to remember:
?Fire Ball?: Obvious. Randomly build meter, decent counter poke on moves with heavy recovery. Don?t abuse though. Use only the A Version

?Rekkas?: Awesome move. Combos from damn near everything. Good counter poke. Kinda bad recovery on block though. Use often but not abuse level. This is Iori?s main move and although it should be your main concern, it shouldn?t be your only one. Use only the A Version imho.

Generic SRK Move: Decent Anti-Air. Has an awkward curve to it that isn?t really visible. Decent damage, links into standing close c and some other things.

Awkward motioned command grab: Excellent move. Use this in mix ups. You can dash up standing close c xx super, cr. C into rekkas (or super iirc)

Terry NGBC Primer I:

-Jump C and D (even straight up) have great priority. Air to air he’s hard to beat. Jump back D or C work great air-to-air
-d/f+C is good aa and can be canceled for pressure
-cr C and st C can be hit confirmed into B Buster Wolf and have damn good priority
-cr B and cr A are quick
-cr D has good priority, long range, activates fast, laggy on whiff though

-UNTECHABLE THROW, opp rises backturned
-Jump D crossup
-Close C gives massive frame adv
-Close C->f+C chain gives good frame adv, and sometimes the second C will whiff, has good recovery, and can run up and throw

crBx2 xx B Buster Wolf
crBx2 xx DA
crB, crA xx A burn knuckle
close C xx B Dunk->break, juggle with [far C xx B Dunk -> otg C Power Wave] or DA
close C->d/f+C xx C Burn Knuckle
close C->d/f+C xx B elbow charge x 3, otg C Power Wave
close C->d/f+C xx B elbow charge x 2 xx B Buster Wolf or A Power Geyser

in corner: close C->d/f+C xx B elbow charge x 2 xx A Geyser x 2, [dash up -> juggle with late far C or close C xx B Power Dunk, otg C Power Wave] or DA

Hanzo NGBC Primer Part I:

-Hanzo is one of the most solid players in the game. He can be played many ways…tricky, flashy, Chun Li Style (Turtle or aggressive)?.aggressive…Defensive…you name it he can do it…hence hes better than Fuma.

-Triad Hanzo BNB- st. ax3 to cr.b to Ninja Star Super (qcfx2 K). Yes this has variations like st.ax2 to c.rb etc…but use it.
-Like Chun Li hitconfirm cr.b to Ninja Star Super…its hella good?
-His teleports are good?they are donewith down, up+ any button. Learn what each one does.
-His Ultimate Juggle is his DP+A. You see in vids people after connecting a air to air jump b they go into DP+A. Always connects if timed right when you land.

  • His Level 2 is good but flashand CMVs. But in high level tournaments you simpl won?t see it used more. Save it for level 2.
    -Fuma’s DPs are better than Hanzos keep that in mind.
    -DO NOT USE HIS LARIAT KICKS. (rdp+K) Unlike WHP…they aren?t even remotely safe…dont abuse them in this game…esp thanks to GCFS…they WILL GET YOU KILLED.
    -Also do not use his qcb+K also…like Fuma this shit will get you killed and is very amateur.
    -OG Flashy Level 2 combo in the corner- St. C to forward+C to Rdp+D, cancel the second part of the D Leg lariat with a teleport with A? into his Aerial Level 2 super?
    -Practical? Yes?but very unlikely?
    -Bottom line is play it safe with Hanzo and save meter for Lever one Ninja Star supers…trying to be pretty unnecessarily will get you killed. Only the experts can be pretty and be effective with Hanzo?.get down the basics FIRST.
    -Hanzo cant use Forward+C exactly like Fuma can use his HCB+P?doesn?t work the same way. Yes youcan space with it and I do occasionally, as well as with far st. b cr b etc…but its not a tool you will see used too much because it has more recovery than Fumas.-Use his down+A aerial move SPARINGLY…its good every now and then and nice out of teleports?but do NOT get predictable with that shit…some people love to get in the habit of teleporting to dive all the time?that shit is NOT SAFE and very amateur.
    -His Double Ninja Stars (EX Move qcfx2 p) like Fumas is very good too…use them! But not ass much as Fuma because your meter you want for Level 1 super!

**Moriya NGBC Mega Primer I:

General Overview
-Moriya is a solid character overall. He takes work but hes flashy!!!
-Hes practically Iori with a Sword and some other tricks.

-Learn his rekkas. He has some variations.
A. [qcf+a/c]x3
B. [qcfXa/c]x2 to DP+C finisher.

He can start these off a low also (cr. B) get it down!
So yeah typically combos with Moriya are started off with cr.bx2 to rekkas.
-cr.bx2 to [qcf+a/c]x2 to qcfhcb+p super (Level 2): Looks stylish.
-cr.bx2 to [qcf+a/c]x3. OTG with st.b.

Oh yeah his OTGs…he has two?close st. b and df+C I believe…the Df+C one where he strikes the ground with looks stylish and can be done TWICE. It is typically done after a throw in the corner (they can?t tech his I don?t think) so keep that in mind. Out of the corner use st.b as his OTG.

He has some fancy corner combos too?
#1- Cr.bx2 to [qcf+a/c] x2, DP+C to DA.
#2- Start same way, after DP+C juggle with St. Dxxqcbx2 p super.

Other advanced Moriya stuff:

Master his teleport. I start with Down, then do a RDP+A, B, or C, the it always comes out. The motions are fucked up in the game like for Hotaru?s DP so that?s a shortcut I use.
-His Yamazaki Slashes have some uses but don?t overabuse them…poke sporadically with them.
-His ghetto Crossup:

After a knock down do the following as they wakeup-

[Qcf+a to Dp+C] Tit will cross them up so they have to block it the OTHER WAY.Looks cool.

-Anti Air Ultimate Juggle-

  • After a Cr. C anti Air juggle with a {qcf+a/c}x3…the last hit will connect whether its counterhit or not ALWAYS after a Cr.C if you did it and timed it right. Its a good anti Air Combo.

-Also use his parrying…all Last blade characters have parries.makes them better than the rest of the case for that.

-Low parry (Back B+D)
-High Parry (forward B+D)

Fuma NGBC Primer Part I:

–Fuma is really gimmicky in NGBC keep that in mind Lets take a look at what puts him at C Class MAYBE B

  1. Hanzo has that much more and is more solid
  2. Has to get you in the corner to do practically any damage.

About the only thing he has over Hanzo is that his Dragon Punch is better. Yes he has his WHP Double Dragon which is Dpx2 +p in the air.Covers more area and has some invincibility on startup.

Things you need to know about Fuma:
-Don?t abuse his qcb+k move…matter of fact RARELY USE IT…only in his corner bnb…i you do it any other time you are WIDE THE FUCK OPEN.
-Corner bnb- Cr.b or St.C/D to hcf+D, after launch connect with qcb+k to Double Dragon finisher in the air.
-An amateur Fuma player will only go for this and also try to do it OUT OF THE CORNER…A HUGE NO NO.
-Use meter for his Level 2 ShinRyu Ken as it crosses up and has good invincibility as an anti air. His fireball super is decent (qcbx2 p) ubt not tobe overused…its used t rushdown but against experts it doesn?t have too much use.
-Yes he has his WHP Air to Ground throw but its just an Airthrow in this game…nothing more. (C+D in the air)

  • Poke with Cr.b, and Far St. b…they are good pokes.
    -Space with hcb+p…its too damn good…if it hits its counter hit…if theres something you wanna abuse with Fuma…ITS THIS?
    -Also space with hi Double Rekkuzan Stars (qcfx2 p) Yes it takes meter but you wont be using meter too much for supers with Fuma anyways…
    -Please groundthrow with Fuma so you don?t become too predictable…as I say amateurs go for the damn corner combo like 90% of the time. DON?T BE LIKE THAT.
    -Bnbs with Fuma besides the corner one-
    A. crossover b to cr.b,cr.axxDA…
    B. Cr.b,cr.a to DA.

Shermie NGBC Primer Part I:

-Shermie has two Orochi moves and the rest regular.
-Her Ultimate Juggle is her qcfx2 k super.
-Best to start combos off a cr.b or close st. b (2 hits) Both of these link into f+b
-Decent anti airs for Shermie are Cr.C, f+d, qcb+p,dp+k.
-She has a crossup tactic…in the air mix up qcb+d to time it where that it will be an ambiguous crossup?if it hits they cannot tech. Master this in the air! This can stop Tungs Muscleman!
-Her qcb+p move has three parts…qcb+p to start, then qcf+p, then another qcf+k to finish the move. If at all possible always connect the three parts.

  • Her dp+p move actually does have a followup…its hcf+p, and after you hit them with the followup tap back and forward as fast as you can to increase hits.
    -Abuse her hcf+b move, it does not combo but that?s the beauty of it?it?s a fast running command grab.
    -Even st.ax2 can link into f+b into super.
    -About her hcfx2 p super…after it finish you gotta do a dp+k in the opposite direction Shermie is facing after the last part.and Shermie will jump up to grab and slam the opponent. After this finish it with a qcf+k running stomp move.
    -This is enough to get you started.

Mars People Primer I:

-Mars Peep is rather simple, not as powerful as his SVC Chaos incarnation.

  • His bnbs are cr.ax5 to DA or cr.ax3 to df+D.
  • The Cajnustrike lockdown Tactic- [cr.a x dp+C] repeat brackets rush in after this.
    -If you can save super for the Level 2 Alien Bomb… (down, down +BD) it sets up some nasty stuff…even allows you to tag out before it hits!! After you plant this teleport (rdp+k)
    -Yes he has a 3 level semi infinite but I will save that for another time?its practical but you probably won?t land it in a match.
  • His jumping D is a good poke but beware because Mars Peep has a long floaty jump.
    -From a distance use Far St. D as an anti air.
    -Mix up using qcf+k every now and then to catch your opponent off guard.
    -Also his command grab is hcb+p, the range sucks so be careful.
    -Poke also with far st.b. DG combo- to DA.
    -Use his teleport every now and then but not a lot…its risky?

Good this makes my work THAT much easier…matter of fact I’m gonna link to that in my NGBC thread…

Rep this man…its good to see some dedication around here!!!


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