The NGBC Primer Thread

Just tell me who I need to make Primers for and sure…

Cool, can you whip up a Rock Primer next? Thanks a lot dude. :tup:

Rock…yeah hes not that hard…I can have that done within a few actually…


  • Rock suffers from what Geese does in this game, he can only be effective really in the corner. He?s low tier in this game for the same reasons he?s low tier in Garou, these being the main components.
  • One of his non corner tightly timed bnbs- cr.bx2 to qcfx2 D.
  • His overhead UOH Garou normal in this game is Down+BD. Yes you can Karacancel it to his 360+p grab or anything else.
  • Down+AC is his high evasion knuckle, I am one of the few that uses this move with Rock. Bottom line is you?ve gotta use everything Rock has to be effective.
  • Qcf+b- High counter, useful for countering highs but don?t whore it? vs. Tung for example that?s a very hard matchup for Rock…I can bait you to counter then punish you with dive kick to MM. Qcf+D is his low counter.
  • Watch how JeRon plays Rock in NGBC to get an idea how you have to play him. Also watch JBW, he goes for the corner glitzy stuff.
  • The corner stuff with Rock is: Land a 360+p grab that throws then in the corner then qcb+axxRaising Storm, then Qcb+a again, then another Raising Storm, then either SDA with Terry or Deadly Assault by itself. Sure there are variations of this stuff but pretty much this is ALL ROCK HAS.
  • Cr.C is a decent Mexican Uppercut for him but its not stopping much like Tungs Dive Kick and other things.
  • Yes his Rage Run Garou and CVS2 stuff still works here, as well as the Rage Dunk, I don?t feel I should have to go into all that if you?ve played him in the other games.

I think you mean qcb A in there.

eh, I’ll throw in some Rock shit while we’re at it:

D. Assault setup:
(jump-in with C or D possible) > st. C > A hard edge > level 2 raging storm > juggle with jump forward C to reset > shinku nage when they land > DA. DAMAGE. NGBBBBBBC.

close A:
If you hit somebody with a close A, blocked or hit, command throw is free. Buffer the 360, it’s yours.

I thought his jump D would work with the backturn crossup, turns out it doesn’t and jump B does. lol.

Blast from the past!