The NGBC Strat Thread


I know it’s dead in Japan but I’ll make this thread for all of us who are lucky enough to have it here in the states…all 5 of us. So I’ll start by giving a quick movelist thingy on one of the playable bosses: NEO-DIO!


Neo-Dio hasn’t been seen since World Heroes Perfect. This version of Neo-Dio looks cooler than his pervious version however and looks more menacing, he fights with the blades sticking out of his forearms.

Jumping D: Neo Dio’s jumping D hits 4-5 times can can be canceld into his rush super or a double assault.

While Crouching, DF + K or BD: Neo-Dio morphs his legs/feet into a spear-ish shape and does a quick slide that knocks down.

While Standing, F + C: Neo-Dio extends some tentacle-like arms from his torso to attack his opponent, if the attack connects or is blocked even his foe will be pulled towards him.

QCF + P: ND dashes forward and slices his opponent in the face with the side of his blade. The attack comes out quick and does deccent damage

QCF + K: ND dashes forward and slices his opponent with a short blade uppercut. The attack comes out quick and does deccent damage

When Close, HCB,F + P: A grab move, ND grabs his foe and jabs them with his arm-blade blowing them away with a firery explosion.

When Close, HCB,F + K: A grab move, ND grabs his foe and jabs them with his arm-blade. However, his foe will be frozen for a split-second allowing ND to give them yet another attack.

Down, Up+K: Neo-Dio turns himself into a spining wheel of bladed pain to deliver a quick anti-air attack.

In Air, QCF + K: Turning into a wheel again Neo-Dio dives at his foe from above. B version is fast and has less start-up time.

F,D,DF+ P: Neo-Dio shocks his foe with his head(?) and knocks them away. A version is a lil faster. For some reason this move does GREAT gaurd damage and it’s very easy to guardcrush your opponent by using this move

RDP + K: Counter move. ND poses breifly, if he is hit he will teleport behind his foe, unlike the CPU ND who can shock you afterwards. Certain rush moves can go unharmed from this move since they’ll be far away from ND when he reappears.

NOTE: The Boss Neo-Dio has a prjectile attack and another counter move that are unavaliable to the playable Neo-Dio

LEVEL 1 SUPER (Uses 1 Level of the 3 Level Super Meter):QCFx2+P

Neo-Dio pauses momentarily before shooting a ball of dark energy out of his chest. This super comes out fast and the ball flies even faster. The damage is good for a level one super.

LEVEL 2 SUPER (Uses 2 Levels of the 3 Level Super Meter):QCFx2+K

Neo-Dio rushes toward his foe and proceeds to auto-combo them. The super can be canceled into from the 2nd hit of his jumping D.

MAX Level Super(Uses 3 Levels of the 3 Level Super Meter): A,B,C

This super is unblockable. ND floats toward his foe. If he grabs them Neo Geegus(?) will appear behind his opponent and proceed to beat them down. This super is realitivley easy to do while poking your opponent.


Good shit and for all others know that the new Orochinagi Forums has A LOT OF SHIT ON THIS GAME…strats etc…not too much longer and more than 5 will have it in the states…the days are counting down…


Cool, can u do Tung next plz, if possible? Also could u add some combos? Thanks


Akutabi, Beelzebubble is the man, and also see the Orochinagi Forums.quite a bit dedicated to NGBC…I assure you…


Here’s some Tung Stuff…

Forward+C: Tung Fu Rue creates an Energy Ball & swings it forward as an overhead strike. Obviously, this move has to be blocked standing. Plus, this attack can be use in linking combos.

Press the A/C Buttons Very Rapidly: The old man bends down and summons a Muscular Giant to emerge from inside of himself. This monster continues to hit his foe several times as he rises out from the old man. Keep on pressing the A/C Buttons to produce a lot more hits.

Charge Back, then Forward+A: Tung Fu Rue thrusts his hand forward & blasts out a circular Energy Ball. This short-ranged burst only lasts for a moment, but if it does hit his enemy, it will stun them slightly, without knocking them down.

Charge Back, then Forward+C: Tung Fu Rue thrusts his hand forward & blasts out an Energy Wave. This short to mid-ranged burst also only lasts for a moment, but if it does hit his enemy, it will knock them off their feet.

QCB+A/C: With his fist extended in front of him, Tung Fu Rue performs his signature Dash Punch Special. The A-Version is quicker than the C-Version, but the C-Version has a better range than the A-Version.

F,D,DF+B/D: The old man leaps upwards & forward into the air, while rapidly kicking out both feet. This is his Anti-Air Special Attack. The B-Version is faster than the D-Version, but the D-Version hits more times, while rising higher than the B-Version.


Tung Fu Rue does have a few air-based attacks, to compliment his ground-based specials.

Jumping/While In The Air, input QCF+A/C: Tung Fu Rue extends both his arms outwards, while he spins downwards towards his opponent. Depending on how you execute this Special, you can even cross-over your foe as you attack them.

Jumping/While In The Air, input QCB+B: Tung Fu Rue basically performs a quick dive kick, at a down-forward angle. It sort of looks like an alternate version of one of his jumping kicks. It doesn’t travel forward very far.

Jumping/While In The Air, input QCB+C: Tung Fu Rue dives downwards at an angle, head/hands-first. This Special is pretty fast, & improves his aerial game. It also knocks down upon contact.


Like Fuuma & Hanzo, Tung Fu Rue can enhance two of his Special Attacks, to make them more powerful, faster, & generally more effective.

In Tung Fu Rue’s case, to do such enhancements, you have to:

**(1). Perform the Specials using either the 2 Punch Buttons Together (A+C), or the 2 Kick Buttons Together (B+D);

(2). Use HALF of 1 Level of your 3 Level Super Meter.**

If you dont do BOTH of the above requirements, you wont be able to enhance his Specials. Again, there are only 2 Specials of Tung Fu Rues that you can enhance:

QCB+AC Buttons Together: Better priority; More hits; Travels much further; Does More Damage.

F,D,DF+BD Buttons Together: Better priority; Travels higher/further; Does More Damage.

MAX 1 SUPER (Uses 1 Level of the 3 Level Super Meter): F,HCF+A/C.

The old man extends both of his arms outwards, & begins to spin forward. However, as he does this, he literally transforms into his Gigantic Alter-Ego. His monster form takes up more room, making it harder to avoid it. His spinning arms are where most of the Hit Detections are for this Super Attack. As this moves ends, Tung Fu Rue changes back to his normal self again.

Intimidating as this Super looks, it does not have any auto-guard properties to it, so it can be stopped with a physical hit, or a projectile strike.

MAX 1 SUPER (Uses 1 Level of the 3 Level Super Meter): QCFx2+B/D.

As Tung Fu Rue grows into his Giant Form again, his emerging body hits his foe repeatedly. Once fully grown, he strikes them hard with his hands, before reverting back to his human form.

MAX 3 SUPER (Uses all 3 Levels of the Super Move Meter): QCFx2+A/C.


. . . . . OR something along those lines :funny: . Like a character out of the Dragon Ball Universe, Tung Fu Rue assumes a pose in which he charges up a lot of power in both his hands. After a few seconds, he then blasts out a M-A-S-S-I-V-E Beam Projectile, with the aid of his Spirit Giant, which can be seen standing over him. This blast obviously travels full screen, but its the D-A-M-A-G-E caused by this Super that so bloody impressive!

The downside to this attack is that Tung Fu Rue takes a very long time to charge up his beam, before firing it. This is most likely to give opponents enough time to stop him (simply by hitting him), to avoid the attack, or to block it (which still does immense block-damage, anyway).

Bread-and-butter combo: s.C -> f + C -> qcb + A.

You can DA from a standing C

DG: Orochinagi is’nt THAT great it doesn’t have anything for certain characters.


Since this game has been released for jap ps2 and alot of ppl myself included got this game and enjoy it I decided to sticky the thread since I figure more ppl will be looking for information on this game


Yeah so anything I should be using for Robert? Anything to abuse, combos and setups? Oh, and throw out the occasional offspeed hi/low fireball right?

I’m having a hell of a hard time w/this combo which is pointless anyways lol.
2A, 4B x 646B/C

What’s good to do after a 4C? Other than a super or 2A/C x B uppercut?


^ Ummm can you please explain that in the normal motion-type jargon? I don’t get that number stuff.

Anyways, spaming :snka: and :snkb: fireballs is good since the recovery time is almost none. lemme see if I can remember anything else about Robert.


Okay hes using the SoulCal/Tekken terminology…let me help explain…

2A=Down and A, 4B=Back and B. 646b/c=his Zanretsuken kick rapid kick move.


Lol, yeah thanks DG. It was something I always used for KoF/3d games.

I think it’s just the way I’m trying to cancel anything off the b+B.


does anyone have strats for LEE? he’s my fave so far. And Morriya he’s gonna be my second.
I was gonna use tung, but his target combos don’t hit too well. I still use him as back up though.


I’d read up on Lee’s Last Blade 2 stuff first…Orochinagi Forums would be a great start for BOTH…it would have what you seek…Lee rapes in Last Blade 2…he=top tier…


it’s a different lee in this game. it’s lee pailon. I don’t know what game he’s originally from but it’s not LB2 I know that. So far I’m liking his back rh cross up and his standing chain. I just need to work on combos and pressure. OH and his super is hella safe. OH and that launcher kick ala yun is pretty cool.


It’s Lee Pai Long and he’s from AOF.

Ninja Edit:


This character has not really had any major arcade appearances since his original Art of Fighting days, from the 1990’s. Now, he returns as a playable character in Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum.

Lee Pai Long fights using Iron Claws on both of his hands. He is a fast character, who can use quick light attacks, to wear down & defeat his opponents. Lee does not have that much hitting power, partly since all of his Super Moves are only Level 1 in strength. The good thing about Lee, aside form his speed, is that it?s possible to link a lot of his attacks together.

NOTE: There are some moves of Lee’s that I did not list or describe here. I either performed them wrong, or I could not get them to work at all. Typically, this is in regards to his various air & ground follow-up attacks (other than the ones I listed below).

Jumping/While In The Air, Input Back+D: Lee actually kicks BACKWARDS while he is jumping in the air. This attack is basically a Cross-Over Kick (like Iori Yagami). If executed properly, Lee?s kick can force your opponent to block the wrong way. Upon connecting, this kick will even pull-in Lee’s foe closer to him, so that once he lands, he can continue attacking with any combo of his choice.

Quickly Press A => B => C Buttons In The Correct Order: You have to be both careful & fast to correctly execute this combo. Lee will then perform a Light Punch, Light Kick, & a Strong Punch combo sequence. Yes: it?s possible to add a Special Attack, or a Super Move immediately afterwards.

Charge Back, then Forward+A/C: Lee Pai Long puts his claws to his sides, before spinning forward & rapidly slashing any enemy in his path. This Special knocks down whoever gets caught by it. The A-Version comes out faster, but travels forward a shorter distance. The C-Version comes out slower, but travels forward a lot further. This C-Version also has some frames of invincibility right at the start of it.

Forward, Back, Forward+A/C: Lee thrusts his hand forward. If it connects, he will then proceed to hit his foe with rapid karate chop attacks, before knocking them away (similar to Ryo Sakazaki’s Rapid Punch Special). If Lee’s opponent blocks this Special, the multiple hits will not follow, just the initial impact.

HCF+B/D: Lee leaps forward into the air, while kicking both of his legs about. The B-Version hits about 2 Times, while the D-Version hits about 4 Times. This Special tends to rise upwards, as Lee moves forward, so some foes in NGBC can duck underneath it.

Charge Down, then Up+A/C: Lee leaps up into the air, & flies all the way to the opposite side of the screen (the end of the screen in front of him). The height of the A-Version of this Special, once it connects to the wall/screen, is Mid-Level to Lower Level off the ground. The height of the C-Version once it connects to the wall/screen is generally higher off the ground.

Charge Down, then Up+B/D: Lee now jumps upwards into the air, before flying backwards to the screen/wall BEHIND him. The height of the B-Version of this Special once it connects to the wall/screen, is Mid-Level to Lower Level off the ground. The height of the D-Version once it connects to the wall/screen is generally higher off the ground.

Charge Down, then Up+A/C = OR= B/D, Then Press A/C: After his initial aerial antics described above, Lee will now descend downwards with his Claws, so as to attack his foe below him. The A-Version tends to descend towards the middle area of the screen, while the C-Version tends to drop down after covering greater distances.

The C-Version can even travel from one end of the screen, all the way back to the opposite end of the screen, before Lee finally dives down for a Claw Attack. Both versions will knock down Lee?s opposition upon contact.

Charge Down, then Up+A/C =OR= B/D, Then Press B/D: After his various initial aerial antics described above, Lee will now descend downwards, but only this time, he will perform a jump-kick for an attack. I personally found it more difficult to properly connect with these aerial kicks, so they may have to be performed in more specific/different situations to be useful.

NOTE: In regards to these Charge Down-Up Specials, their overall distance, height, accuracy & speed will always change depending on WHEN you press the next button for your follow-up attack. You can partially control where Lee flies to, & how/when he should attack his opponent. These Specials rarely look exactly the same when they are executed from time to time. Something to keep in mind.

MAX 1 SUPER (Uses 1 Level of the 3 Level Super Meter): QCFx2+A/C.

Lee Pai Long performs one the older Super Attacks from Art of Fighting 2. With his claws extended outwards, Lee spins forward like a spiked wheel, before rapidly slashing his enemy repeatedly in the process. There is some energy discharge around Lee at this time. This is a fast Super, with some decent priority.

MAX 1 SUPER (Uses 1 Level of the 3 Level Super Meter): QCBx2+A/C.

With his claws extended outwards, this time Lee spins upwards & forward, like a spiked wheel, before rapidly slashing his enemy repeatedly, as he ascends. Again, there is some energy discharge around Lee at this time. This Super can be used as an Anti-Air Attack.

MAX 1 SUPER (Uses 1 Level of the 3 Level Super Meter): While Jumping/In The Air, motion QCFx2+A/C.

With both Iron Claws placed to his side, Lee will spin downwards & forwards from the air, while cutting his foe in the process. If your opponent does not block properly, you can cross them over with this Super, which has Hit Detections all around Lee.


Okay so I got a bunch of matches in today. And I’m gonna post all my thoughts on the two characters I played tomorrow. Oh btw thats gonna be Tung and Lee, Old man team for the win. Plus all put in my thoughts on the few lee attacks that arcade fire missed.

Okay so the few extra things I know about Tung, besides what has been posted by the Arcade Fire (thanks btw)

So some stuff to not about Tung, main AA’s are
**1.Mash punch **- the big guy pops out sticking them in place for a very long time stop mashing right away and go straight into the qcf x2 + P super for a lot of free chip (really only useful if you know it will kill) Also, this needs to be a little pre-emptive unless your a really fast masher but it seems the guy is completely devoid of a hitbox when he’s out so use that to your advantage.
2.Dp+K - I didn’t actually use this much the angle is a little wierd for AA but when I did use it I seemed to hit with it so I think it may be one of his better back up off me moves.
**3.Cr.C **- This is really great anti-air I even mashed fast and got it to two in one with the mash punch move.
4. qcfx2+K - this is a decent anti-air and has some invincibility, does decen damage as well, but is a little slow.

Target Combo C, F+C XX qcb+p or qcb+pp or Double assault. This can be started from his divekick (qcb+B) but that has to hit deep, or from jumping D which is a great crossup.

There are more combos so you should expirement and find them.

Does anyone have any combos with him that start off light attacks and finish with a knockdown?
Other Random Tung Notes:**

I really like all his air specials they all have different uses. The QCF+C is actually really good to get in on turtlers if they aren’t expecting it. The QCB+B is really great from scoring knockdowns and stopping certain anti-airs and the QCB+B is great for pressure games.

A cool note about the QCB+C is if you hit some one with the an air to air Jumping C and cancel it to that move you get this crazy mixup game because you land so much sooner than they do. Try it out, it’s very fun.

Tungs Cr.D is pretty good for a sweep, only real problem is it’s short range, I was using this more than I should I think because I don’t have any combos that start with a low. Also can be canceled into the qcfx2+P super for free chip.

QCFx2+P is great for punishing random switch but you have to act fast so you can catch the incoming character with it while they are still in the air.

His charge fireballs are decent pokes I normally only use the A one if they are really close otherwis I always go with the C version (which doesn’t hit quite as far as it looks like it should.)

Lee Pai Long (will post stuff with him later)


I’m not sure about Mizuchi’s movelist but I know an easy way to beat him…

It’s all about patience. Mizuchi is very projectile heavy. And he loves to abuse the lightning strike. BUt that is also his down fall. When he starts his barrage of strike he’ll always shoot one directly in front of him. when that happens, rush, and I mean rush. combo your ass off. and do a Double assault to set your partner up as well…

The best teams for this (that i use): Karate (Ryo)/Robert, Terry/Rock, Kim/Iori, Kyo/Iori

Kim is by far the best because his moves charge up your meter very quickly. and he has an insane amount of potential combos.

Ok, I’m done ranting. Hope to play someone in NYC.


Ahh Jon BadWolf/Talbain you do know Mizuchi has an infinite right?? But I’m not telling…


Close D. DP+A. F,QCF+PX2 Methinks…maybe I’m wrong.


I’m assuming his projectile to the lightning strike, rinse and repeat.

But like Arcade said, I could be wrong.

And I am looking for NGBC players in NY, if you know of any. let me know.


No dude it’s like:

Close D(2 hits), DP+A, F,HCF+P then another F,HCF+P immediatley after.

What happens is the DP+P launches your opponent into the air. As they are falling ydo his star-projectile thingy which’ll launch them a a lil bit then do one more quickly and it’ll combo. You can also juggle with his light pilliars…

(Anti-air)DP+C or A, QBC A,B,C,D

Your opponent should be hit by all four of the pilliars if you can time them right.