The NGBC Strat Thread


can someone help me with akari? in a vid i see her doing b+SP, cancel to somekind of dash and connecting another b+SP for 2 hits.


Yes that is part of her Loop.

She hasa GuardCrush Loop, I have it posted for Chibi and I have it in the NGBC thread.

She has like 2-3 Loops…

Starting with either [Back+C or Cr.Cxxqcb+b and then repeat brackets.]

I made a little tutorial with a transcript for Akari but that what I just told you is how they did that with Akari.


Depends on 3 things:

Arcade or Console?


ok thanks DG. i checked out the vids and transcript #1. they were helpful.


SNKNut- man you found it before I did haha man. I thought my vids were offline…they are online now???


Mr. Biggz-

When- March 9th and 10th
Where- Atlanta, Georgia


Unfortunatly, going to Atlanta, Georgia on such short notice is out of the question for me. :frowning:


Actually it’s March 10 and 11. March 9th is that Friday…although DG if you wanna start some side tournies, casual play, or whatever that Friday I’m sure we can get some SNK players down there early.

The only thing is if the Hotel will let us reserve rooms and space that Friday night at the same discount as the official Final Round days…


Hell yeah we can tell them I will be there March 9th that Friday so if they wanna come early I’d be more than happy to get some side tournies going on. You gonna be there Shiki right??


I want to make it, but I really don’t know.

You can never tell what’s going to happen these days…however, money or transportation isn’t the problem for me.
It’s the fact that I have no way to practice on KOF XI or NGBC right now plus the fact that I need to find people to share a room with.


Start reading the tournament forum more often. I’ma get like 2 days practice in and decide whether I wanna participate when I get there. Game seems fun now randomly. It’s like one of those games that is actually decent but just no one’s really cared to get into it (in the US any ways).


I agree, and there’s a lot of those:

Vampire Savior
Street Fighter EX3
World Heroes Perfect
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Fatal Fury Special
Last Blade 2
Samurai Shodown V Special
Capcom Fighting Jam
King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2

I’ve pretty much resolved to get Swap Magic and start importing. The only issue is if I have enough money before Final Round.
With NGBC and KOF XI, I’ve actually heard a lot of people say that they’re interested in them, but there’s just no way for them to play it in America.
So yeah, the main problem I think is NOT that a lot of people are like anti-SNK and just stick up their noses at NGBC or whatever…but rather it’s the lack of accessibility and the fact that they have no one around them to help them get into things.


Well soon that will change DevilJin…its gotta start small no? And more people are picking it up in the US and Europe so I think give it due time and let us keep what we are doing and it will continue to have more success.


BUMP!!! Bitches!!!

Anyways got a question about Yuki I remember awhile back on the FGD NGBC thread that someone said he was like Magneto or Could be but more harder to use.

Someone plz explain to me how this is possible???


They got that all whack man…he is not Magneto at all or even close…he has Air dash and can tiger knee it and shit…but he is bottom tier for a reason, it takes some nasty and consistent effort to get anything worth value out of Yuki.

His Air Dash is why they compare him to Mags but NOT a good comparison…


yo dark… any idea of NGBC arcade locations??? in cali?? and please could u sent ppl my way I started a thread on the north pacific section about kof xi and was just hoping that some of us that are all about the snk get together for some type of tourney or casuals… or what ever… anyways i just need the support PL:EASe


Man in Cali I hear they are hella hard to find…contact ArcadeFire, Rage02fire, cordorroy, those are some people right now in Cali that could direct you the best…




Sure let me know what you come up with…I’ll help out anyway I can…




NGBC is now backwards compatible on xbone…