The NGBC Thread: "Did teh last one died?"


Since I couldn’t find the previous thread, I’m making a new one.

I feel that part of the reason no one will play this game is due to a lack of available resources for this game. If any of you know of a really good guide or tutorial for this game, post links in this thread.

I will try to play this game in Player Match on XBL next Tuesday (25th) at 6PM Central. if anyone is interested. I will be recording the matches and putting them on YouTube, so this would be a great time to show off your godlike tech if you have some. I’m looking forward to seeing what this game has to offer!


Isn’t that here?


Ok, thanks. I couldn’t seem to find it through search, so I thought it might have been lost in the recent update or something. Feel free to dispose of this thread.