The NGBC Thread Version 2.0-Team tournaments in NGBC from here on out!

The NGBC Thread Version 2.0-Final Round tournament possibly.

Lets start it off right and guys PLEASE use the links I have below BEFORE asking any questions…


List of all Ultimate Juggles:

The SNK Storm 3.5 Section with a lot of NGBC Archived Discussion:

Storm II Thread with NGBC Discussion:

OG Storm I Thread with NGBC Discussion:

NEC7 NGBC really old footage-

EVO North SNK 2007 (Complete with NGBC footage)

Old Juarez, Mexico NGBC Vids:

Old EVO World SNK 2007 NGBC Vids:

Geese Tower 11-15-07 NGBC Casuals:

Old NGBC Thread-

NGBC Tournament Rules:

Josh’s King Lion Guide:

Now please NO QUESTIONS unless you’ve scoured all these links!!!

Laziness is NOT an option!

-Dark Geese

laziness not an option? you realize where you’re at, right? :rofl:

Random stuff regarding the archives.

  1. About Haohmaru in addition to his cr. :snkc: and :dp::p:, his STRAIGHT jump-up C works well as anti-air. In fact, I’d say in many cases it’s his best. arstal was using this to anti-air my Kaede and Shishioh very well. However, even the air :snkc: still doesn’t really help Haoh against Mudman, so…:sweat:

  2. Useful gimmick I saw in a vid about Nakoruru, when hanging on her bird (Mamahaha), her :snkc: (I think it was C, or maybe B) will launch the opponent in the air. In the corner, you can then juggle into the Bird Dive super which is the only way to combo into that worthless piece-of-crap super that I know of.
    Also, her bird-grab :snka: will link into a bird-grab :snkc:, to make it easier to land.

  3. Kaede, too many people forget that his standing :snkb: and :df::snkc: will OTG. Be careful with :df::snkc: as it has significant start-up and recovery.

  4. Yuuki…his (Level 2) NeoGeo Ranbu super will not combo from a Super Canceled :qcb::snka:. Only his Beam supers will. However, all of his supers will combo from a SCed :qcb::snkc:, unfortunately there is no way to combo into it.

Good shit Shiki adding on to whatever is there because typically I write those off the top of my head or in a hurry.

Stuart- No laziness is not an option!!!

All hail NBC!! <3

Oh ya this might help for people who have missed it.

Yes put that here while its fresh and early too Persona!!

I like NBC but sadly I don’t have much to add. :frowning:

Well anything helps trust me…your vids inspired me to master Kisarah like I have…I’ve turned a lot of what you have in those vids esp the Kisarah stuff into my own deadly traps and mixups…I’ve made everything you have with Kisarah practical…

Plus more…so I took what you gave with Kisarah when the game first came out and then developed her accordingly…I have you to thank for that!


Just to clarify, for all LB characters in NGBC (as far as I know), :df::snkc: is essentially their Pounce attack which will strike an opponent OTG. I only recommend doing Kaede’s Pounce after a juicy combo like standing :snkb:, :hcf: :snkd:, :qcb: :snkc:, SC => Level 2 and then :df::snkc:

But see at times its hard to connect…esp if you have or run in to do the :df::snkc:… (Out of the corner)

Hence why if people are having problems with that…St.b will work as the OTG.

I finally have a copy of this at my house, so I’ve gotten more used to the engine. Is my only option after close D, D, dp+A with Mizuchi a qcf+E? What is Mizuchi’s infinite?

I can’t help but feel that Id like this game a lot more if the KoF characters were NOT in it. But, as for myself, I’ll stick to playing huge portions of the cast that were tailor made for NGBC. Really enjoy the quirky uniqueness.

Also, what are the best ways to setup and pressure with knife stance with Marco? And, I tried Mr Big and he is soooo easy…

With Nakoruru, in the corner:

Close C (2 hits) xx Bird Flight, link A x 4, link C, float up a bit, juggle with Bird Super A.

Just out of curiosity, is there that much of a difference in terms of OTG damage for standing B and df + C?

Not really that much do a damage difference…just st.b is easier without a doubt…also if you land Df+C you get more recovery…

Keits- Best way to get into Knife Stance is with Far St.C…

Other ways experts use is Close st.b etc.

Keits I hear yah man I got high hopes for NGBC2…less KOF Characters…more characters form different games…hell put Jack, Ryofu and other random characters in!!

Mizuchi has quite a bit to use after a Launch…as is aerial Super, pillars and other things… I will write a primer on him in a few…

His infinite is [Close St.D (one hit)xxhcb-f +P], run in repeat brackets…

Mizuchi NGBC Primer I:

-Mizuchi is a better version of Orochi He has two major problems though:

  1. Up close hes not that great.
  2. He has no answer against certain characters up close and medium range…Which ones?

a. Mudman (Up close)- He has no answer for dive kicks up close…
b. Tung- Same thing…but makes this deadlier because Dive Kicks link into MM.
c. Haohmaru- Far St. C eats his lunch?.probably his worst matchup?

-He has some good pokes though? Far St.D, Far St. b or close st. b are really good pokes. Far St.b can link into itself. Its his best poke he has so abuse it when they start getting in close.
Zone with Double Pillars (hcb+A~B, hcb+B~C) single pillars, hcb-f +p, far st.b, far St. D. Double Genocide Cutter (takes meter is Far. St.DxxDp+D)
-The Michael Jackson Launcher- Dp+P. Close St. D (two hits or one) can link into it and he can link into Pillars, DA, or aerial super (qcfx2 p). But if you are going for sheer damage.hte best thing to do is just let them fall and hit the ground…see for yourself…letting them hit the ground is deadlier than doing the rest.
-DP+C is the true Michael Jackson Launcher…and it works as a decent Anti Air.
-His Command Grab super is EXCELLENT. Has seriously good range, grabs through al kinds of shit…they gotta pretty much jump to get out of it…very few things beat it. (hcbx2 P)

  • You can combo c.rb into st.b into A Command Grab Super.
    -C Command Grab super you cannot combo into but does more damage.
    -If they wanna get in fireball wars you win with either the pillars or double pillars or his reflect (hcb,f+k)
    -DG Fancy Mizuchi Combo #1- After a Close St. D (2 hits) to Dp+p, run under opponent to the other side, do a Deadly Assault?looks stylish.
    -DG Fancy Combo #2- In the corner, Close St. D (2 hits)to Dp+A, juggle with qcb+b pillar, then do a hcb,f+C Giant Star, then juggle again with a B Pillar,then finish with a DA.
    -Mizuchi Infinite combo- YES ITS TOURNAMENT LEGAL BUT HARD TO PERFECT. With my Saturn pad I can get up to 5 reps of it?:
    His infinite is [Close St.D (one hit)xxhcb-f +P], run in repeat brackets…

Guys just made a direct link in the first post t all the Old School EVO North SNK 2007 fooage complete with the full NGBC tournament…hope you enjoy.

Also updated first post with 11-15-07 Geese Tower casuals between me and E-Bortion.

Also me and E-Bortion might record some more NGBC Casuals today so I will keep you posted.

-Dark Geese

LOL at Michael Jackson launcher…

Dark Geese makes killer names! And glad you enjoyed my NBC vids. :slight_smile:

Yes…DP+C is the true Michael Jackson Launcher…see for yourself!

All Mizuchi needs is a black and white hat!! Hes got the white pants to go with it!!!

:rofl: :rofl:

Can’t you see him saying “Hee hee!!!”

Persona- Yes…your vids started me tapping out Kisarahs potential which I feel I have…

For real man?

Moriya/ Kyo is a fun team to use. Just got done handling my brother with them.