The Nina Team Synergy Thread



In progress


Mmm… I think a bunch of characters can setup free supers for Nina. I use Law and Nina at the moment. EX-Shaolin Kicks, tag cancel to Nina and you can charge up a free super. Although I still expend some meter, it’s kind of stylish for 2 bars.


I’m thinking Nina and Bob.Any fun combos for that team? I dont wanna use SF chars to be honest.


I’m working with Juri x Nina i’ll let you know if the work well together.


im running Poison / Nina might switch poison in with king and see how they work.


I’m using Nina/King but might switch King to Lili.


nina/bison bro checking in. I haven’t found any combo synergy but I’m liking the damage output nina provides. easy to get a lead then tag into bison and cheese people out with his sexy defensive options.


Nina Jin has a ridiculous amount of synergy that ive started to play with today. jins uppercut tag cancel into ivory cutter is so basic but can lead into some big damage.


Vega/Nina at the moment hard to say for sure if I will keep Nina but it works alright so far nothing specific other then they both have good buttons and I can do EX roll tag her in for some throw mixups.


I think tons of characters can tag into Nina and do some pretty good damage. My basic rush combo’s like c.HP xx Geyser, Ivory Cutter, Skullsplitter, or c.HP xx Geyser, Ivory Cutter, c.HK and stay at that range for tech rolls. Although Nina and King does sound quite nice. Geyser tag cancel King and God Knee 4x and piledriver.


Whats the damage like on your combo? I know it varies based on damage scaling prior but right now i’m using c. HP -> Skullsplitter, c. HP -> Blonde Bomb. But like you said, better wake up games (almost said oki cause we are talking Nina).


Nina/Asuka seems to be working great with me as of now.


I use law to do most of the damage. I can tag and get Nina to finish the combo off close to 480 no gems.

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Juri and Nina looks really nice. Still looking for team synergy. But, I will put up some good stuff for Nina upcoming week.



Ken Combo into H. Tatsu >>Tag Nina: cr HP xx. H. Geyser > H.Skullspilter > cr. M xx HK. Gesyer > cr. HP xx M. Blonde Bomb


Poison and Nina is a really nice team to have. Poison can zone and you can use nina to out poke your opponents and get some free combos.


Are you guys finding Nina better played as an anchor? or point?


I can’t really say. Juri is really my point and Anchor because I don’t really know how to perform reliable combos or play with Nina in general. I’ve been switching between her and Lili based on personal taste and who works as a good partner for Juri, but Nina’s character appeals to me a lot. Overheads, command dash that just doesn’t give a #### about any fireball and much more I haven’t even found out yet. From the videos I’ve seen/what I’ve read about the damage she can pull off… I’d place her on my team as an anchor.


I play Steve on Point with Nina in back. Alone they’re probably the two characters I know the best and combo wise they have just as much synergy as Steve and Kicky McKick. Honestly, for this game, I think synergy is three-fourths coordinating strengths to fill weaknesses, and a quarter combo ability. That said, Steve is much better on point as you can’t get nearly the damage you want off tagging into him as you can tagging Nina in. On the plus, his command grab (when it’s not getting stuffed) can land a 1-bar 500 damage super. Sweeet.


I’ve been using Nina on point since she is so flexible, she can do good damage on her own, or tag out for equally good damage.