The Nina Williams Thread



This thread is for discussing anything related to Nina williams in Street fighter x tekken.
She was one of the first females of the tekken series who has been there since the first tekken game.

Series: Tekken
Debut game: Tekken 1
Country of origin: Ireland
Fighting style: Akido and Bone martial arts

Throw (Arm Grab Flip) :lp::lk: (Forward throw)

Launcher (Shut Up) :hp::hk:


Standing attacks: (Will be edited when we have more information her normals for now its what we see from the pre released videos.)



:hp:- (second hp is a launcher.)

:lk:-(From some reports it is said that her light kick is a little slow.

:mk:-(Looks like it has nice range.)

:hk:- (Is a pretty good Anti-air and is a good poke from other reports)

***Crouching attacks: ***[SIZE=3](Will be edited with more information after NYCC or TGS.)[/SIZE]

:lp:-(At the moment this move seems like a slow poke.)


:hp:-( Another good Anti-air)

:lk:-(Atm this move seems like a slow poke like cr.lp.)

:mk:- (Also seems like it has good poke range.)


Command throw:

(command unknown for now.) It seems like it is one of her command throws from the tekken series and if you don’t complete it, your opponent can break out of it.

Possible command moves:

please note: (If anyone can go to NYCC can you please test if she has any command normals like overheads and other things please? Thank you.)


Skull splitter

[Seems like an overhead, Ex is an overhead and it seems to cause a bounce so you might be able to combo off of it.]

(I’m thinking the ex move may have invincibility over normal moves. (Could someone please test this out.)

Geyser Cannon
[This move launches your opponent in the air. It might be possible to continue a combo off of this move.]

Blonde Bomb
[Is her thrust move. For now it seems like it is very difficult to punish. It has the ability to pass through projectiles.] (Charge-able and her super move)
Ex Blonde bomb causes crumple and you may combo off of it.
Rolling Dash
:hcf:+:k: then lp,mp for 2 more reps

Super Art Video:


Bombshell Blast


Pre-release combos:

:d::lk: >:mp:> :hp:> ex thrust >Skull splitter >:mp: > :mp:+:hk:

:lp:>:mp:>:hp:>Geyser Cannon or Ex (Maybe possible to combo after.)

:lp:>:mp:>:hp: into super

SFxTekken General Discussion Thread

Pre-release varying gameplay





This will be for what normals are best for nina to use such as AA’s and stuff.

Right now this will be coming from what we see from the videos.


Sorry to say this, but Nina looks fugly in this game :frowning: Her face is more manly than Ken tbh. k bye :slight_smile:


I have a hunch that she’ll be kinda… forgotten once the game is released lol

Her model being totally fugly doesn’t help either.


I think she’ll be a pretty good character when the game comes out. She seems like she’ll be good with someone with multiple hits and she has her own special launcher. I doubt she’ll be slept on when the game comes out.


Eff the haters! Have you seen her thighs? They’re perfect!


Right now I think Nina like King is being slept on and when the game comes out everybody will see how good they are. I do agree that I think agree will need a tatsu type “assist”


That outfit doesn’t help to enhance her forms and I agree her face is a work in progress.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how often people will use her and other Tekken characters online. The other day I was in a discussion about who are the characters we face the most online at Tekken 6, and most of the people seem to agree that Law, Alisa, Asuka, Lili, Hwoarang, Christie/Eddy and Lars are in the top. It may be hard to believe, but people barely see any Heihachi, Kuma/Panda or Julia online. I wonder if that’ll change when those characters are presented in 2D. =)


yea. One of Nina’s move crumples the opponent. do a regular chain combo hope she can combo into the crumple move. regular chain launch…etc


I thi k she can combo into her crumble move, I’m not entirely sure. But if she can then that can lead to a lot of damage. Of not she can tag cancel it if the player so desiers.


The only complaint that I have about Nina is that Capcom made her look like a slut. I mean did you see her super? That’s Anna stuff right there. Not Nina.


Throw (Arm Grab Flip) :lp::lk:
Launcher (Shut Up) :hp::hk:

Blonde Bomb is also in (don’t know command yet), and it allows for Nina to pass throw incoming projectiles.


I’ll update it later. She has her other throw too its her command throw but idk it.


after playing nina i got to say she felt kind of weird. her special move thats a thrust (qcf punch) had some start up to it and the dashing which i believe is qcf not half circle seems to travel a very short distance. i would probably categories her as a footsies character kind of like chun-li in a sense. compared to the other tekken characters like kazuya & hworang she didn’t seem like a good character which i find somewhat surprising seeing how she’s been in since the first build of the game. i really do hope it’s just me if not then she will most likely get fixed seeing how there were other characters with noticeable problems as well.

this is my first game so don’t expect to much.



As long as we got game play we should be greatful. Thanks for the gameplay


Did you feel that the Chun Nina team was good or did you think that there is somebody better for her?


I think chun with anyone is a good team because of her plethora of ways to keep their opponent in hit stun so you can bring in your partner. I have a feeling that nina’s overhead move can go through attacks.


Nina has a chain-command grab that can be broken, don’t know the notations on it though


i can’t really say because i dont know how to make use of nina’s special moves. i’m sure a character like herself should have combos since she is a tekken character after all. i wish Seth was there so i could of asked him what she can do.


Oh ok. That’s understandable. She does seem like a more complicated character than some of the others that’s already in the game.