The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Astral Chain 8/30 - DAEMON X MACHINA 9/13 - Links Awakening 9/20 - Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition 9/27

Big ass frowny face man. Im not paying 90 dollars for an Amiibo lol.


Cloud Strife. That identity stealer and woman beater.

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Oh wait i remember this conversation.

Never mind.

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haha, Nintendo once again proving to be the scalper’s best friend. I should’ve got in on the amiibo racket then…basically when these things sell out, you NEVER see that shit again in stores.:laughing:

The only one I actually was interested in was Mewtwo because it looks cool, and that’s the only character I like out of the Pokemon franchise… there is a strong level of regret I have for NOT buying that when it was new and in stores. Now I assume the internet is the only hope for it.

I did get Cloud simply because I figured it would be worth quite a bit later on…heh,it’s still in the package. I have the pixelated Mario as well, because it came with my WiiU; I got the Mario Maker bundle back then…I still have that box too.

Dragon Marked for Death is HARSH, folks… it’s clear they balanced this game around multiplayer… things get rough just by the 2nd area.

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Hmmmm…I don’t remember Cloud being a wife beater.

Wasn’t Cloud under Sephiroth’s mind control during that scene?

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Check your local Target if you have one. Mewtwo just received a restock that’s exclusive to them


Yes he was. Pretty much anytime he’s doing something out of character at the early part of the story was due to Seph. He almost killed her but managed to stop himself but that’s when Seph pulled the ‘If you want something done right…’

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Amazon preorders for Ken, Young Link and Daisy are now live if you prefer them over BB.


Young Link:


They’re also live on GameStop but fuck GameStop. Their shipping prices are out rageous. Especially for how slow the shipping speeds are.

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UGH! import site I order from regularly has Simon, Snake, Pokémon trainer, squirtle and ivysaur up for preorder.

I should be patient and wait for state side release but fuuuuuck. I want to order them.

Well fuck.

Sold out.

@azure I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. It sold out in literal minutes on Target, Walmart and GameStop’s online stores.

I can’t bother to keep up with preorder windows, anymore.

I am so old, Pepperidge Farms and I remember back when 99.99% of Limited Edition preorders WEREN’T placed by garbage tier non-fans looking to flip.

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Preordering Limited editions just makes me miss Working Designs. They made a lot of SRPG’s and JRPG’s during the psone era and their games came with an unholy amount of extra shit for no additional cost. A lot of the niche rpg studios did that. Lunar 2 was like that. Came with playing cards, a cloth world map, stickers. All sortsa shit.


My little brother had a custom made glass picture frame made for the huge, full-sized bonus poster that came with Lunar 2.

No lie.

I think he spent more on the frame than he did on the game.

That kid loved the heck out of his favorite games.

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It’s weird that amazon isn’t on the ball when it comes to preorders for game from The direct being up. Usually they’re the first but this time around they’re the last. I remember when Daemon x Machina was first announced at E3 they had it up day of but for whatever reason delisted it a few months later. They still haven’t put it back up. They also haven’t added Link’s Awakening yet. Both games are up on GameStop and Best Buy.

It’s just weird to me. :thinking: amazon. Let me give you money plz.

I pre-ordered my Ice Clmbers amiibo off amazon weeks ago. They should arrive today since they are set to drop on the 15th. At least, I hope they show up today. I was not taking any chances on missing out since there is basically NO Ice Climber merch.

I like the Dragon Quest series (started with the first one and played a lot of DQIV on the DS) but I’ve never played DQXI. All the new features the Switch version is getting make it sound really juice and the ability to swap to 16-bit sprites really tickles my nostalgia bone. How good is DQXI? I heard there was some controversy with the music, which, from what I’m hearing/reading isn’t gonna be a problem in the Switch version.

Looking thru the list of games currently on sale…I can’t help but notice how goddamn ugly the character design is for Nidhogg II… yeah it’s that bad that I had to just randomly bring that shit up now. It stands out in a bad way. Character design is a crucial part of the whole thing… if characters look unappealing in every possible way, even if everything else about the game is good—I don’t want to play that shit. …like if the main characters of my precious Diablo 3 (or Bayonetta, or anything else I go on and on about) all looked like fat midget transexuals with bright orange hair, I never would’ve wasted even 2 seconds on the game.

There’s so much to look forward to after the recent Direct, man…Astral, Daemon X Machina and of course Mario Maker 2. Sheeeeeit, the lineup for this system continues to be absolute fire, man. There’s not even enough time in the day for all this.

Man that doa 6 evo stream was hilarious Japan is gonna have an interesting next few years deciding if they want to do their own thing or kneel to the western overlords

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