The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Astral Chain 8/30 - DAEMON X MACHINA 9/13 - Links Awakening 9/20 - Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition 9/27

I wonder if we’ll be able to play as Piranha Plant in SMM2, since he’s now playable in Smash. Can’t wait to see all the new characters in the mystery mushrooms!

And man, i keep thinking about how awesome it’s going to be to play Super Mario 2D World. Wonder if we’ll get a release of SM3DW before June. I doubt it since NSMBUDX just released, but that would be fucking sweet.

I would love SM3DW for the Switch. Besides Hyrule Warriors it was the best title on the Wii U imo. I’m extremely biased though because I’ve 100%’ed Hyrule Warriors 3 times across 3 different platforms. Lol

I don’t see a port of it coming down the pipeline anytime soon though.

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I gotta say I’m somewhat disapointed with NSMBUDX. I never played it on Wii U or anything. I just find it kinda not that fun. Like I don’t have much of a drive to play it like I was expecting. I’m not sure why. Then I tried out the Super Luigi game and came to find out it’s the same exact levels/map as the Mario game just with a higher difficulty on the levels. That was really disappointing.


I’m in a super good mood today. Time to dust off my current and take pictures of my new amiibo.


Also, @Azure apparently from
What I’ve been seeing (I still haven’t played it lol) the ff9 port on switch is basically a weird hybrid of the PS4 version and the mobile version. The menus are fucking ugly.

Links Awakening is cool, but I hope it’s not a $60 game.

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Yeah I felt the same way with all the psudo 2D Mario games of late.
They are trying to emulate that energy that Mario had on the NES, Gameboy and SNES and they are missing the mark. Like they got almost good enough to pass but not enough to enough to spark the same fun.

While they’re doing game boy remakes for the switch can we get a remake for Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins? Kthxbye

While I love all the NSMB games, I think the most effective way to recapture that energy is with the Mario Maker games. Then again, I don’t believe I’ve ever reached the same level of excitement for a video game as I did after watching The Wizard.

sheeeit, I think Mario Maker is basically the pinnacle. I doubt any “regular” Super Mario game from now on will be able to top that. I’m admittedly biased in favor of games that let the player create and re-arrange things.

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I still go back to NSMBU (in this case NSMB Deluxe) on the Wii U just because there’s always some crazy way to finish a level outside of the norm. Does the Switch port have the challenge mode where you have specific conditions to complete a stage for 1st-3rd place? I still haven’t completed all of them, but I’m not going to double dip on this one since I’m trying to cut down on the that aspect, on top of block challenge being taken out.

SMW will always be the gold standard

Daemon X Machina finally up for preorder on amazon.

I envy the UK sometimes


Lythero’s editing skills are insane.

Mechstermination Force was made by the dude who made Gunman Clive. DAY. ONE. PURCHASE.

Attention SHMUP fans.

This out now BTW.


Devil Engine looks fucking awesome. Shmups on a real come back slide recently. Lets see in this trailer i spot Taito lasers already and some designs that remind me of R-Type. I wonder how that bullet canceling mechanic works. Hes vacuuming up bullets like its a Mars Matrix Mosquito.


Really? This changes things. :thinking:
I love me some gunman Clive

Almoat vought the Gunman Clive bundle for switch last week. Got Uper Hydorah instead tho.