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Somebody is going to do it. Might as well be me.
(Will Smith “Switch”)

There’s a messenger bag? Tell me more…

I looked at more screen shots and it’s just a giant carrying care I think. It’s hard to tell. I have it preordered and I hope it’s a messenger bag otherwise I’m not getting it.

It fucking should be though.

Probably should give heads up on the app that’s going to be used with smartphones for online lobbies, match making, and voice chat. Still don’t know full details yet but here’s the link on their website for what’s been said so far.

I feel sorry for sonic, its like someone took his skates

Eh I’m perfectly fine with other people taking over stuff I’ve done. I can still contribute and help where I can like I usually do.

I would be surprised if you can’t answer your phone via the switch. You’ll probably be able to WhatsApp on it if Facebook will allow it

In all honesty I know @Sonichuman could make a better thread. But I wanted to make it. So there. :arazz:

If it wasn’t for Zelda I wouldn’t be getting it at launch either. I have a Wii U but I need all the new shiny things.

BTW, it has been killing me: does the Switch has a Ethernet port either on the tablet or the home device for the TV connection?

I could understand not trying to ram it on a size compromised tablet, but the home device? That’s preposterous. Even games like Splatoon 2 or Arms must be banking on a quality connection.

In case it is true (and quite sad), are there plans to sell a peripherial for a wired connection?

The Switch does not have an ethernet port and but you can purchase a lan adapter if you want a wired connection.

Speaking of Splatoon 2, updates are rolling out on the Squid Research website

apparently the special weapon called ‘Splashdown’ that has the squidkid doing a super hero landing and sending ink in a blast radius can be performed in mid super jump. Sooo…if you’re on the other side of the map and notice that one of your guys is in trouble you can pretty much pull a ‘SURPRISE MOTHAH FUCKAH!’ on everyone in the surrounding area.

That sounds rather OP… but looks badass nonetheless.

Waiting for Hori to release their version of pro controller

Eh Splatoon ran fine on wi-fi.

I’ll agree that when you got a stable connection yeah, but with the LAN adapter I noticed way fewer dropped games. Also playing people in Japan felt a bit better.

I never had any issues playing splatoon over the wifi. even with japanese players.

where’s those arcade sticks? I’m hoping they’re wireless

Why the hell would you want fighting game peripherals to be wireless?

seeing as the Switch Dock has 2 USB Ports on it I doubt the stick will be wireless.

Full disclosure: I’m sick of wires. I used to have that Hori wireless tekken stick and I never had problems with it, could wdc and bdc fine.