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Can’t sideline my Wii U until both Sin and Punishments come out and Mario Maker. Playing a little bit of Twilight Princess HD here and there too.

I need Bayo with those Joy Cons and yes, I’ll probably play those on Wii U at some point this week before my Switch version arrives.

On another note, I’m hoping DMCV is being delayed to add a Switch version and the HD Collection comes to the Switch. I need all the Stylish Action I can get on this bad boy.


I got the First Sin and Punishment on my N64 Everdrive and Twilight Princess on Game Cube
Nothing lost for me.

As for Splatoon 2

Marina all the way.


Nah, I personally still use my Wii U… mainly for Wii games , VC titles I own and Netflix / Crunchyroll.

That touch screen fast forward or rewind feature will be missed.


I haven’t touched mine in a while, but i still do have some wii games to beat on there, and a few vc things.


Last Wii U game I played was Don’t Touch Anything Red like 3 weeks ago at a game day. That game is fun as shit when you have a group of people playing for the high score.


Not yet


As far as major exclusive titles go these are what’s left on Wii-U really.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X (possibly receiving a Switch port)
  • Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD (probably won’t receive ports but these are already remasters of titles on older platforms with the former being a much better remaster).
  • Mario Maker (got a weird 3DS version and this shit prints too much money to stop here so expect a sequel in the not to distant future).
  • Super Mario 3D World (could receive a port, probably wouldn’t require much work just a matter of if they think it’s worth it).
  • Yoshi’s Woolie World (has a currently unamed spiritual successor in development for Switch).
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse/Paintbrush (yeah this ain’t got a chance to get a port, it wasn’t very popular and it relies far too much on touch controls which are only available on Switch’s handheld mode).
  • Pikmin 3 (unlikely to receive a port but another sequel is currently in development because Nintendo are scared that Miyamoto will go crazy and stab someone if they don’t keep making Pikmin games).
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (unlikely to receive a Switch port which is a shame as if you enjoy or can look past the context it’s actually a good game).
  • Wonderful 101 (no way is this getting a port :sad:, future title for Switch slightly teased in artwork but I don’t put too much stock into that).

So there are a solid amount of titles still worth keeping a Wii-U around for but most of them are receiving sequels or might get ports down the line. Wonderful 101 and #FE stand out as the highest quality titles that are unlikely to receive ports or sequels on Switch.


My copy of Bayonetta 2 + 1 shipped from Amazon just now. Its be nice if it made it tomorrow but I’m hoping for early Friday.


Man. Fuck Walmart. In the shipping order they said bayo would be delivered by the 16th. So release day. Which I was excited about because amazon said the 23-25th, but Walmart just emailed me saying bayo has shipped but won’t be here until the 20th. Wtf yo.

I’ll just buy a copy tomorrow and return the other copy when I get it in the mail. I need bayo for a road trip I’m taking with my parents this weekend.


I’m also getting my copy of Bayo on the 20th. What a load of shit.


We should burn down the establishment


I’m getting it tomorrow cause I had the foresight to order a game I want to play tomorrow in-store instead of online like a smart person would do.


My copy shipped from Amazon and im receiving it TOMORROW!! HHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA


Mine was saying “Set to arrive by 8pm” meaning no later than 8pm. In a blink of an eye it went to “…by 11pm”… :worried:

If my status doesn’t show ‘delivered’ by the time I’m off work, I’ll just roll to Best Buy since I’m positive they’ll have it.

Yes the thirst is that real. Playing Strikers 1945 II and Earth Wars in the meantime. The Digital Foundry videos aren’t making the wait any easier though. Game looking soo~ smoo~ooth.


Who leaves their house to purchase things?


I do. Most games I hit up Best Buy on the way home from work. Guaranteed to get them on release that way. Plus, discount for Gamer Unlocked, and even more if they run the pre-order deal.


…would be nice if that wiiu version of Tekken Tag 2 got ported…


Why did you order from Walmart?


Read my post again.


I read it, I was wondering why order from Walmart in the first place.