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We all know it is for that USF2


Also Amazon has Micro SDxc 64 gb cards on sale between 16-20 usd.


Good to know seeing as I’ll need to invest in one or two of them.


Aren’t those too small?


Probably not honestly.


not really unless you plan on going 100% digital.


Install sizes for current gen hover around 50 gb anyway I’m not sure if i’d rather have a case full of cartridges or sd cards Cartridges would sound cool but at the same time buying digital gives me the insurance that should anything happen to the physical media I have it stored on I still have the license.


With Zelda prolly being the biggest game at 16 gbs prolly not. You may need more than one but they should suffice. Biggest size I’ve found was 256gb but that was close to 200 bucks… I’ll wait until the market catches up with the format.


More than likely when it comes to space for physical games you will have to worry more with 3rd party games. Nintendo seem to be wizards when it comes to optimization. Im more than lukely gonna go for a 256 or whatever the highest i can get starting out. Probably should last for a good while and then when i start running out ill see whats good around cyber monday/black friday of that year.


They are game cards, actually. I’m not sure, correct me if I’m wrong, but they seem to be about the same size as DS/3DS game cards, so if you have any of those card cases lying around, you could probably make use of those.


Yeah I figured as much they wouldn’t take up as much physical space I think I’m going to buy physical games for games I might end up selling and digital for the games that I know I want forever except Zelda Because I want that case.


I have tomorrow off so I’m going to update the OP and clean it up a bit. I’ve been adding little things here and there but nothing major.

Also I’m on the fence of whether or not I want to get Super Bomberman R. I want to have more than one game at launch but I also know that Zelda is going to destroy all of my free time and I won’t want to play anything else. So it’s a toss up.


No way I’m getting Zelda alone… if there’s nothing else to distract me I’m gonna end swooping through it in a week or two and then having remorse of not getting the most fun out of it like a dirty speedrunner.

Arms and Splatoon look locked for me. Bomberman R as long as Konami behaves as if it were the 90s.


It seems like Nintendo has some oversight over Bomberman R, or at least told Konami to keep their bullshit in check at least.


I love that they knew exactly what this device was going to be used for
I also love that in the next scene all his friends are using his shit-particle covered joy cons


Ok so besides the portability aspect, are there any OTHER notable selling points to the Switch?

At first i found the device intriguing but, the more i looked at it, the more it just comes off like a portable Wii U. Which i guess is an improvement but, it has to have more going for it than that.

Also i heard the battery is non-user replaceable. That kinda sucks. What happens in a few years when they wear down and the battery life gets even shorter? I’m sure tech-capable geeks will find a way to crack it open and replace it but, for the average consumer, they’ll be stuck with a neutered handheld.


Oh hell naw, nigga.

If I can leave the Xbone and PS4 threads alone*(for the most part, I did shit on PS Plus for a bit a while back)*, then you can take your hating ass right on up out this thread.


well i mean, its a nintendo platform. Its number one draw will always be that it plays nintendo games. With the 3DS on the way out over the next two years and the switch being their new unified mobile and home gaming platform, you’re going to get all the content you expect on a nintendo console here and only here, foresee-ably at least. If the switch even lives up to being half the platform the 3DS was it’ll have a library worth buying the thing for. They’ve already avoided the marketing mistakes of the Wii U. People know what a switch is. Its appeal is simple to explain and they are aware that it is infact a new and different device, not just an expansion for the wii. Also, the 3DS had about the same battery life at launch that this thing has and the new 3DS still has that same battery life range. With software updates and various power settings the 3DS was slowly optimized over its lifetime for longer play periods, I expect the same to happen with the switch. Infact on the topic of battery life, the Joycons are rocking an alleged 20 hour battery life. for a controller, thats fucking great and I wish my ps4 controller would last half as long as that.

My point is, if youre not interested now thats fine, because you can always buy one later if it does get a library that interests you. Buying consoles at launch is rarely a bright decision anyways, which is exactly why im waiting till summer to pick up my Switch.


Portability is the big one, more games than you can count on one hand is the other.


Who said i care about the XBONE and PS4?

And, i missed you too, Po. Let the nintendo switch discussion begin!! :slight_smile: