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Twilight princess? That was just IR camera (Wii) controls wasn’t it? Gyro is even better and more responsive than the IR stuff IMO.


i meant the HD remake on wii U, you could use gyro controls for the bow and arrow and other pointer-based shit


Something interesting of note is that on the official Switch specs it’s stated that the headphone jack on the switch will support headphones, mics and headset

sooo…this is making me ??? even more about this phone app.


I’ve been out running errands most of the day so I haven’t been able to update the OP. Apologies.


Also new stage for Splatoon 2 got revealed

Barnacles Sports Club


That climbing wall is going to make for some hilarious ambushes.

Also, good to see they’re still being creative with the level designs.


nvm! Got it! Woo! Enjoy the first page! Again, if anyone has anything to add let me know and I’ll add it to the OP.


I’ve always wondered why the Switch doesn’t have any kind of spiffy logo on the front. It just looks like a plain tablet. A little more work into it’s presentation would go a long way.

Also why does having a headphone jack suprise you? That’s a good thing. I hope you’re not buying into Apple’s BS about how the headphone jack is an “outdated” connection.

IMO, it’s rare but there are some PC/Device connector types that will never truly go out of date, especially if it’s something still in wide-range of use by consumers. The headphone jack is a big one.


The headphone jack itself isn’t what surprises him, its that it supports mics and headsets when we’ve been told we do matchmaking and lobbies thru an app on our smartphones.

Nintendo needs to clear this shit up.



For someone like me who doesn’t own a Tablet or a home console (Have tried all current gen consoles and sold them they are all rubbish) the Value speaks for itself. Expandable memory Tablet + console + 2 controllers out the box. I am constantly on the go and tbh I still put priority on local multiplayer features over online, I just don’t often have the time or patience to get immersed in online gaming and find groups of people that play on the same schedule I do. Nintendo brings the local multiplayer, and just gameplay in general that keeps me interested , accessible, polished and deep when I need it to be. I loved the Wii U library I just hated the console, and the times I did want to play with friends online I really couldn’t cause the online was boo boo.

battery life does seem like an issue down the line I agree but I’ll deal with it and if/when the upgrade comes along with better battery or 4 k or whatever I will do what I have done with every Nintendo handheld flip the one I have and buy the upgrade used costing me 50-100 for the whole deal.


Unfortunatey when it comes to addressing matters of confusion they’ve created by being unclear, Nintendo has the communication skills of a group of deaf people playing Chinese whispers.


I can’t remember…has it been mentioned before that Splatoon 2 will let you Switch weapons between matches?

This is from a impressions thread of someone who played the system at PAX


Y’know, even if the battery really only lasted 2.5 hours straight… I can’t think of a time when I’m away from a wall outlet for that long, along with having that much time to play. At home, naturally there’s a plugs to charge up if necessary… and it’s no longer in “portable mode” anyway at that point since you’d be at home with a television + wall outlets nearby. Naturally at work I’m only going to have that 1 hour lunch break to play, along with the morning and afternoon breaks; at most that’s 1 hour and two 15-minute sessions for portable gaming right there. Maybe that short battery life may be a problem for kids that have so much more “portable game time” moments (like summer vacation; or road trips), or something…it just doesn’t seem like a major issue at least for me.


Agreed. When Im out and about, I legit may only play my handheld on the train to and from where Im going. Round trips about 2 hrs or sometimes less


Have we confirmed that a power bank/portable charger can be used to keep it running?


It has a standard USB C port, and the Switch reveal trailer showed the guy using it at an airport terminal plugged into a wall outlet.


yeah…but hope there’s no weird thing that nintendo may do regarding that. after the phone app thing, I need to wait for an official word.


Only reason I bought a PS2 was for CVS2 and MK5. So, USF2 might be a reason for me buying a Switch


oh god are they finally going to let us change our loadouts? Hell I’ll even just take switching the weapon loadout and having the equipment still be locked outside it, just dont make me have to leave my lobby every time i want to change my gun that was literally the only truly bad thing about that games multiplayer. It was like a single tiny stain on a perfectly white dress shirt, it was horrible.


Wonder what the chances are of Rommance of the Three kingdoms on the switch actually running better than the PS4 counterpart. I would import if I knew for sure it had english text and subtitle mode and it ran better than the PS4 version. I wonder what the hell was up with that.