The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order 7/19! Fire Emblem: Three Houses 7/26! Astral Chain 8/30! Joker out for now for Smash Ultimate!


Well it was never patched out of the PS4 version so I doubt it’ll be patched out in the Switch version. Though: nintentards are notoriously whiney, self entitled babies. So if they bitch enough Square might patch it. :woman_shrugging:t3:



My only issue with 9 is the battle speed. The loading isnt so bad, imo, but the actual battle speed is snail snow until you get Haste then they move at normal speed -.-

Would like them to fix that but they never will so shrug



Battle Speed never bothered me. Though I can see why it would bother people. I just never cared enough about that.



I just wish it moved a bit faster, it drags battles out longer then they really need to be. This became really noticable to me when i played it on PSP and battery life was a premium. You start getting irritated at all the time you spend draining battery waiting for silly bars to fill while you twiddle your thumbs. Its just a lot of dead air time is all.

I could see that becoming a complaint with the Switch version, that battery has only like 3 to 4 hours of life in it before its dead.



Play the Yoshi’s Crafted World demo. Super charming. If the game is doing that much creativity with just the first level, I cannot wait to see the rest of the game.

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I have an amiibo worth over anywhere from $220-400+ now apparently.

Just eBay search “box boy amiibo” and be flabbergasted.

I’m so glad I barely paid over MSRP for it when it first came out.



That new Fire Emblem game being co-produced by Koei Tecmo…they really want me to cross over.



Best Buy still haven’t mailed out my amiibo. They’re supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

Edit: yay they finally shipped about 2 hours ago. They won’t be here until the 20th though. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Fire Emblem: Three Houses special edition preorders are live on amazon



I remember i played up through the first disc of FF9 back around 2001. One of my roommates at the time had it, but the second disc was all fucks up and wouldn’t play so i never finished it. Y’all think it’s worth going back to for $20? My favorite FF is 6. I didn’t care for 8 that much at the time, but 7 was rad because it was the first with polygons instead of sprites but i don’t think it’s aged well. That’s what’s giving me pause in getting 9- not sure how well it’s aged. Is the story compelling enough to keep interest? Is the battle system fun? Cool magic? Exploration and secrets?

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9 is absolutly worth it, yes.

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FF9 is more like classic FF. It isn’t that emo BS like 7 and 8

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Still find it weird people call 7 emo.



Story wise 9, 10 and 4 are my favorites. Probably in that order too. Gameplay wise hands down no contest my favorite is X-2

Over all I couldn’t give you which one was my favorite. It always changes.



Damn yo my Boss just tossed me these. “I had dupes.”



One of us. One of us. One of us.

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Yea I have some Amiibo already, but these will go nice with them to.

He said he has more. He thibks he has some Zelda Amiibo he could part with. That sould be gdlk as i really want all the extra BOTW stuffs so any Zelda Amiibo he can send my way the less i have to hunt on ebay for not batshit insane prices.

I only have BOTW Zelda and TP Ganon far as Zelda stuffs go.



The BotW amiibo are so hard to find and while not exactly pricey, they aren’t cheap. Wel, except the champions. They all go for like $40+

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Dude the champions are going for insane prices. Saw one of the 3 packs online recently for 140 dollars. Kiss my ass Amazon seller lmao.

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The 4-pack was limited to japan and certain EU countries which is why it has the hefty price tag.