The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!


BTW this is just a “sneak peak” at their Black Friday sale. More titles are going to be going on sale once Black Friday starts. Which include

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for $40
Bayonetta 2 for $40
Kirby Star Allies for $40

thats because its a party game and not a fighter.


Phantasy Star drops on eShop December 13the. Not my type of game but I’m grabbing it because I read and saw some of the bat shit crazy things in PSIII, and two, because I remember watching my older cousin play it…so it’s sorta nostalgic.

Maybe the nature of the Switch makes things like random battles somewhat tolerable?


I was just about to post that. Sega just announced it on their twitter.

Edit: Aw yeah. Nintendo just emailed me letting me know my NES Controllers will be here by the 16th of December. Awesome. I likely won’t even open them but I’m still excited


Ok, what video files can the Switch play? I know it just got youtube, so just wondering if I could use this to watch stuff before falling asleep. Like mkvs perhaps. Would replace my old tablet.


It can’t play anything. The console doesn’t have a media player.


The switch getting YouTube reminds me I need to update my switch. I haven’t turned it on in months.


Apparently Katamari Demacy: ReRoll is still coming out Dec.7th and the physical edition is exclusive to gamestop. I still think its a terrible move on their part to release it the same day as smash. it’s like they dont want people to buy their game.


Did you pick this beast up?
I’ve considered it but man, that’s a hefty price


I need Switch deals…I may get Smash for my nephews and nieces.


I already got mine but the game itself haven’t released yet. My niece requests for Super Mario Party though.


The best Switch deal is at GameStop. $299.99 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle and comes with a $50 GameStop Gift Card. Doesn’t go live until tomorrow at 3PM.


Shit that’s out now? I told my comic book store to be on the lookout for me since they got the others. Looks like I’ll be paying a visit this fri.


Hmmmmm…got out of work early today…guess I’ll take a quick stop by my comic store


Yyyyeeeah boi! Thing is fuckin way bigger than I expected it to be


I’m on the side of ‘buy’ right now for Smash just for the fan service. Ken looks cool, Akira’s assist trophy looks cool too. New additional game modes look cool too.


Gamestop’s deal is the best, but Kohl’s is decent too.

For $329 it comes with turtlebeach headset(looks like a cheap one), a carrying case, and $90 kohl’s cash. Kohl’s only carries 3 games apparently though; zelda, mario kart, and mario odyssey. Also it’s the grey joycons.


Nice. Apparently it only came out a few days ago. Did you get the champion edition or the standard?


Standard. Did a quick flip through before I really start looking into the pages. There’s so much art in this.


I read Aonuma’s thoughts and reflections at the end of the book and he confirmed that the next zelda is already starting development. So more than likely those hiring reports are actually for the new game and not more BotW content. That wait is gonna be long as hell for me. Prob got 4 years before we see anything on it.


GameStop’s Black Friday sale is now live.


Lost Sphere is on sale for $20 until the 28th. Much better than $50. May actually get it.