The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!


Lost Sphear has some of the most infuriating difficulty spikes I’ve ever seen in a JRPG. It goes from ‘everything dies in one hit’ to ‘this boss seems unbeatable’ in a matter of seconds. Apart from this it’s an okay game. One can do better for 20 bucks but also way worse.


@Azure @Geese_Pants

I have a 256gb I think? I might upgrade. 400gb for that cheap is prettt good.

Edit II Turbo: It’s also available at Best Buy if for whatever reason you don’t like Amazon:

400GB Micro SD Card for $80 on amazon as apart of their Black Friday Deals


Random thought as I’m flipping through this BotW book: The champions died 100 years prior to the events of the game which includes Urbosa. Riju is apparently 12 years old in the present. How? I don’t think the game ever addresses this so I’m making sure I didn’t miss something.

This book also reconfirms that I love the art style for the Gerudo in this game.


Diablo 3-- and so it begins… I found the first piece of the Vyr’s Arcana set for my wizard. It is only a matter of time before he acquires all pieces and unlocks the true Archon form. His ascension to godhood will be at hand!

40 hours in at this point… paragon level 74.


I don’t know why, I just never got into the Archon builds. I think it was the Up/Down nature of them that put me off


I thought about that when I was playing, made no sense for her to be Urbosa’s kid and I haven’t been able to make sense of it either.


Maybe Gurudo age differently?
Or maybe they just didn’t really put that much though into it? Or just simply didn’t care.


Picked up both Mega Man Legacy collections on amazon for $25 each. Not bad. I’ve been meaning to get them but could never decide what system to get them on but since I have mm11 on Switch (thanks amiibo bundle. :unamused:) I figured I might as well get them all on the same system.


If I knew Amazon would have it for $25 I wouldn’t have brought mine from Best Buy. I ordered it on Monday and those fuckers still haven’t shipped it.


It wasn’t on sale for $25 until today. I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger with Best Buy. You can always cancel your BB order?

Also, if you haven’t got it yet Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is $35 at Walmart it’s in-store only though.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is on sale for $35 as well (in-store and online)

Kirby Star Allies is also $35 (in-store and online)


I already got charged so I may as well wait for it. What pisses me off is that the rest of my order shipped and coming tomorrow.


That’s odd they charged you for everything immediately. Usually they’re like amazon and doesn’t charge until the individual items ship.

My X Collection will be here later than everything else (it’s back in stock on the 24th.) but I’m okay with waiting


I ordered the game with three other ones. Those shipped while my Mega Man still hasn’t. It’s why I got charged. I’m annoyed it won’t come with everything else.


Please post the deets on how the MM collections play. I’ll gladly double dip on classic MM and grabbing MMX at a not-as-awesome-as-Black Friday price.


That’s really dumb on their part. But also it’s the first worldiest of problems. :laughing:


Just looked through the eShop for shits and giggles. Gonna grab Blaster Master Zero, Mighty Gunvolt and Sunset Riders, most likely tomorrow.


So far one thing caught my attention-- FURI is 9.99 right now so I’m most likely getting that very soon…like today or so…I also had Sunset Riders on my “list” to keep tabs on so I’m thinking about that one.

It’s tough to have time for the insanely hot lineup this system has, man… because D3 keeps devouring 100% of my game time lately… before that it was Dead Cells which gets an update soon…and I never even finished the Azure Striker games… sheeeit, I haven’t even gone back to Skyrim in forever now…


Is the “plus” for Sonic Mania a free update or is it paid dlc? Nintendo eShop has Mania on sale for $15 and I fee like that’s a good price but if “Plus” is paid dlc I might as well buy Sonic Mania Plus physically.


It’s paid DLC. Just $5 IRCC


That’s not too bad I guess? $20 digital as opposed to $30 physical.

Edit: I may also pick up Bastion. It’s a good enough game to me that Id triple dip (360, PS4, Switch) for it.

Edit Ii Turbo: Okami is only $15 as well so I might get that as well. I own it on ps3 but I’ve never played it and I’m too lazy to pull my ps3 out of storage. So.

Edit III 2nd Impact: Oh fuck. Child of Light is only $10? Definitely double dipping for that. One of my favorite rpgs. It’s short but so engaging and I love the artistic direction of the game, the character designs. It’s just a joy to play.

Edit IV arcade edition: Ended up picking up Sonic Mania+Encore DLC, Child of Light, Bastion, Okami, Lost Sphere, I am Setsuna (if it wasn’t on sale for $20 I wouldn’t have), Shovel Knight Treasure Trove (I’m too impatient to wait for the physical edition of it coming out in April when King of Cards drops), and probably the best purchase of all of them Senran Kagura Reflections.

Final edit and testiment: didn’t see wild guns reloaded was on sale for $10 as well. Got that with the quickness