The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!


I think you’re mistaken about sunset riders. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the eShop


Mario Tennis Aces DLC trailer launched in Japan. Pauline, Luma and Boom-Boom to be playable characters early 2019


Wild Guns Reloaded. I’m a nub ^^


Splatoon 2 ver. 4.3 goes live 12/5


Got my grey switch from gamestop. Don’t really care too much about mario kart so no biggie. I think the bundle sold out fast anyway. Got mario odyssey instead from walmart for $45. Will probably use the gift card toward smash tbh.

Edit: The switch is so cooled. I completely forgot about it being touch screen too. As soon as Nintendo realizes and releases a media player, it’s a wrap.


Welcome to the switch fam! :heart:


Put up your switch code when you get a chance sir


My tv remote broke somehow and my tv itself doesn’t have a power button so I’ve been playing my switch on handheld. It feels so fucking weird. I don’t like it.


I guess the dumb nintendo app for mobile is discontinued? I downloaded it just to check it out and it only supports Splatoon. I thought it was going to be like the Steam app where you can see your friends, browse the store, etc etc… but nah, it’s just Japan being Japan.

On a side note… Mario Odyssey is awesome. Last mario game I played was Sunshine so it’s great to finally play and enjoy another mario game.


The Nintendo app isnt discontinued…just dumb and unneeded. Splatoon is the only game right now that has special features for it right now like buying exclusive gear, Smash will be next. Other games just use the chat function.


Yeah. The Nintendo switch online app is the dumbest shit Nintendo has ever done. It’s such a piece of shit app.


Yeah it is one of those Japan focused type moves that Nintendo is known for, example the design and colors of the GameCube. Much like their earlier attempts with the Wii microphone, it seems they are getting the clue at least when it comes to some F2P games like Fortnite and Warframe which apparently don’t require it for voice chat.


I hate whenever Reggie tries to defend it. Like we’re fucking stupid for not getting how it works and how it’s this amazing app. Go fuck yourself Reggie. It’s shit.


Has anyone here played Starlink? If it wasn’t for the Starfox content I wouldn’t give a shit but I’m in need of some Starfox after being severely disappointed with Zero.


If it wasn’t for the Black Friday sale they had for it I would have forgotten it even existed.

I honestly don’t see it having a huge shelf life. It’ll be in the bargain bin within 6 months. The gameplay just isn’t that interesting and it’s a toys to life game which have been dead and gone for almost 4 years.


SNK 40th Anniversary Collection has some gems on it. Psycho Soldier is a favorite of mine as is Vaneguard and Prehistoric Isle in 1930. And of course, you’ve got Crystalis, a game I had a lot of fun with on the NES. The bonus content is really nice, too. Getting this collection is like getting a virtual museum.

I took advantage of those cyber eShop sale deals and picked up Blaster Master Zero, Bleed 2 and Hyper Light Drifter Special Edition.


Reggie unfortunately is doing his job as he has to defend decisions that NCL makes because they could replace him if he doesn’t. For all we know Reggie has probably made mention to them about what people think about the app but NCL going to do whatever they want to do. The only reason I feel that way is at the E3 following the Wii U reveal he made that crack about how many people hated the name for the system. He definitely knows what people are saying about some of the dumb stuff the company does but the man only has so much pull.


Oh I know. Doesn’t make it any less frustrating though


Nintendo is apparently doing a cyber Monday deal where if you buy a switch you get a $35 eShop card.

Edit: GameStop still has their buy a switch and get a $50 gift card through cyber Monday and the $35 eShop card stacks with it. That’s like, a really good deal. GameStop for once killing it this shopping weekend. Hardware wise anyways.


Well shit…