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Kirby Star Allies: Heroes In Another Dimension Mode Gameplay (Launches 11/30)



Yeah saw that. Unsure if Aonuma is joking or what based on context. If they did remaster it I’d buy it.


I guess that $35 eshop credit was really really limited or something? I checked gamestop’s website earlier this morning and they had “includes $35 eshop card” along with the $50 gc in the title. It sold out fast. If you check now though, they have switches in stock again, but now the title says “$35 eshop card not included”.

Edit: There’s actually 2 different listings. One with the eshop card and one without.


Skyward sword is easily the worst 3D Zelda. Not sure why people want a remaster of it


Either way it’s sold out now. Surprised it lasted as long as it did.


Maybe it’ll be a better game with conventional controls.


Never played Spirit Tracks or whatever did you?

I like Skyward Sword a lot, I like it’s controls, its world design, its dungeons and it’s items. It’s one of my favorite 3D Zelda games. That’s why I am excited at the prospect.

Go jerk off to the new Kirby game or something.


The wind waker style Zeldas are actually my favorites. The only thing I didn’t like about Spirit Tracks was the fucking flute.


I’m in the camp the loved his Skyward Sword experience. The only thing that I personally thought was flawed with the game now that it’s been this many years is the beginning tutorial taking a it too long to get through and the game not being as open as previous titles. I didn’t have any issues with the motion controls and it actually got me more immersed in the game, while game was more linear the 3 areas were pretty dense with content, and I really dug the story. Story is probably my favorite part of the game to be honest.

Edit: and nearly forgot the obligatory Fi mention. She’s unfortunately a blemish. Also the dungeons were really good in this game imo. Loved Ancient Cistern. If they can fix some of the flaws with the game then I’m with the game getting a second chance…think the sales for the game were lower than normal unfortunately.


Disagree. Wind Waker is by far my least favorite 3D Zelda. Sailing is SOOOO fucking boring. And there are what, four dungeons? I know BotW only has four “dungeons” but at least the shrines are great mini dungeons and the world is actually fun to explore.


Skyward Sword disappointed me, I actually loved the motion controls, the story and some of its dungeons/bosses. But upon evaluation it disappointed in terms of allowing exploration, giving you fun stuff to do and repetitive structure. Skyward Sword is still a very good game but among Zelda 's history not counting the DS titles it is indeed the worst of the 3D Zelda games.


Ghirahim is the best thing about Skyward Sword.


Just got my Mega Man Legacy 1+2 Collection in from Amazon. Came with this dumb terry cloth. I hate how much I love it. Look at Sigma in his stupid party hat.


The Lanayru Desert is my favorite thing about Skyward Sword. It’s got the Sandship and the Lanayru Mining Facility dungeons, and the Pirate Stronghold mini-dungeon. I love the atmosphere of that whole area- the landscape, the music, the time mechanics, the difficult enemies. It stands out as a highlight in all of my Zelda experiences.


Luma, Boom Boom and Pauline English Trailer

Shy Guy Trailer

Petey Piranha Trailer


Has anyone played Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and/or The Messenger? How are they? They are on sale right now as apart of Nintendo’s eShop Holiday sale.

I like the appeal of Bloodstained because it gives off a huge classic Castlevania feel (I hate Metroidvanias) and I like that.

Messenger looks like Ninja Gaiden but modernized I guess? It looks fun though.


The Messenger gives off massive Ninja Gaiden type feels in looks and some game play, but be warned it does try some MetroidVania type stuff later in the game despite the levels not really suiting it for that. But it is still pretty good. Bloodstained I haven’t yet to sample.


Twilight Princess. It’s so safe and by the book, its tools are dull, its world is pretty empty with little interesting to find, and its sooooooooo fucking easy you could close your eyes and button mash and still win.

Wind Wakers probably the same but at least that game is charming.


Bite your tongue.
Wind Waker is a snore fest