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You guys are making me cry with all this wind waker hate. It’s my favorite console Zelda.


I beat wind waker back then without knowing you were suppose to feed those dolphins or whatever to reveal each tile on the map. I had to look up where each location was.

That being said, while I enjoyed it, it’s not my fav Zelda.


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I remember Wind Waker being awesome with psychedelics. I admit the animation and artistic qualities are fantastic. I just hated sailing for days.


You are not alone Stu. Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda game. It’s one of the few Zelda games that didn’t bore me to death.


Are you talking about the same game?


It’s so good. The only thing about Wind Waker I’ll never understand is how the Zora’s evolved into the Rito. The gods flooded the world. You’d think the Zoras would prosper. But no. They became birds.


Wind Waker>>>>>>>Twilight Princess. TPs strongest asset is its story and some nice atmosphere.


Twilight is alright. Midna is it’s saving grace. She’s my favorite LoZ companion. I love her sass.


Yea Midna is pretty awesome.


Twilight Princess don’t bore me with endless featureless seas




While the sailing could be long and tedious it always led to something. Every grid on the map had some sort of main story content or side quest. Also Wind Waker HD fixed the speed of sailing by giving you an upgraded sail fairly early in the game making traveling a breeze.


HD collection also made the triforce quest more tolerable by cutting it short. Easily the worst quest in the game.


Oh So I just need the one Nintendo console (Wii U) I never had or took serious at all to play what is the one of my least favorite Zelda games to get an item that should of been standard in the original?

Sorry but with it’s issues as a Ocarina Clone, Twilight Princess Over Wind waker any day
But at least it’s not Skyward Sword or Majora’s Mask.


Majora’s Mask is awesome possum. Best Metroidvania game ever.


I take it you never played the Two games that birthed that term


No one said you had to do fuck all lol.

And Majoras Mask is one of the best 3D Zelda’s easily, stomps a mud hole in both TP and WW.

I’d argue one game birthed that term and everyone’s been slinging it around Willy nilly with very little thought to their use of it for quite some time now.


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