The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!


Didn’t realize Ikaruga was only $15 on the eshop. Might pick it up at the beginning of the month. I’ve never played but ive heard several people tell me what a genre defining game it is for shmups.


Are the Gunvolt games any good? The Dual Pack is on sale for $20 right now.

Edit: goodness gracious. Senran Kagura Reflexions has so much dlc. All the waifus and their cute outfits. I don’t think I’ll buy any of it but boy is it tempting. Who doesn’t love molesting questionably aged ninja girls? :thinking:


I hate it when people edit their comments with "Edit:"and then add new text.

Edit: I don’t know why it bothers me, it just does.


I didn’t want to triple post.
Fight me.


it’s considered the spiritual successor to Radiant Silver Gun, it’s key game mechanic/gimmick (the polarity mechanic) really changes up how Shmups are played and offers another layer to the game.

Do you like the Mega man-style of Gun and Run platforming ?

As I feel Gunvolt does what Mighty No 9 failed at.
And Gunvolt isn’t trying to be Megaman, (although you can see where they take inspiration from) its more of it’s own thing while using solid concepts that worked for games in the past.


I think you’d hate Ikaruga…doesnt strike me as your type of game at all.


I like SHMUPS a lot. I’m just not well versed in them.

I still find it incredibly odd that Super Mario Party has sold so well. I figured most people casted it aside after the travesties that were 9 and 10.


Shoot imagine how much they will sell when a legitimate mainline entry in Pokémon drops.


Super Mario Party is supposedly one of the better entries in the franchise. Not gonna say its best and I can’t give a personal opinion on it yet since me, my wife, and some friends have only played it for 30 min. General consensus I see online though is that it’s solid fun.


Maybe with the switch people are giving franchises second chance? Iunno. I just find it odd because SMP seemed like the most gimmicky Mario Party yet (especially with the multiple switch screen mini games).

I bet it’s good but I have no intentions of buying it. I have no one to play it with.


Thats kinda the thing with MP. They’ve always been more fun with other people locally. We had some people playing the game during or fg community meet up and they were having fun with it and being all loud and shit cause of usual MP bs. During the 30 min I played we had gotten 2 tag mini games and the losing teams were salty as fuck lol. It’s entertaining watching this game put stress on friendships. Prob not nearly as salt inducing as chance time…Not sure if that is in this game or not. Chance time will make people stab each other.


Yeah. Mario Party can definitely be a relationship enders. Especially 2-4.


It would be nice if they could make a new Azure Striker specifically for Switch (and other systems too; the more the merrier) so it could have some more current graphics, y’know… I love the one that’s out now but as most know it’s a port of a 3DS game, so the visuals are of course limited by that. I never finished playing it though…because the rest of Switch’s lineup is too damn good.

Diablo 3-[I just checked–about 55 hours played already]-- I got 3 level 70s at this point, and working on character #4 (Witch Doc I named “Greed” […is massively strong!]… I’ll likely go Jade Harvester build as usual for WD; that’s my #1 shit with that character/class…and after the upcoming patch, unless they nerf it the Jade-build Witch Doc’s damage is going to be even more ridiculous than it already is.)


RIP Nintendo Creator’s Program.


That is the thing, Inti Creates the developers of Gunvolt, are really into retro style and sprite work. Granted every game even their upcoming game have been based around lower hardware, in this most recent game it is the last one based on 3DS hardware but given they have been around for years with similar games even on new hardware I doubt they will jump to extensively into making stronger stuff.


They have made 3D games though. Gal Gun series is all them.


Huh, I knew they were related but didn’t know the developers themselves worked on those games.


Today I learned Inti Creates made Gal Gun.
Never change, Japan.



How did I not ever see Ghost Blade HD on the Wii U?

Waiting for M2 to get their Shot Trigger releases running on the Switch. I’m guessing an announcement next year? They were having trouble before but I hope their close to finishing it.