The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!


Do they intend to release their stuff on the Switch? I hadn’t heard anything but i honestly wasn’t looking/listening either. If they are doing their Shot Trigger series on Switch then that system has reached legend status.


Yeah dude, here’s an article from August talking about it. At the time they weren’t happy with how it was running, but they are (presumably hopefully) still working on it.




I don’t know who the dude is bu the delicious Miss Krysta (#Million) and him are unboxing all the smash bros ultimate related stuff on this edition of nintendo minute.


If the M2 Shot Trigger games come to the Switch…

R-Type Dimensions hit the Switch. For the uninformed, it has R-Type and R-Type II and you can play with retro sound and visuals or swap to updated gracphis and sounds with the press of a button. I dug it on PS3 so I’ll be grabbing it again for the Switch


smash switch is gonna be my first smash game
I guess Im gonna main ryu and ken lol


LOL, this dude here.

Have fun with that, provided they balance out Cloud and Bayonetta, someone else would be broken and mop the floor with your Ryu.


This is my main concern. If they didnt fix cloud or Bayonetta the game is dead on arrival until they release a patch (which Nintendo is notoriously slow at doing)


Considering I know how much you played SF4 and (I think) SF5, be ready for nothing but disappointment with that party game.


Well they nerf Metaknight after Brawl


But they didn’t nerf him during brawl. That was the problem with brawl (also tripping). Brawl was so completely unbalanced that the community made their own version of smash to compensate. Those that still played brawl were divided over whether to ban metaknight or not. Smash Boards was a fucking mess during that time. It was like watching an empire crumble in real time.


Worst nerf was to Ice Climbers. coffee


They didnt force patches for Wii titles, did they?


There was only one game that I’m aware of on Wii that received a patch…and that was Skyward Sword. They didn’t really know how to do patches until way late and Skyward Sword was the only one that got one.


So they wouldn’t be able to fix Brawl anyways


That is correct.


Which is why project m was made.


The same Project M that got DMCA takedowns and lawsuits over by Nintendo.

People need to let Melee Die already.
Especially the unwashed Melee scene.

On other Smash news, I notice I got my official USB gamecube adapter $10 cheaper on Amazon than what Target and Walmart is offering for.


Melee isn’t going anywhere. It still gets an unreal amount of players at any major it’s played at. People are still discovering shit. New players are constantly being introduced to the game even with the newest smashes announced.

It’s here to stay.