The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!


What has Treasure been up to? They haven’t released a game since 2014.


Nothing. Most of the original team has left, they just publish their back catalogue now.

Reminds me. Alien Soldier for Switch. Do it Treasure.


That’s depressing to hear. Treasure is too good to be going the way of SNK.


The way of the world sadly.


Nindy games rarely if ever drop in price.
They tend to hold on to their original market price for years.

Also all we are missing to really make the Switch a Saturn MKII is Radiant Slivergun, Virtual On and Panzer Dragoon


A Panzer Dragoon collection, even without Saga would be an instant buy for me.


Pushing the Saturn MKII view, I would like to see Vanillaware port their games to the switch. Princess Crown, Odin Sphere and Muramasa would be great on the switch.


Hell ya to the two post above


If they put Virtual On on the Switch, I’m buying a whole other Switch just so I give my son a lesson on robot warfare.


Fuck yeah, Fist Bump.

Robot combat all the way.
And if they do It be awesome if Hori makes another special edition stick just for the game.


If anyone missed it on Black Friday or Cyber Monday—Mario + Rabbits: Kingdom Battle is on sale for $25 at Best Buy and this time your GCU stacks making it only $20


Can you share GCU? Like do you just enter a phone number or something? Could you just use your friends account to get a game with the discount?


No idea. I don’t have GCU.


Metroid Prime


Anyone got one of the battery packs for the Switch? I’m thinking of getting one before my flights next week and curious if anyone has one they like. There are quite a bit of them.


I ended up preordering Katamari reroll from GameStop since they’re the only one who is getting the physical edition and they have free shipping now. It won’t be here until like mid-December but I’m not paying $30 for a digital title and the closest GameStop to me is almost an hour drive and I’m not willing to do that for Katamari. So mail it is.


That feel when Smash is coming out this Friday and Best Buy hasn’t shipped your pre-order yet.


They haven’t shipped out my Amiibo or Pro controller either.

Amazon also hasn’t sent my copy of smash and the collectors edition guide.


Don’t have one of the battery packs but make sure your seat has elbow room. Tried to pull a Switch commercial myself on my last flight on Southwest but the window seat and my immediate seat partner didn’t leave me a lot room to get comfortable.


I’ve used my Switch multiple times on flights with no issue. I play in handheld mode though not with the screen on the kick stand. I’m next to my wife anyways though so there’s plenty of room.