The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!


That’s when you violently and righteously murder the passenger next to you.


Ninja Gaiden!


Keef is too funny.




Well I was gonna ask if anyone has an 8bitdo controller and if it’s comfortable using the analogs without the grips, but turns out they are releasing a version with the grips and it should be released soon since it says holidays 2018.

I prefer having the dpad and analog swapped like how dualshocks are(not to mention 8bitdo works on PC too). Since I didn’t learn smash using a GC controller, I’m sure I will be fine with a more traditional one. Gonna just use the joycons for now.


Eeeeey! My copy of Smash shipped. As did my octoling amiibo. Now just gotta wait on the Guide from amazon to ship. Also my Smash Pro controller and the Ridley, Inkling and Wolf amiibo to ship from Best Buy.


My Copy of Smash still hasn’t shipped.





If it makes you feel better, Amazon hasn’t shipped mine either.


Got a shipping e-mail confirmation from Best Buy. Fuck yes


@hawkingbird Is it for your mmx legacy collection? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. I got that a while ago.

The fuckers ain’t shipping me the coin. I have to pick that up in-store.


That’s super dumb that they aren’t shipping the coin.


Mmmmmm. Just got an email from amazon saying my Smash Bros Ultimate Guide shipped.

Now just waiting on Best Buy for the shipping email on my amiibo and pro controller.


New Splatfest announced for 12/14. Heroes vs. Villains


So they are doing another one just before the christmas one? K.


Your Amazon order of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” has shipped!



The same… still concerned Amazon has failed me before.


Got my notification as well fam. I’m hype and I’m not even into Smash.