The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!


According to Amazon’s tracking I should get my copy tomorrow.

Amazon had failed to deliver on time before, but it always ended up refunding me on shipping when they admit they fucked up. Weird thing is I got a item delivered late and they refund me the whole cost of the thing as I got it on Prime.


I like when Amazon fucks up because that usually means a free month of prime for me. And as much as I order shit from them, I’ve had fuck ups like 3-4 times a year.


I still haven’t gotten my email for my pro controller and amiibo from Best Buy. My guess is that the USPS being down yesterday fucked everything up. I likely won’t get them until Saturday or Monday.


I just looked on the Nindy eShop, there already 5 DLCs for Smash for the Switch.
They are listed as Challenge packs 1 to 5

Also those who hunger for VC, Sega does what Nintendon’t
They are porting their old games to the switch Under their AGES label.
US gamers have so far Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star 1 and Lighting Force (Thunder Force IV in Japan). The Japanese eShop also has Outrun


Its Lightening Force, get it right peasant!!!


You mean Thunder Force IV

it is not my fault Sega can’t spell Lightning


Just got my email notification that my amiibo shipped.



Got my Japanese Thunder Force IV and Out Run via Japanese Nintendo eShop.
Knew it was worth it going though the hassle of getting an Japanese account on my machine.
Best of all is the games menus take what ever the default language is set for your machine.


My pro controller shipped! Yay


Nintendo is having a digital sale to celebrate the Video Game Awards:;jsessionid=859A3DAF5E1A38A2A1684212A40E1A6B


Loooooool. Just got an email about it too. No biggie, it’s only $8.


Those are some pretty sick deals.

I wonder if X2 runs better in handheld if digital.


LMMFAO, @ SRK posting a pop-up message telling me that I’ve responded to Stu 3 times in this thread, and that maybe I’d like to consider replying to other people in the discussion.

Fuck you, Discourse Server.

I know what I want to fuckin’ say, and to whom.


Tempted by Diablo 3 being on sale but I am already started my new lizard brain grind in the form of Warframe. BlackBerry Cross Tag is also tempting especially since the upcoming Central Fiction port is still not given a English dub.



Joker is the first of 5 DLC characters I see


Holy crap, seeing Smash Ultimate running on your own TV screen makes a HUGE differences from seeing videos on YouTube. Like, this game looks CLEAN AF! Even though I’ve been playing Smash with a GC controller for years but I still cannot believe how smooth Ultimate controls. It just feels sooooo goood!

I’ve got the next few days off so I’m gonna be investing mad time into Ultimate. I’ve spent over 25 minutes screwing around in My Music. The amount of Mega Man remixes in Ultimate. They could have easily and predictably nut rode Mega Man 2 but there are remixes for Mega Man 1-5!


Smash bros needs the following guest characters to feel “complete” imo (aka smash bros wish list).

  1. Professor Layton
  2. Bomberman
  3. Banjo & Kazooie
  4. Rayman
  5. Scorpian (MK)


Banjo and Kazooie will never happen.
And nether will scorpion


Bayonetta and Snake are characters from mature rated games and they made it into Smash. Scorpion wouldn’t be out of the question.


Smash has proven that almost any character is possible