The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Octopath Traveler and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 7/13


I’m going to pick up Octopath some time later. Buying a new PC killed my budget.


I have octopath traveler and captain toads treasure tracker coming in tomorrow. I don’t really have the time to play octopath atm but captain toad is a very easy “pick up and play a map” game where I can play it in small bursts and still have fun with so I will probably start that tomorrow after I get off work.


So… checking the eShop just now on Switch, I noticed GALAK-Z Variant S was on there… and FREE!?!

but of course my initial hype was immediately killed when I saw those dreaded words that are attached to a sadly increasing # of games lately—“internet connection required”. Well you can fuck right off with that horseshit. I almost still went for it because it’s free but just the principle of the matter irks me…and it’s not the same shit that was on PS4 and PC anyway, so nah they can piss off with that foolishness.

These devs that keep onnnn barking up the “online only, lol” tree… I really, really wouldn’t mind seeing people like that just get punched as hard as possible for a while.




Did anyone get Pocket Rumble? I was excited about that game since before the Switch was out, but SF5 has basically killed my fighting game interest for the most part so I didn’t snag it when it came out this week, but I’m hearing mixed reviews about it. It’s only $10 so I may just grab it this weekend but I was wondering if anyone got it and what they thought of it.


Over the past week or so, I’ve grabbed a ton of games off the eShop. This little marvel is PERFECT for arcade games. I’ve been stocking up on HAMSTER’s Arcade Archives and I’ve still got more to pick up. SNK’s Sengoku trilogy intrigued me so I copped it. Played a bit of the first one and while it comes off as a bit bizarre, I love the feel of it. Also, you can transform into wolves.

Also got Last Resort and while it looks like R-Type, the game is still its own thing. the Pod you get in Last Resort is way more versatile than the one in R-Type. Game also looks and sounds dead sexy.

Samurai Shodown II. Heard great things about this game over the years. Nice to finally have it. Loads of fun.

Downloaded Two Crude a few nights ago. The game is so 1990s it hurts in a good way. You can pick up so much stuff and toss it at enemies. Signs, cars, bad guys, tanks, tanks being driven by bad guys.

Yeah, I freaking love the Switch.


Toad Treasure Tracker is pretty fun. I only played the first 3 levels and I like how they have things to basically make you play each level 3x if you want to get everything on the levels. Camera is a bit odd sometimes in just these first few levels but I am pretty sure it’s just something I’ll get used to.


yeah I loved Samurai Shodown back in the day; I will more than likely get it/them on Switch eventually. There’s this one oldie called Shock Troopers that’s fun… it reminds me a lot of “Mercs” or Commando from way back.

Wizard of Legend continues to kick my ass, man… I’m only just now at a point where I can beat a damn boss regularly, make it to 2-1 and then die there eventually. This might be the hardest damn game on the system, actually. You really have no choice but to get something with that perk that makes critical hits heal you----but then I noticed that the healing on that is SHIT…you just get 1 point of health back per crit. ONE POINT, bruh. That is hilariously cruel. :laughing:

sheeeit, I’m getting back into some Diablo 3 later tonight or tomorrow; back to a game where I can have fun being in pure unstoppable god-mode for a while.

*sidenote out of left field— I think if people were to rank the Gears 4 Horde character classes, Scout must be the top, easily. The Scout is such a goddamn tank it’s ridiculous, man… the only common thing/situation that instantly downs my character at this point is if one of the Scions manages to get a perfect dropshot headshot on me. Even the Snatcher’s tail stinger attack… my level 10 Scout shrugs that shit off like it’s a playful slap on the wrist…it’s awesome. This is just with one defensive card equipped, btw. (I have the extra health card; I think it’s +100% health)


I remember someone saying they were passing on Octopath Traveler because it only had one save slot. I remarked that it was demo only. Well I can confirm there are 9 save slots.


Iirc it was @Hawkingbird


I didn’t say I would pass on it but having one save slot is a major pet peeve for me when it comes to RPGs. It never fails to piss me off.


@Million Shock Troopers is AWESOME. So many characters to play as and that roll makes you invunerable to attacks. I played through it last week but I’m gonna try it out with other characters. I grabbed the sequel, 2nd Squad. It has gotten a lot of flack over the years from being different from the first game but I still wanna give it a shot.