The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Smash Bros. Ultimate coming 12/7!


Nintendo’s newest console comes out march 3rd so I figured I’d make a thread for it.
First look

Super Bowl Commercial

Nintendo Minute Console Unboxing

System - $299.99
Joycon L-R Controllers (Comes in Gray, Neon Blue, Neon Red and Neon Yellow) - $79.99 for L and R or $49.99 each
Joycon Controller Straps - $7.99 (Come in Grey, Neon Blue, Neon Red and Neon Yellow)
Switch Pro Controller - $69.99

System Information
Hardware Overview Video

First Time Use

The Console

1280 x 720 Resolution
32gb of internal storage
Supports up to 2TB SDXC Cards
Connect to internet via Wifi and Hotspots

The Switch Dock
1 HDMI Output
1 USB 3.0 Port
2 USB 2.0 Ports
Charges Console

The Joy-Cons

(Not Shown: Joy-Con R has a built in NFC Reader for Amiibo)
The controllers can be used in four ways: attached to the Switch Console via the side rails, removed and used separately by a single player in each hand (similarly to a Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller), attached to a frame called the Joy-Con Grip to provide a gamepad form factor or used as individual controllers for two players. A single Switch console can support up to eight Joy-Con connections.

**Nintendo Switch Pro Controller **

Oneline services are available now but in limited capacity. Full Online Services will be available sometime early next year. Unfortunately there will be a subscription fee ($20/year). This link goes over what little has been revealed.

Friend codes
Friends Codes are back for the Switch. Down below are your fellow SRK’s friends codes.


chadouken!: SW-4756-2984-5098
Femto: SW-3785-5686-7097
King9999: SW-2722-8799-3295
Kinniku Buster: SW-0094-9702-6716
Sonic Human: SW-6110-4628-4232
Swedish Chef: SW-3314-0015-9632
Tien Gouki: SW-2112-5397-4040

Upcoming Titles/Announced Titles
Animal Crossing (2019)

Bayonetta 3 (2019?)


Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Q2 2019)

Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Working Title) (2019)

Mega Man 11 (10/2/2018)

Metroid Prime 4 (2019?)

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxw (1/11/19)

Pokemon Lets Go, Pikachu/Eevee (11/16/18)

Super Mario Party (10/5/18)

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (12/7/18)

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (1/19/19)

The Worlds Ends with You: Final Remix (10/12/19)

Valkryia Chronicles 4 (9/25/18)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC: Tora - The Golden Country (9/21/18)

Yoshi (Working Title) (Q2 2019)




Won’t be able to get it at launch…but will get one this year.
Maybe I’ll wait until Black Friday.


I will end getting a Switch for my nephew’s sake. He got more out of my Wii U than I did.


I preordered mine at target and already requested the day off. I’m so excited.

Target needs to make up its mind on what it wants to do with my money though. First they charged me, then refunded me, and then charged me again today. Its making budgeting hard and annoying.


Got mine preordered. So hype for ARMS and Splatoon 2!


Anyone planning on getting Has-Been Heroes? Looks interesting to me.


I’m on the fence about it. It’s made by the same developers who made Trine (which I don’t like) so I’m hesitant


the new zelda looks pretty epic


Prolly most excited about Bomberman R


Do you know if it has a story mode? That’s kind of the one thing holding me back from getting it. If it’s just multiplayer I don’t want it.


Bomberman has a story mode.


Ahh…taking over thread duties mr.buster? Godspeed sir!


I’m hype as fuck for the switch! ^_____^
I even bought the switch messenger bag because I’m a huge tool. Lol


also if anyone can think of anything to add to the OP please let me know and I’ll add it.


Maybe information about the online service and console/accessory pricing.


online services won’t launch until summer-early fall.
I can add the console and accessory pricing though.


Probably should add that space to save games can be added upon using SDXC cards of up to 2TB. Probably also mention that the system is not region coded.


All suggestions added.


I want to believe, but my hype went to zero with the Konami logo at the end, though.

Not sure what to expect from a new game. On the one hand, Super Bomberman 2 was a huge favorite of mine and the multiplayer game could be easily made awesome by each player having their own screen and the stages being bigger than a single screen. On the other, I feel Bomberman 64 went underappreciated and working on that base we could have the series fully doing the 3D transition.