The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Smash Bros. Ultimate coming 12/7!


Anyone else playing the Xenoblade 2 Torna DLC? I forgot that it came out today. Seems good so far. Honestly seems more like a sequel than DLC. The battle system has been changed up. Game looks good graphically seems a bit sharper than the original.


The Capcom Beat 'em Up Bundle made me hard. I can play Final Fight, Captain Commando and Knights of the Around anywhere? I don’t say this often, but take my money, Capcom.

The Mega Man 11 Demo is pretty good. Block Man’s theme is a banger. Also, did you know there’s a game over screen on this demo? There is! I’ve seen it! Way more times, than I ever expected to.

2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL is turning out to be one of my favorite games of 2018. I haven’t played a game like this since… well, I don’t think I’ve played a game like this. Unless Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is in line with this genre.


I’m still not sure if I’m going to get Nintendo Switch Online. I don’t really play online so that’s not appealing. Save data cloud is whatever. NES Games are cool, I guess? The phone app is gaaaarrrrbbbaaaggeee and so far the special rewards are just dlc for certain games (though the Nintendo Switch Online NES controllers are only available to Nintendo Switch Online members and limit one per account)

I say all this, but I will likely buy a years worth. If it sucks I’m only out $20 not a big deal.


Nintendo online service can go fuck itself with the cloud saves and the bullshit they are pulling with the NES games.


Have not gotten the chance to play it yet. Technically I am still playing Octopath but I will likely give it a go later this weekend.

Honestly, if it wasn’t just $20 a year, I probably wouldn’t go for the online service myself. I grew up on the NES but unlike most my taste for that bit of nostalgia is limited so those games do nothing for me. I also avoid voice chat like a form of audio plague. Nintendo had a year and some change and the best feature they can put out is cloud saves… which are limited to just certain games.

This more then anything Nintendo has done with the Switch seems a rushed or extremely poorly implemented idea. They will get my cash because it is cheap and I do wish to get my ass kicked online in Smash Ultimate but they should really get their shit together over the course of the Switch’s life because getting what you pay for with an online service like this isn’t the best look.


I’m getting the online service for the sole purpose of being able to purchase those retro controllers.


The NES controllers are a huge ripoff. Paying $60 for controllers that ain’t even joy-cons is ridiculously overpriced.


The only major complaint I have is the god damn telephone app. All the other shit I’m apathetic about since its just $20…there’s no way im not playing smash online. The telephone app bugs the shit out me


It is so incredibly fucking stupid.

B A layout is the worst - ain’t nobody optin’ for Jump Button to the right of Attack, when presented with the option of having Jump below Attack.


I dunno, for some action games I actually prefer jump above attack, like DMC1’s control set up.


Not sure what Bamco is thinking by releasing Katamari Rerolled the same day as smash. That’s just a death nail.


They might not be targeting the same audience. I don’t know anyone who’s into Smash would play something like Katamari.


Sheeeeeeit, that Capcom beatemup collection is an easy day 1 buy for me, man.

The online service needs a LOT of help before it becomes even slightly appealing to me. Even at a dirt cheap price like that it’s still not worth it. Maybe it might have been more tempting for me if they were talking about putting some SNES and Gamecube games (haha yeah just skip over that other bullshit in between) in the deal…maybe.

Bro-force continues to be non-stop good times…and this game has some surprisingly difficult stages later on. PREDATOR is actually one of the “bros”! I have soooo many bros unlocked now. Having this game portable is the real deal, folks.


I’d play both. Smash is for at home when I am focusing on kicking ass. Katamari is for on the go. Having said that Katamari will be a later purchase


I still can’t decide if I’ll get the gamecube controller bundle. I’m just happy they added another character from Animal Crossing for Smash.


All these Nintendo characters graduating from Assist Trophies to full on playable characters in Smash. Well, Lyn and Wah are still in assist land, but you can’t have everything. I’m happy to see Isabelle be playable in Smash. She’s so dang cute. I think I might die a little on the inside whenever I attack her. I never had a dog waifu until New Leaf.

I started Hollow Knight a few days ago. Love the visual style and the quite music. It feels really satisfying to platform and attack enemies in this game and I like the way refilling health is done. Maps are handled differently from most Metrovanias but I can dig it.

@Million, you’ve helped sell me on Brofoce. You make that game sound like mad fun.


sheeeeit, I’m finally at what appears to be the end of Broforce… and I’m not sure I will beat this final(?) boss. This thing is completely ridiculous, with attacks that hit ya near instantaneously, and everything of course kills you in 1 hit.

*also–I recently unlocked “The Brolander” (Highlander)…haha the “bro” version of these names is a great thing :smile: --also-- The Brofessional" and “Broden”(Raiden), Bro Heart, and the suave super-agent himself-- “Double-Bro Seven”


just noticed today you gotta pay a monthly fee for nintendo’s online service now
20 Euro per year is ok though and 7 days for free lol


it’s a tough choice on what’s next for me… the Capcom Beat-em-up Bundle or this game Speed Brawl… the latter has a great art style and design…unfortunately I don’t think either one is on sale, last I checked.

Bro-Force----ok, the final boss in this thing is completely ridiculous. Yeah, I STILL haven’t beat that son of a bitch. It’s like there’s 5000 ways to die in that fight…and eventually too much of the ground gets blown up and it might be impossible for real then.


I picked up the Capcom beat-em-up bundle on the Switch. I didn’t know there was graphic violence in Captain Commando. Getting killed by a sword or knife cut my boy in half and getting burned to ash when killed by fired.