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Bro if I had any interest in Pokemon, I would have played it by now. I’ve literally been gaming longer than Pokemon existed. I remember when it was referred to as Pocket Monsters.


Let’s Go is not a good example either imo. I feel like if you are a RPG guy, just go for a core game. Let’s Go is a better fit for people who aren’t into RPGs, more so than trying to draw in new players into the Pokemon world. It’s simplistic and the only reason I got it was for Gen 1 nostalgia.


Let me be clear. I have NO interest in playing Pokemon. The IP holds no intrigue for me. Different strokes for different folks.


I haven’t touched Pokemon since gen 1. Pokemon Snap was the last Pokemon game I remember playing. My nephew has become a Pokemon fan. I got him Ultra Moon so he’ll definitely want sword and shield.


Pokémon Sword and Shield are up for preorder on BestBuy and GameStop. GameStop is offering free shipping on Sword and Sheild


Sorry for misunderstanding your intentions behind downloading Go.


I should have been more clear. I try keep things short when phone posting.I was simply using Go to show that only game from the IP bothered with was free. Pokemon is just an archetype of RPG I’m not into.

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Gotta get it. At last the REAL next gen pkmn games are here.


Haven’t messed with Pokémon since Black and White, wanted to but could never force myself to make the commitment.

May give this one a shot if I can somehow clear out the rest of my RPG backlog by the release but I doubt I can get that done on time.


Wait, so are there TWO new Pokemon games coming out?


There’s always two when a new generation is announced. Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire etc. They’re the same game just small differences like Pokémon availability

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Are they on two different game disks? And do you pay $60 for each, or do they come together as one game?


Come together as one game?


Never played any of the Pokemon games, nor have I really paid attention to them anywhere outside of Smash. It’s cool that there’s two games worth of content for each release though, but a bummer you have to pay $120 to play it all. How do you decide which game to get first?


That’s not exactly how it works. They’re literslly the same game except for very few minor differences. Usually NPC’s and Pokémon availability within each game


Sadly it isn’t two games worth of content. It is one game but they have minor differences in available Pokemon and later games some games have different environmental areas and / or boss battles available. Trading between versions also grants certain bonuses but it is not a Zelda Oracles or a much lesser extent Fire Emblem Fates situation where two different games with different scenarios or game play.


So a casual fan could probably get away with just getting one version?

I’ve always been confused about this, lol. Not trolling.


Yes. One version is all you need

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It’s all anyone should get. You’re meant to trade with other players to fill in the gaps in the Pokedex.