The Nintendo Switch Thread v.2: Joker and Hero amiibo 10/2 - Pikmin 3 Deluxe 10/30

They remake the games for the first all star collection. To at least get remasters wouldn’t been out of the question.

The all-star collection is the only collection they have done that are remakes. Otherwise it very specially touts itself as some kind of remake (Zelda 3DS remakes) or worked on HD ports (HD ports of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

There wasn’t much reason to think these where anything but upscaled ports. They are HD Remasters at best. I was hoping for some control options at most, but when Mario 64 looked like Mario 64 I pretty much knew what we where getting and I’m not really sure why people expected much more then this.


Not sure what you mean.

The only allstar collection I had was the SNES one back in the day but I mean I was like 10 or 11 and didn’t care or know how 1:1 that was. That is back when I thought KI on SNES was an okay port.

That’s something worth mentioning at the least well, while the Allstars collection is really great, those games behave in some bazaar ways that don’t accurately reflect the originals.

Bit of a catch 22 really.

Sunshine should have an aiming control option in it tho. It’s needed one ever since the game launched the first time and I don’t really know why Nintendo continues to be allergic to options menues.

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Idk how hard it would be to just add camera control options. I’m surprised they were never in the original games either.

Nintendo must be looking out for the children again.


Yeah it’s a simple inversion toggle where you would just multiple a number by -1 if on. It’s so simple.

Adding free camera to Mario 64 would require actual work though. Still probably not much.


Not only that, in the original Sunshine it IS inverted! They fucking flipped it for this collection and didn’t give the option to change it. Like, what the fuck, man? :joy:


Yeah I don’t get that at all.

UPS just sent me a text letting me know my copy of 3D All Stars will be here tomorrow.


Re the mini showcase: I’m honestly not expecting a lot. NMH3 got delayed. We haven’t heard anything about Bayo 3 since almost the launch of the Switch.

I really hope we get some bravely default II info but I’m not holding my breath. P5 Strikers coming to the west too would be nice but again I doubt it

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Thats my thing. They took the time to flip it so might as well take the time to put in a toggle to switch it back. I get not taking the time tioimpliment a full free camera, but you took the time to indo the inversion, take the time to out a toggle in to set to back.


The time to invert it would literally be adding like 3 characters to a line of code. It would take seconds.

x -1

That is all you have to add.

Doesn’t start for another 2 hours but

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Hope they announce Doom Eternal. Walmart has a pre order already for dec 31st

I’d like DMCV, but I know the chances ain’t good. :rofl:


Meh, Japan will probably like it because of MonHun and Ori 2 getting a port is neat.

I expected nothing and I was still disappointed. :rofl:

Monster Hunter Rise is probably the first time I’ve seen a MH game and be like “yo, I wanna play this”. I think cause the movement looks so much more fluid and they seemed to lean in on more Arcady style combat

The Ori series being treated better on Switch than it’s mother system is really funny to me.

Bruh this is Monster Hunter: Breath of the Wild with all thie mountain scaling and stuff.

Looks dope.


Oh hell yeah new amiibo

Edit: god dammit they’re exclusive to GameStop lol


Still Monster Hunter.

Ain’t my kinda game. :man_shrugging:

Those Monster Hunter games look dope AF. I may have to get into the series and see whag the hype is all about.

And Ori and the Will of the Wisps releasing on Switch later today?