The Nintendo Switch Thread v. Come post on Mega Shock!: I’m not updating this anymore

Wait, what’s up with the title change?
Why would i Punch Stu’s Mii?

It was better looking than mine.

I expect an official upload later today

According to @radiantsilvergun3 my Mario Kart Mii has a very punchable face. Others have agreed.

Several have also said my Switch profile Mii makes them feel uncomfortable due to his pose.

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I would buy a new MK game if for not other reason than I hope it’s tuned differently than 8 in terms of items. Other than that, MK8 is perfect.


Yeh. Outside of almost a guaranteed lightning bolt every lap I’m perfectly happy with 8.


The frequency of lightning bolts makes me so fucking salty lol.


I’d hope they keep the anti-gravity stuff in the next installment. That shit is so fun.


Hey this looks just like my Smash machine!

So the dlc trailer came out for pokemon and is not looking good. I played that since blue on my no$gmb emu but i cant justify paying $90 and still get an incomplete game smh. Not to mention the game looks like gen 0 compared to BotW Doom RE etc

I don’t mind the collision boosting. But outside of that and the full loops I rarely notice or pay attention to the anti-gravity tracks.

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Jesus I tried recalibrating my joycon and updating the joystick and thought that might help with drifting. It made it 100x worse. I can’t even turn and the L button on my joycon isn’t working either. What a joke.

About to fill out the form right now to fix it.

strange thing with my joycons is that the drifting tends to stop after a while. When I turn the system on it’s crazy on the left one… but then after 2 or 3 minutes it’s normal. Also—the right side was fucked up first… but it went back to normal for some reason… it hasn’t drifted in months now.

Currently I’m back to using the pro-controller anyway. I’m still using a cradle that came with the WiiU system, actually… it just happens to be a perfect fit for the Switch. (ha, because they’re bullshitting with that flimsy ass bootleg-quality kickstand on the back… I gave up on using that about a year ago.)

Yeah usually after I can finally select my character, sometimes in the first race it acts up, and then it is normal and will drift randomly maybe like in one or two races for a second. But this was different. I literally couldn’t go left or right other than maybe like 1% of the time.

@Stuart_Hayden I can’t remember how I had Sharla set up exactly but I believe I had maybe 2 healing arts on her and then a few more were support followed by the last couple spots being attack options to help when we went into over drive to add to the combo. I don’t think I used Sharla as much in my group. I think I ran mostly Shulk, Dunban and Reyn and when I think I needed a healer on the field I’d use Melia over her.

I just got my copy of the game today…WOOT! Bout to get my staycation going in a few days so I’ll be able to play this again…so long as my son allows it. lol

I’m only on Chapter 5 right now. So I’m forced to use her for the time being. I’m more concerned about Shulk and Reyn anyways.

Break+Topple seems like it’s going to be the best long term strategy

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As long as you have the arts set up on the party you have in some way to get that set up then you should be fine.

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I keep reading that everywhere I look since it’s so easy to farm AP through just natural progression. So by end game everything will be maxed regardless.

However, my brain doesn’t work that way. Lol

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This mission was ass clenchingly intense. I have to get a god damn mushroom from a cave but it’s being guarded by a level 78 spider and 4 pods that when alerted hatch level 80 gigantic fucks. I’m level 25.

The spider and pods only aggro if they hear you (see: you’re running) so you can slowly walk up to the item, grab it and gtfo of dodge but the spider is basically sitting on the mushroom so it’s really fucking stressful. It leaves almost no room for error.

I’ve tried 3 different times now and I keep altering the goddamn spider which opens whatever pod is next to us

Just a shutout to the couple of Shmup fans in here. Game Tengoku CruisinMix Special just hit the Switch. It’s a port of a 1995 shmup but had added DLC in the form of new ships. The Switch Version includes all the DLC for $29.99.


Imma try both of these

Edit: So, the video recommends rekeying left and right to ZL and ZR respectively to toggle through your arts faster and pressing down the right thumb stick being configured to pressing “a”

Both sound good in theory. But the issue is ZR and ZL are used to toggle through every menu basically. So it doesn’t really work that well.

The pressing down the right thumb stick recenters the camera. Which isn’t a big deal to go without but the former makes the latter pointless.

Good ideas in theory but they just don’t work.

Edit 2: I changed left and right buttons to ZL and ZR respectively to go with the rest of the mapping. This isn’t mention in the video iirc. So I’ll try that.


Yo, this Ghandi looking fuck needs to put some respect on people’s names.

Only refers to Sharla as “Medic” and only calls Shulk “Boy.”

I’m about to beat this dudes ass


Edit: I love that the Nopon’s refer to themselves in 3rd person. It’s adorable