The Nintendo Switch Thread v. Come post on Mega Shock!: I’m not updating this anymore

Anyone played Vasara before? Switch sale atm has the collection (1 and 2) going for peanuts.
4 player shump sounds like a pretty fun thing to have for couch coop.

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Do they have a Gradius Collection coming? I’d love to play Gradius IV or V on a decent console rather than my PSP or via PS2 emulation.

That looks hype af! Is there online multiplayer or just couch coop?

EDIT: $.99?? Bought! Or would be if Nintendo’s servers weren’t down so I could pay for it

I made Sharla into a cyber punk saiyan sniper wolf


They who? Konami has no Gradius anything in the pipe far as I know. Just the stand alone arcade release and the games included in that Konami Classics bundle that has G1 and I think G2.

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New Switch thread already? Dang, son!

I’m wanting for Wargroove and Capcom Belt Action to arrive today. That is nearly a wrap for Switch purchases at the moment. Unless I see some more good deals, that is.

Damn. I want to start Xenoblade since I never really gave it a shot a long time ago. However, Witcher 3 still has me hooked. Finished the main game and heart of stone already. I tried starting up another game but Witcher just pulled me back in to go through blood and wine. So much for saving blood and wine for later.


Blood and Wine is great!!!


Weren’t there supposed to be collections for Gradius and Contra like the Castlevania one we got?

You’re thinking of the Konami arcade anniversary collection


  • Twin Bee
  • Scramble
  • Nemesis/Gradius
  • Salamander/Life Force
  • Typhoon/A-Jax
  • Haunted Castle (Arcade version of Castlevania)
  • Gradius III
  • Thunder Cross

Not that I know of. I asked for one a few times but Konami hasn’t said anything about doing one.

I don’t think Konami gives a fuck about Gradius anymore sadly.


There’s a Contra Collection; I have it on Switch. I hate that the “Probotector” games are just alternate names for existing Contra games though…that was quite a letdown there that it wasn’t really extra games I was getting.

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I’m mad they didn’t put Contra 4 on the collection. It was for the DS and developed by WayForward. Konami only publishes it. That game was chefs kiss So good


I forgot there was a new thread. I’d be happy to play a new Mk…but what else can you even do? MK8 is basically perfect at this point. I mean even more tracks? remixing older tracks? maybe add a new racing mode? Game is Kino.

They could bring the feather back :triumph:

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How would they make Contra4 work on screen?

did not play Contra 4

Play your Switch vertical? I do it for Ikaruga

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The dual screen is usually just a map for over the shoulder sections or just to expand the screen. So it being split screen doesn’t really matter.

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That would require Konami/Konami to hire Wayforwars to reprogram the game to run on one screen in Tate/Vert mode…

I don’t think Konami is ever going to do that lol. Would be cool tho. With that said Contra that’s taller then it is wide is traditionally pretty…eeeeeehhhhhhh.

It’s less it needing two screens and more it using two screens and thus needing to be reworked. I don’t think Konami will put in the effort.

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oh yeah yeah…Konami…well never mind…