The Nintendo Switch Thread! Ver. September is gunna hurt. - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 7/19 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses 7/26 - Astral Chain 8/30 - Links Awakening 9/20

I seem to recall a certain Wizard proudly photographed between a couple of Playboy Bunnies… direct physical contact, even.

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I finished the Yoshi’s World demo last night and that was such a tease and had me wanting more. That game is going to be a lot of fun.

Just read this. There are several reasons why this is a thing.

*Nintendo always over promises and under delivers. Lol

*Amiibo are released so infrequently its hard to justify shelf space for them. (many retailers don’t even carry amiibo anymore at their brick and mortar locations)

*And lastly and the most damning reason. Nintendo burst their own economic bubble with Amiibo because of the Animal Crossing Series of amiibo and they still haven’t recovered from it. They released 9 Animal Crossing amiibo over the course of a year and a half I want to say. Amiibo fever was still high thanks to smash brothers so every retailer ordered the AC amiibo in droves because it is a popular IP and should be able to hold its weight in the amiibo market, right? Wrong. Due to no game that supported these amiibo (Amiibo festival barely counts and Animal crossing new leaf didn’t get a patch to make it amiibo compatible until over a year after all the AC amiibo were released) they sat on the shelves of stores forever. Even after deeply discounting them. They still stayed on the shelves. Target even had the misfortune of paying for exclusitivity for one of the AC amiibo (Lottie). So this pissed off pretty much every retailer that carried amiibo. What made matters worse is Nintendo refused to buy back the product that didn’t sell. So companies were legit just dumping their AC amiibo stock at places like goodwill, Salvation Army or selling them to bargain stores like $5 and Below taking a huge loss.

These reasons are why pretty much every retailer only does preorders for them now and next to never carries them in store. Yes. Amiibo still sell insanely well but retailers are now too worried about having a healthy stock of them in their stores due to the Animal Crossing Amiibo fiasco. Even with all the restocks happening most retailers will only order 1-3 cases (4-12 figures) of those restocks exclusive to them and still prefer online preordering.


Just seen the Astral chain trailer on the switch update site and I really like what Im seeing.
The combat seems like a mix of Nier Automata and Bayonetta with some touch of other games. The art style is pretty amazing.
This is one of the games which will be a day 1 buy for me for sure. :slight_smile:


I absolutely detest platinum but Astral chain looks too good to pass up. I desperately want it to be good.

I’mma cop Astral Chain as well. That game looks dope.

I was playing Tetris 99 a few nights ago and I guess I just got really unlucky because I got dropped into a lobby with a bunch of TETRIS GODS. I was KO’'ed at 84. That is the worst I’ve done so far.

The yyyuuuugggeee Dead Cells update is out. I dunno I didn’t notice much difference in framerate and now it’s supposedly 60fps. I definitely noticed how much easier it is though. I had a game I started months ago and just continued it, and I had shit weapons, and I beat the Timekeeper very easily and only needed to heal once. I noticed in general that the damage you take seems to be greatly reduced.

Maybe now my noob ass can actually finish it lol.

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Gonna subscribe to this stupid service soon or at the latest when Mario Maker drops. Still might try to wait it out, but I know I’ll cave…

haha, yeah this reminds me----it is indeed those damn Animal Crossing amiibos that I see ALL the time…those are the only ones that stay on store shelves forever…ha, because no one’s buying the shit… surprising I didn’t think of that until just now. At my local Walmart, the AC amiibos there now are probably the same ones that have been there since a year or 2 ago! :rofl: Unfortunately the only ones I see now are the Animal Crossing ones no one buys… and a few Mario Odyssey-related ones.

yeah, I hate to reward Nintendo’s stupid ass online service with my subscription, but it’s going to be tough resisting temptation to enjoy Mario Maker 2 online and participating in that community… (would be nice to play Dragon Marked for Death with other people as well, since that game might actually be borderline impossible in single player)

*hopefully Jump Force comes to Switch later… I just started it on XB1 about an hour ago…and yep, I’d buy it again if it hit Switch just to have this ultimate Shonen Anime fan’s dream in portable form. Lord AIZEN Sosuke is in the game, folks. :+1:

*edit----whoahhhh but this King K. Rool amiibo though! Hell yeah I’m snatchin’ that one up immediately when i see it:

King K Rool is T H I C C
My K Rool along with Ice Climber and Pirahna plant were just delivered to my place about an hour ago. I can’t wait to rip those bad boys open.

Your best bet is Target or Best Buy. They’re the only ones who usually make space for amiibo these days. GameStop usually only gets in preorders +1-3. Depends on location of said GameStop.

Super Mario Maker 2 is going to be GODLIKE so that game alone will make the service with the $20.

Really, Nintendo could have just ported Super Mario Maker to the Switch and made bank but I’m glad someone at Nintendo was like “Nah, let’s just make a brand new game.” The first thing they show off is slopes because they knew how much of a big deal that was to us. I mean, for crying out loud, we’ve had slopes since Super Mario Bros. 3. How are you gonna give us a game that let’s us create our own Mario levels and NOT give us slopes. But Super Mario Maker 2 fixes that issue. Slopes are a game changer along with all that other delicious stuff the game is gonna have. Seriously, if we have Luigi and he has different jump/traction from Mario I will be even more hype.

Speaking of SMM2, anyone know of a stylus that would work great for the Switch? I think this is one of those game I will will primarily play in doc mode.

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The Direct made it seem like you won’t need a stylus for it since it has the wheels to select things. I think the game loses something without the Gamepad, but them’s the breaks. I liked setting the Gamepad down on my desk sometimes as it made me think I was doing something super important when designing a level, lol.

They showed so much in that tiny Direct segment I was surprised how robust it was already. I’m sure they have more to show as well, which is bonkers.

I’m pretty stoked to make and see some levels in the 3DW mode. There are some cool mechanics introduced in that game that are going to translate very well to a 2D platform. Notably, cimbing up walls vertically, putting piranha plants on tracks, and the clear pipes. It’s gonna be dope.

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Maybe portable mode will retain a lot of the functionality of the Wii U original.

Just got home and opened my amiibo. Ice Climbers might be legit the best sculpt they’ve ever done. It is soooo nice.


Yeah it’ll be there I’m sure but it was nice to make it seem ‘official’ while working on it then playing it on the main screen without having to get up. Small convenience in the long run, but I liked it.

@Azure and maybe @Geese_Pants

Seasons of Warfare edition of Three Houses is back up at GameStop.

Good news: they don’t charge until item ships.
Bad news: their shipping fees are outrageous for how slow they are.

Edit: Apparently you can only use release date shipping ($10) for this bundle. While not overly expensive still pricey. :unamused:

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Best Buy to offer exclusive Steel Book edition of Pokémon Lets Go. Releases 2/17

Went to best buy to get Wolf to go with the Fox my boss gave me…they restocked Cloud P2.

Next time Wolf…next time.

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The cloud sculpts are really good. I’m also happy they restocked P2 cloud. I didn’t think they would. I had sooo many friends on FB message me how to get him when he first was announced (he was a GameStop exclusive at the time).

Made me smile that my friends got a glimpse of my hobby and the struggles and hustle I go through to catch em all.