The Nintendo Switch Thread! Ver. September is gunna hurt. - Super Mario Maker 6/26 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 7/13 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses 7/26 - Astral Chain 8/30

Super Hydroah is tough but awesome. I bought it on the PS4 but I’ll double dip because SHUMPS + Switch = Life.

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Yea its kicking me in the fucking balls. Pro tip. Just cuz the boss is dead doesnt mean youre safe…learned that one the hard way -.-


I bought Devil Engine straight away because I was really impressed by the visuals. Looks like a high-end 16bit game, as if at some point there had been a HD compatible NeoGeo. Really impressive and it comes with a bunch of the usual filters as well (scanlines etc.).

Can’t say too much about the gameplay because at the moment all I’m doing is dying. Standard difficulty is called “very hard” and is, indeed, very hard. The other difficulty is hilariously called “very easy” but is obviously still hard. I haven’t gotten further than the third stage yet but in classic shoot’em up style you unlock a bunch of stuff just by playing, including more lives and continues which helps people like me.

Just a few words: there are three weapons out of which I feel like the Laser outclasses the other two easily. You can change your ship’s travel speed by tapping L. There are three speeds to choose from and so far I have used the fastest during the main stages, the slowest when there are walls around you and the middle one against bosses.
Takes a while getting used to though, as does the bullet absorb feature which allows you to cancel bullets around your ship and the radius of the absorb field is bigger the higher your current combo is.


Anyone ever have an issue with their Switch where it’s Network features stop working on most of their stuff. I can’t get into the eshop, update titles or play most online games ( besides weirdly enough it seems to have issue connecting when I load up Warframe).

I have tried everything save a router reset, anyone had a similar issue?

Naw haven’t had that happen to me…yet.

Saboteur was only sale for like 99 cents so I picked it up. It’s a remake of an old ZX Spectrum game where you sneak about as a ninja. The Switch version has added content and the original game is even in there.

Devil Engine is indeed no joke. I think I’ve died more than anything else in this game. But I’m still happy with my $20 purchase. It looks fantastic and the soundtrack is amazing. I’d love for the developer/composer to toss the music up for purchase because I would throw money down.

Dimension Drive and Sky Force Reloaded are on sale so I picked both of them up.

I keep buying more SHMUPs and not finishing the ones I have. Of what I played from Black Bird, I really like that game and Horizon Shift '81. Now if only we could get those M2 Shot Trigger games and some CAVE shooters on the Switch. Also, where are my freaking Gradius games, Konami? You did two good things by giving us Super Bomberman R with no microtransaction BS, free updates and letting Snake back into Smash. Arcade Archvies Gradius and Graius II are on the PS4 and XBO so where are the Switch versions?

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Strangest thing… my Switch is working again. Despite not doing shit with it this morning besides putting it on the doc before I went to work. It is just working again the paranoid heart of mine is now upset.

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A Gradius collection would be amazing.


it could be a DNS issue or your local entery server for Nindy was fucked for a bit.


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Pokémon Sword and Shield announced for Late 2019

Damn what a long wait. Haven’t played any entry since blue/red/yellow, but the region looks nice.

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Pokémon games always come out in the fall/winter. Usually November. It’s been one of Nintendo’s pillars of holiday sales for years. If not since it first came out.

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Damn Sword and Shield actually look pretty cool. Have to say its the first time a Pokemon trailer has made me go “I want that.”

I’m not sold on it. Generally I judge the region and game as a whole based on the starters aesthetic appeal (weird I know) and I absolutely do not like the starters. I don’t hate them like I did Sun/Moon. (I love Incineroar but he’s not worth it) Which btw I’m still upset I didn’t skip because I ended up haaaaaaating sun/moon.

I’ve never liked Pokemon in general and have no interest in it, but I am surprised at how poor the graphics and framerate look in that gameplay footage.

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I havent played since Red/Blue/Yellow but in these types of games I never stick with my starters so…yea don’t care about the Starters lol.

I just cut myself on your edginess

For your tears…


I’ve never had any interest in Pokemon either. I downloaded Pokemon Go for shits & giggles. That is the only pokemon game I’ve “owned”

Pokémon Go doesn’t even scratch the surface of that franchise. It’s as if you’d try Divekick to see if you’d enjoy playing Yun in SFIII.

I don’t know if you own a Switch but there’s a demo for Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee which are still note quite the same thing as modern Pokémon games but way closer than the mobile thing.