The Nintendo Switch Thread! Ver. September is gunna hurt. - Super Mario Maker 6/26 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 7/13 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses 7/26 - Astral Chain 8/30

Ah, ok. That’s pretty cool.

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Most people play Pokémon for the post game content now. Well, most older people. I always played Pokémon because I genuinely enjoyed what little story lines they had, exploring the world and seeing all the subtle world building and exposition they fit in the game through street signs, npc’s and Pokédex entrees.

The trading and battling other players has never and will never appeal to me.


Come getcha boi!

Not sure why it’s not embedding. :thinking:

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Hell yeah! I’m going to buy this collection twice over.

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That new Pokemon game is based around England huh.

Sword and Shield preorders are live on amazon

Edit: Preorders live at Walmart as well -

The splatoon inkling open is going on right now

Just scooped up Iconoclasts. Heard tons of good things about it and I remember playing the public demo like 5 or so years ago.

I love these gold coins you get for buying stuff in the Nintendo shop. Covers up the tax cost on my purchases quite nicely.

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Yeah I got gunman Clive hd collection for free and FFIX for over 50% off because of the gold coins I had accumulated. My state doesn’t do sales tax on digital items, thankfully


Two hours into Iconoclasts and it’s really fun. The controls are super tight and responsive, the graphics are bright and vibrant, and they animate so well and with a ton of charm. The music’s pretty good to.

I’ve fought 3 bosses already and they are a ton of fun and have multiple phases and some fun creative ways of working with your partner to kill them.

I am tempted to start over on a harder difficulty tho, i havent even fallen below half health yet.

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The switch is now a toddler. Happy 2nd birthday nintendo Switch!


ohhhh yeah… 3/3/17, folks… I was there at the midnight launch event at a gamestop for it…got it with Breath of the Wild, of course. I’ve kept the system box too… a bit of that “collector’s mentality” thing I have, apparently.


Just copped that 128 gig for a future switch purchase!


I snagged a 400GB for $70 last year when it went on sale. With the 1TB just announced, prices should plummet even more soon.


Damn at $21 I’m almost tempted to get one myself. No chance I’d ever fill 128gb on Switch since I go physical for everything I can. I’m not sure how much space I have left on the system storage now.

I have been buying a lot if smaller digital titles on my Switch my Iconoclasts, Danmaku Unlimited, Zero Gunner 2 and so on while I have bigger purchases like BOTW on physical media, but even BOTW has DLC taking up space. I’m probably at least half way through the on board storage at least I immagine.

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I just checked and I have 14gb free, so going to hold off on one. The largest by far is Hollow Knight at 5.2gb. Then Old Man’s Journey at 1.2gb then there are some updates for a few games in the 900mb range as well as 2 games. Then everything else is around 300mb and less.

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Yea Hollow Knight is probably my biggest digital title as well. What’s the Switches total internal storage again?

I thought it was 32gb with some of that being dedicated to the OS. I could be wrong though.

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