The Nintendo Switch Thread! Ver. September is gunna hurt. - Super Mario Maker 6/26 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 7/13 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses 7/26 - Astral Chain 8/30

Yeah what Purbeast said, 32 GB, internal with 4 or 5 I think saved for system OS and such.

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I got myself a 64 GB SD card for my Switch. I buy physical for any game I can but there are so many good indie games on the Switch so I’m down to 37 GBs now. Gonna have to cop a 128 or 256 GB SD card sometime.

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I think my microSD car is 256gb? Paid less than $50 usd for it iirc.

Didn’t someone here mention wanting Star Tropics? Well, ask and you shall receive.

As of this post, the ‘Likes’ are more than the "Dislikes’. Only two games again, haha!

Startropics looks pretty awesome. I’ve only heard of it these past couple years.

Nintendo actually remembered StarTropics. I can’t believe it.

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I played Star Tropics like a year or so ago on my Retro Pie and that game was way ahead of it’s time.

For sure. It’s one of my favorite zeldas.

Wonder when the S version of Kid Icarus will pop up since that game is stupidly hard.

Kid Icarus deserves a port. That game on the Switch with the multiplayer would be FIRE. Too bad they don’t seem very interested in doing it right now.

Downloaded some more games off the eShop. Titles are:

-Arcade Archives Ice Climber (I loved Ice Climber as a child even though the game isn’t anything special)
-Guns of Mercy - Ranger Edion (Liked the demo I played)
-Iron Crypticle (Looks like a mad fun twin stick shooter)
-Sky Force Anniversary (I REALLY dig Sky Force Reloaded and this was on sale)
-Hyper Sentinel (The original price is $12.99 and it was on sale for $1.29. How could I not buy this?)
-Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition (This was one of the many games on my wish list)
-Iro Hero (Also was on sale for under $4)
-Shikhondo (another game that was on sale

Of the 8 games I bought, 7 of them are SHMUPs.


Nintendo announced the first Tetris 99 online event: The MAXIMUS CUP

Asterbreed looks like a cool (and VERY busy) SHMUP. I’ve heard it has some performance issues but whenever possible I love to get my SHMUPs on the Switch so I can “get gud” anywhere. Has anyone played this game?

I was close to getting one of those Power A Wireless GameCube controllers for my Switch. I miss having a purple GC controller and I hear those things are really nice. Just didn’t feel like dropping $50 on one ATM.

Game is cool, but a little on the easy side, especially if you tend to use the lock-on. In my experience, I feel that visually it’s busy but not a lot lands on me.

I’m not consistent with the game, but I have it on PS4. I like it, but it might be a little too easy? I need to sit down with it more.


Nintendo just revealed the box art for Fire Emblem: Three Houses


That looks so cheesy it might as well be from deviantart.


Looks like fan art made by a talent middle schooler with their color pencil set.

I am not going to bash the artist.

I AM going to expect upside down archer dude to have awesome gravity defying powers, in-game.

I mean, Fire Emblem has slowly descended into anime since awakening. This was the final step into full blown weeb.

Even anime knows how clothes hang, c’mon.

This was shoddy Photoshop.