The Nintendo Switch Thread! Ver. September is gunna hurt. - Super Mario Maker 6/26 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 7/13 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses 7/26 - Astral Chain 8/30

Considering it will be almost impossible to get the Collector’s Edition that cover is a double slap in the face.

‘You’re not online 24/7 or buying off scalpers? Here’s a really shitty cover for you, haha!’

@delete_me It’s still preorderable on GameStop and Best Buy though?

GameStop doesn’t charge until around 48 hours before the item ships. Downside is you HAVE to use release day shipping which is $10

Best Buy charges you initially but refunds you within a week then officially charges you around 48 hours before release. AFIAK they have free release day shipping

Thanks for the tip but I’m from Europe. Haven’t found it anywhere so far and it’ll probably sell out in minutes at around 3 a.m. or something like always.


Final Fantasy 7 is up for preorder on the eshop. Price point is $15.99

Phoenix Wright trilogy is also up for preorder on the eshop. Price point is $29.99

Chocobo’s Mystery’s dungeon: EVERYBUDDY is there too (and it has been for a while) but I just can’t justify $40 for a digital title. I really wish it was getting a retailer exclusive physical edition like Katamari reRolled did. :frowning:

Final Fantasy VII is gonna be on a Nintendo system. Man, I can’t believe that is gonna be true after 20+ years. I actually deleted FFVII from my PS4 since I’ll be getting it on the Switch.

One thing that has helped me cope with digital releases on the Switch are these cases I buy from a seller on Etsy:

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Iirc it was originally going to be on the 64 but when Square learned that Nintendo was still going to use cartridges instead of a disc drive they approached Sony and Sony was like “hell yeah”

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Wait, you buy cases for digital games you own, just to have an empty case with nothing in it?

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That’s what I’m saying. What’s the point? Lol.

Three Houses CE up for preorder on Target. They surcharge you then refund you within a week and the do the finalized charge about 48 hours before shipping

They have been releasing similar stuff in Japan for a few years. Makes some sense especially for the Switch if you want the convenience of digital games on the system without the hassle of changing carts.

Thanks, for that.

I’ll hold onto the original, and download it, too, lol.

I said fuck it…and just bought a switch on Mario Day.

The tax is a motherfuck though.

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It actually could have ended up on N64 down the line. Before Angel Studios approached Capcom about porting RE2 to N64, they approached Square about FFVII. Due to the fallout with Yamauchi, Square said no.

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The folks at Angel Studios built some mind blowing compression tech for the N64, its a real shame they barely got to use it. They actually got all of RE2 on to a cart.

Fuckin how!?!?!?!?!

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Question…can the switch use any micro SD card?

I see Nintendo has their own card, but I can definitely get a cheaper one.


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I still don’t see how that makes sense. It’s legit an empty case. The point of cases is to hold physical games in.

Well part of it, like with FFVII, a lot of the data on each disc was redundant. So the player would haven’t to swap discs to back track. So while it is still a lot of data to squeeze into a 64MB cartridge it isn’t quite as much as you think.

The collector mentality barely makes sense for many things. For some folk, getting a digital code and a case is just as valid as cartridge or disc.

No i agree for sure, but the game also uses a lot of music, and cgi and those take up tons of space.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, after seeing them get RE2 into a cart pretty sure any PS1 game could be squeezed onto one with the proper tools and minimal amount of compression problems. As impressive as RE2 on the 64 is, its definitely got an uglier picture and lesser sound quality then on PS1.