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You disagree that I never undock my switch? What? I didn’t say you should never undock your switch; just I, myself personally never undock it.

Might have to jump into that splatfest. #teamwizards

I play in portable mode somewhat often as I always bring it with me when I travel. I still don’t use screen protectors because I just take care of my stuff. I’ve never had one for a phone either.


Yea none of my portables , my Switch or my phone have a screen protector. I just dont let them get scratched.


I brought a screen protector for my switch because I read reports from early adaptors about how the dock can scratch the screen. Since I planned to use it as a portable I didn’t want that.


I got a dock sock instead to just solve the issue.


Yea i was kinda worried about that myself but I just make sure to be careful putting it in the Dock. Had my Switch for almost a year now and still no scratches shrug

You didn’t have it at launch so I don’t think you had to worry about the issue.

It’s a used Launch Model.


That’s cool and honestly pretty cute. Where’d you get that at?

I got it from Etsy. The exact seller I used apparently isn’t doing it anymore since I just checked the link on my order from back then (3/20/17) and it’s a dead link now.

Profound sadness.

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I know most of you don’t care about amiibo and that makes me sad but Wii Fit Trainer, Robin and, Little Mac restocks are live (and exclusively) at Best Buy. They release April 12th like Ken, Daisy (SSB) and Young Link.

Best Buy charges your card immediately but refunds it within a week then does the final charge about 24-48 hours before shipment.

They do site to store and release date delivery.

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You can still find the dock socks on Etsy just by other sellers.


Remind me to post a photo of the mods I did to my switch dock.

Currently at work, so I can’t just take a pic of it at the moment

I disagree with the sentiment of never undocking ever. You of course have the right to handle your system like that, but I just find you get more value out of the little machine being able to undock and do other things away from the TV. As I mentioned, if you are downloading or a game has a stupidly big update patch, what better opportunity then to pull it off dock, wait for the download to complete while watching something else and then switch back to docked mode when it is done?

But yeah, to each his own. And I can’t say that every game runs perfect in handheld mode but as long as the games work in general we should both be in good spirits.

I mean Stu is taking advantage of undocked mode at the moment. Jus sayajin.

I don’t think the switch can justify itself as a portable system with how little of battery life it has. 2-5 hours depending on how much the game makes the console “work” is a bit rubbish, honestly. That kind of battery life may be okay to some but not for me.

Secondly, It’s too big to travel with, imo. Unless I put it in a messenger bag/carrying case specifically for it which I’m not going to do or in a carry on if I’m flying, which again. I’m not going to do. Mainly because I never travel with electronics except for my phone. Too paranoid they’ll get damaged or stolen.

Lastly, outside of my current situation (being in the hospital) I’ve never had a reason to play it undocked.

Lol. What? Just switch HDMI outputs, bro. Most TV’s have 2-4 on them. No reason to undock it in that situation either.

Whenever I have to update a game or I’m downloading a game or there is a system update I just flip over to a different HDMI output and play or watch something on my PS4 or Apple TV.


I fly like 4-5 times a year for vacation and playing my Switch on those flights is the main time I use it undocked and it makes time fly by.

I will use it in handheld mode around the house randomly but it’s every now and then, like when I get a new game and just want to try it out real quick without turning my whole HT on. Like last night I pulled it out of the dock to play Peak Golf for like 5 minutes just to try it out then I put it back. While I did that, I had my PS4 updating on my HT so I could download the Beat Saber DLC.