The Nintendo Switch Thread! Ver. September is gunna hurt. - Super Mario Maker 6/26 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 7/13 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses 7/26 - Astral Chain 8/30

I don’t disagree or have issues with any of this. The joys of the switch being a “hybrid” system is it can be used is myriad of ways. I just choose to use it one certain way.

Oh yeah? :airplane:


I take the my switch out the dock occasionally when I’m at home. I don’t know how the battery functions but if it anything like a phone then it won’t have a long life if I overcharge it all the time.

The battery life in general sucks. They claim like 5-6 hours depending on game, but my real world experience is that I get around like 3 hours. And I’m typically using headphones which I don’t know if that changes anything. I’ve had it die on me on a couple flights that were direct to Aruba but other than that, when I’ve had layovers in FL I can charge it for a little bit while in layover.

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heh, sheeeeeit… I’ve had it since day 1/launch… and my Switch has only been docked 4 times…the dock actually had a noticeable layer of dust on it last I checked! :rofl: It being portable is about 99% of the appeal for me. Even at home…yep I’m still playing in portable or “table-top” mode, since I can be anywhere in here with it… often when I’m cooking something, I have it there to play something in the kitchen too. That concept of being accessible anywhere will never stop being an amazing bonus to me.

*edit—another game-time moment----throughout the winter…having to wait while the car warms up in the mornings…BOOM Switch got ya covered in that scenario too. At this point, the only Nintendo system that will ever surpass it will be the Switch 2 or “SUPER Switch” or whatever they call the next one in the future. Right now, this is the Champion.

Dead Cells— man, I’m past 100 total hours played on this sumbitch now… still having fun despite Very Hard difficulty kicking my ass over and over again in countless ways.

Dead Cells is the PERFECT game for the Switch in portable mode. I’ve played like 1 level in 2-3 minutes and put it down after. It’s so easy to pick up and play that game.

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Thats actually normal typical battery life, The PSP and 3DS only gets 3-4 hours.
Your Phone would not last 2 hours playing Games.

As for being on the go, I got two docks. One “Normal” dock and one compact travel dock.

It gets much more than that. N3DSXL on average gets 7+ hours

Irrelevant. The Vita lasts about 4-6 hours though. And gets some mileage out of a charge of its left in sleep mode

Good thing I don’t play games on my phone. A full charge lasts me 12+ hours.

My main point of contention is that the switches battery life fluctuates on the hardware it’s running. That’s ridiculous to me.

My Home Switch dock.
Details hidden as there alot of large photos.
I don’t want to destroy the data plans of you mobile users.


And here is the controller charger, for my Pro controller and extra 2 Joycons.
It plus via USB directly into my Dock. Yes I modded my Pro controller too.



I picked up Baba Is You today. Very very clever puzzle game. Already on like puzzle 5 I am having those “AH HA!” moments and there are over 200 levels in this game.

Going to post this in the Video game thread too but DYKG just uploaded a video about the Regginator. Doug Bowser has some very big shoes to fill once he steps into the role of CEO.


Joe and Mac low key was released on the eshop. I see you Nintendo.

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I swung and got BOW, Smash and MK8 Deluxe this weekend for about $50 with some trade ins at my local Disc Replay. Plus i got $35 in E-shop from my Switch purchase. What has Nintendo brought upon me. :slight_smile:


MK8D is soooo good
spider-man 3 pie gif

I personally hated BotW and refuse to play smash given how all the content is managed.

That $35 eShop card can go along way. There’s a lot of hidden gems on the eshop around The $5-10usd range. Some even cheaper; gunman Clive hd collection immediately comes to mind and it’s only $3.99

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Mario Kart 8 is fun and I like the mechanics and all that, but some of the stupid weapons just ruin the game for me. The blue shell is the dumbest fucking item in the game. It’s almost bad to be in first place in that game due to the stupid weapons. The game would be so much better if they got rid of some of the weapons.

I can Mario Kart would be better if they went full RNG with items and not have them be dependent on your placement in the race.

This has been Mario kart since 64

Honestly the “rubber band” mechanic in Mario kart is the worst thing about it.


Gotta play the long game in MK8D. I don’t even care about the blue shell to be honest…I’m more concerned about the setups that cause me to get hit by the blue shell after I set myself up to dodge/blow it up. I’ve had my 1st place taken from me more often by lightning bolts leaving myself defenseless than the blue shell now.


I know, I hated Mario Kart 64. That game was god awful. To this day the best one is still the SNES one. It requires actual skill and has very little luck involved.

Play it again. SNES Kart has aged horribly. In pretty much every regard.

Pinnacle of Mario kart is double dash anyways.

Don’t even @ me on this.

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