The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29! Daemon X Machina and Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Q2 2019!


Those are apples and oranges and you know it.


Man, I just gotta say how much I’m enjoying Smash! I love, love, LOVE the single player journey of unlocking characters through classic mode. I get to check out every character and unlock new challengers after every run. I gotta say, Nintendo really knocked it out of the park with the way this game is set up. Best one so far! :metal:


It’s really hard for me to play other games on my Switch right now. I went into Splatoon 2 to pick a side for Splatfest this Friday (I went with villains since my thic boy K. Rool showed me the darkness) and won a few turf war and salmon run matches but the whole time I was playing, I was thinking. I reaaaaaallly wanna be playing Ultimate. The game is just that good.

I’m still adjusting to Ultimate’s speed. The game isn’t Melee fast but it certainly feels faster than Smash 4.

Think I need a bigger TV because this game has so many freaking stages. Sometimes it’s hard to find the one I’m looking for. This one is about 5 years old so maybe it’s time I buy a new one anyway.

On non Smash Ultimate related things, I’ve heard about Twinkle Star Sprites over the years but never played it. I’ve read in the eShop description that it’s a “competitive shooter.” I’m assuming they mean in terms of high score? Anyway, fellow SHMUP fans that have played the game, how is it?


sheeeeeit, things got a bit easier once I unlocked some other old favorites I used to play in Melee---- I got Gannondorf and Marth yesterday! G seems even better now; perhaps a bit faster? …then I got Lucina who is another good one. I’ve been beating the cpu’s ass more easily with these characters. With my nig Gannondorf sometimes it comes down to TWO moves and those chumps are knocked the fuck OUT of there.:rofl:


King K. Rool helped me take out most of them whenever I was having a hard time. He’s the heavy I never knew I needed in Smash.

I’m glad Gannondorf finally decided to start using that sword outside of taunting with it. That is one nasty forward smash.


On Twinkle Star Sprites, It’s a Head to Head shooter where the player is ether against another player or a computer player kinda like what you see in 2 player Tetris. But instead of a puzzler, its a Shmup.
And how well you do effects the difficulty of the other side.
And single player mode sorta follows a story where you take out various other characters while your on a quest.


just noticed that MK11 is also coming for switch,
I wonder how NRS is gonna handle the graphics on the switch


Give the game to panic button


Hmm, I just thought of something I had not heard people talk about, if I lower the CPU AI and etc so that I can swat them out with DK in one charged hit, does the lower AI translate to the challenge characters as well? That could speed up the process of unlocking. I am over a third of the cast but will need to see if it works. So far in the challenger battles my weakness for environmental hazards has killed me more then the AI.


It’s a timed thing, challanges come every 10 min of game play. And the characters are random from what’s all still locked.


Also the one good thing about World of Light is that you can unlock spirits that give you resistances to certain environment hazards. You can even save spirit teams for use in classic Smash.


This is just an overly convoluted way to unlock everyone faster. They should be unlocked from the start.


I sent a team of spirits off to go find some stuff in a cave in World of Light. One member on the team included Blaze the Cat. She had an ability that would have been super useful to me in an upcoming fight. Unfortunately the cave raid she was on would take six hours to complete and the team had already begun finding stuff so I didn’t want to call off the cave raid. That was days ago so they should be done by now. TLDR: Be care about what spirits you send off to search for things because you may need an ability one of them has.


I particularly don’t care about doom but this is a cool video about the announcement of doom eternal on switch.


There is a demo of Katamari up on the eshop.


If there is so much issue with third party chargers/docks… why didn’t Nintendo just make their own charging port/cable instead of using usb-c?

I might try one of the DIYs to make my dock portable. Gonna be traveling for a couple weeks during the holiday.


GGs last night @Sonichuman, but I definitely need to practice up and learn how to Smash better.

It was nice to see Po.


You just need to work on movement and use tilts more with dk. I’d also recommend using headbutt every so often since it buries people and has armor on it. Ggs of course!


Good pointers. My movement is pretty shit when I’m in handheld mode- I do better when I can use the Pro Controller or a GCN controller. And I forgot to set my button scheme up to my personalized layout when I went online so that threw me way off at first :joy: . I’ll try to catch up with you guys more often!


Got everyone via Classic Mode. Fun experience, for the new characters I like Simon/Richter the most, for returning characters (from Brawl/Melee) I like Snake the most. I have a love/hate relationship with items, sometimes they help although mostly they just cause harm. Some of the character unlocks took another try or two since either it was CPUs difficulty being on god mode and reading me like an open book or the stage/item killing me.

Next step is to beat Classic with everyone, then get 1mil for everyone, then try to get 2mil with a character (probably do with Ike, Rosalina, Cloud, or Lucina). Then after that I’ll start World of Light and have fun with that.