The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29! Daemon X Machina and Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Q2 2019!


Yeah 3rd party docks are crap.
If you want a smaller dock just get a extra official dock and one if those portable dock shells you see on Amazon. Or if you have a 3D printer then make your own.

As for USB C cables, use only known good brands. Ankler makes a good cable and they are reasonably priced


I just got this in the mail:

I bought it with the full intention of returning it when I get back from my trip next week. I got it because I wanted to use wireless headphones on my flights and the Genki hasn’t shipped yet.

I just tested it out and there is a noticeable amount of delay on it. I’d say it is like 100ms-150ms, but it’s really noticeable to me when I was testing it out on Monster Boy. It’s noticeably smaller than it looks like in the pictures though.

Even if the Genki wasn’t coming later on I probably would return it because of the delay.


Wonder Boy is down. I’m missing three items, where one needs me to get a charm. I’ll grab those in the post game.

This game reminded me, at first, of not liking the SMS when I would play it at Lionel’s Play World (which would later become Toys R Us). The slippery feel, lack of weight and general ‘oomph’ of it was confusing for myself especially on a time limit. I had this same problem with Alexx Kidd.

Fast forward to ‘these days’ and I overcame them and found a pretty cool rhythm to the game I want expecting when it comes to attacking and not getting hit.

Cool remaster that’d I’d recommend to anyone looking for an old-school action adventure game. I’ll do a play through at some point using only original graphics and sound. I really enjoyed the ability to go back and forth on this feature seamlessly.

Wished I grabbed the Monster World Collection on the 360 at the time (maybe I will since its still available). Hopefully it comes to Switch at some point.

Gonna grab Monster World sometime this month or the next. This a series I want to get into.


Was gonna try to grab Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom at GameStop but they didn’t get any in stock. Gonna have to buy that sucker off Amazon.

SEGA AGES Phantasy Star drops tomorrow. I’ve never really played much of the game but I’d like to and I want to support these SEGA AGES releases. I wish SEGA AGES OutRun was out in America but it’s supposed to be coming early 2019. I guess I could make a Japanese account but I’d have to check to see how many hoops I’d have to jump through to get games on the Japanese eShop. I hear they added four more songs to SEGA AGES OutRun.

Photo mode in Ultimate is one of my favorite things about this game (of which, there are many)

Blue Toad ready to die to protect his princess.

I bought Horizon Chase Turbo. I really like the visual style of this game. I’ve never played the Top Gear series but apparently the guy that did the music in those games did the tunes for Horizon Chase Turbo.


The protagonist of the last Fatal Frame game is in Smash as an assist trophy. That’s awesome. In that same vein I was upset that Spring Man is a trophy. Arms needed a rep on the playable roster.


I already got outrun on the switch, I made my Japanese account way back during launch.
The only catch is you ether need a Japanese credit/bank card or buy Japanese eShop cards.

Setting up the account is easy, I forgot if you need an address or not. I think I just BS mine.

Oh by the way, the version they ported for the Switch is a enhanced version of the arcade game. You can adjust between arcade and enhanced setting, enhanced allows for widescreen and more sound tracks. You can also adjust for Japanese or international


Monster Boy is really good, I’m going to be putting in like 3+ hours tomorrow on flights. I noticed too that not all stores were carrying the game, and the ones that did, had a few copies, at least the Best Buy’s that had em. They either had none or 4 max.


I ordered this dock.

heard nothing but rave reviews for their grip, i’m expecting the same for the dock. wanna be able to use the GC adapter undocked


You don’t need a dock or even some Kickstarter/Indigogo campaign.
Just get a USB-C OTG adapter.

You only need to plug in the Black USB plug of the Nintendo Game Cube adapter, without the grey plug you lose Rumble but that is it.

Their is also this Bluetooth GameCube/ Wii Classic Controller adapter


…sheeeeit, the addiction remains strong. I unlocked a few more characters in Smash at work today on a break.

I will most likely get the GC controller since I notice that’s a cheaper alternative to the regular Pro controller.


SO bought^


I’m going to get Gris today. Seems to be more of an ‘experience’ than a game but I tend to like these from time to time (thinking of Flower or Journey here). It’s also really pretty.


DLing Phantasy Star right now. Not my type of game but my cousins played this like crazy (I owned NES, they owned SMS), but the enhancements, nostalgia, Switch form factor, and supporting AGES all factored in.

Wonder Boy post-game is surprisingly buff. Didn’t know about all the secret levels (did one as Hawk Man without realizing it) and secret difficulties. They stress the mechanics unique to the transformations ability. :tup:

Back on PS. Watched the Game Xplain review and that FM sound chip is no joke. :wow:

@Million thanks for that vid on Sundred. I’ve seen the name but ignored it. That trailer was something else!


good lookin out. i have an OTG cable but i think i plugged the gray cable and didn’t work, tried the black and it did. gonna try to get a refund since it hasn’t even shipped yet


Grey cable is only for additional power.
Without it you would lack rumble.

The black cable actually runs the main adapter.


I bought Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom off Amazon. Should arrive on Saturday.

That SEGA AGES Phantasy Star is looking good. I’ll wait patiently for SEGA AGES OutRun to come stateside. Got more than enough retro games to keep me busy.

Speaking of retro games, if you have SNK 40th Anniversary Collection those free DLC games dropped two days ago. Two of them you’ll have to get off the eShop.

So yeah, Isabelle in Ultimate is looking kinda nasty.


*So much of Smash Ultimate is a completely new thing to me, since I haven’t played any of these games since Melee when it was new a few centuries ago… and I made sure to avoid most preview footage of Ultimate since I was already 100% sold on it… destroying Ness with Mewtwo’s “final smash” where he does that mega-evolution thing…that shit was SO damn awesome, man… and I love playing Ganondorf ever since I unlocked him…the damage that dude serves up is just disgusting.

On another note—I’ll also get Gris very soon most likely…maybe even tonight… the art and animation in that game are on another level.


Hey Konami. Gradius Collection with Gradius 1-5 and Gaiden on the cart.

Pretty please?!?!?!


My pro controller came in super early today so got time to mess with it. Wow, it feels great in the hands. It’s nice and uhhh… firm with some real weight to it.



haha this dude just earned a new fan, man… sheeeeit, *subscribed.

I thought this character “Robin” looked kinda lame at first but he/she’s turning out to be pretty damn awesome. More games should have ridiculous-sized rosters like this…there’s SO much here to mess around with.