The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29! Daemon X Machina and Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Q2 2019!


I’ve been watching him for a while. Dude is hilarious. First video I saw was this one.


are ken and ryu the only characters in smash with motion input moves? or can you set all the other characters into motion input moves as well?


Ryun and Ken are the only characters with fighter game move inputs, although Simon and Rictor Belmont can do their whip whirl from the castlevania games.


maybe it’s just first impression or something but damn Zelda seems to suck ass in this game… it’s like everything she does gets beat by EVERYTHING else, man.

For some reason there’s no unlocks lately… finished Classic mode 3 or 4 times and NO “challenger approaching!” anymore… I’m up to 48 characters at the moment. Currently I’m falling back on the easy characters if I want to actually win of course— K. Rool and Ganondorf or my Starfox squad.
…or perhaps characters only have a set group they can unlock and I’ve finished Ganon and K. Rool’s unlocks? I’ve played a LOT with those 2 lately just 'cause they can KO the cpus sooooo easy.
*edit—still no new approaching challengers… I went to the “approaching challengers” thing from the main menu and got several more characters that way…of course destroyed their ass with borderline cheapass K. Rool :rofl: …taking the path of least resistance here, folks. K. Rool da God-king.


Zelda has always been shit in Smash. They always buff her (or at least say they will) but it never makes her good. That said I really like playing her, I think her moveset is super fun.


I am so excited for this. If it wasn’t for KH3 coming out 2 weeks later this would be my most anticipated game of 2019 so far


cheh, up to 56 characters now… Classic mode still seems dead on the challengers front…I’ve played several more times now and there’s still no one showing up as an “approaching challenger”… I guess they just stop after a certain point? It seems I can only get new challengers from that option on the main menu now…or Wall of Light I guess, which I haven’t played in forever.


Have you checked challengers approach? It’s possible you ran into all the characters and the only ones left are the ones who beat you.


Yeah Zelda is supposed to be a power hitter and her moves are varied enough it is satisfaction when they land.


sheeeeit, I think I have everyone except Mii characters now…

on another note… apparently this was announced some months ago but I’m just now hearing of it… X-morph is on the way to Switch!!! Hell yeah that’s SO bought…

ha, it’s an awesome thing how not that long ago… I kept wondering --“mannnnn _____ would be so awesome to have portable on Switch…” and SEVERAL games I thought of this way…eventually it became a reality.

Bayonetta 1 and 2, Skyrim, Diablo 3, Hyrule Warriors[already on 3ds but fuck that ancient ass system], Broforce, Pokken, Dragonball Fighter Z, and Vampyr… yes Vampyr is headed to this system as well apparently. I’m hoping Code Vein next year ends up on Switch too.



It’s a good system and does it’s best!


My NES Switch Controllers finally shipped.

I feel like @Hawkingbird is Lana in that gif. Judgmental AF.


In found this hilarious for some reasom :rofl:


It’s because he’s a judgey Jason. :cry:


so now I’ve started making my Mii Fighters portion of the roster… already added my main ones “Duuki-Mane” and “Golgothan”, along with one I made as black as possible and named him “Crispy”…and my latest ones…the Supreme Gentleman himself, E. Rodger… (gunner type, of course)…oh yeah, and “Cheezus”… yeah it’s cheese that became a sentient being once it was imbued with holy power. sheeeeit, this is so much fun, man… I can’t stop making more of these…it would be nice if the customization of Miis was deeper…like at least let me have more color options on the skin tone so I can make a proper booger/snot character… I also have a Donald Trump, of course…and “Darksfadil”, and more.



Gunman Clive 1&2 (originally on the 3DS) are getting an HD Bundle and it’s coming to the switch January 17th.

Pretty stoked about this. I have both of them on 3DS and they’re an absolute blast to play. Not to mention the price point is :ok_hand:


Got My Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on Saturday. This sucker actually came with a manual! They never make those anymore!

That Smash Ultimate hardcover guide. To anyone that has one, how is it? I’ve been thinking about picking it up.

World of Light is a lot like Event mode of previous Smash games. Except Sakurai cranked the challenge level up to 11. I’ve run into some fights where the AI is out for blood. There’s one fight where you’re up against three Inklings and Jeff appears as an Assist Trophy for the Inklings. To make things worse, blaster weapons have increased fire power. Oh, and the stage is Onett. After failing that challenge so many times, I decided to come back with more fighters later on.

I bought Fossil Falls and Steam Gardens (music from Super Mario Odyssey) in the shop. I was so hoping these two tracks were included in Ultimate.


I have the guide but I haven’t even opened it. I bought it for collectors sake.


Could one of you direct me to a good LAN adapter for switch?