The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29! Super Mario Maker 2 in June! Links Awakening Remake!


It was frustrating for me from the start. I don’t play any of the eight starter characters and it took a while for me to unlock someone I actually want to play. Things got better for me once I got Incineroar.

I unlocked Simon and the guy is a powerhouse. He’s slow but hits like a fucking truck. It’s crazy how a character long range attacks like him hits like Ike.


So far I’ve had the easiest time playing DK, which is awesome because he’s my friend.


Fox is working for me… from my days of Melee he’s the character I actually remember some basic shit with… and hell yeah I just unlocked the main man Falco the God with him…hell yeah it’s on now. Star Fox Squad Supremacy, folks.



When it comes to unlocks if you’re going into a rematch, definitely play as a fighter you’re good/comfortable with. I love Inkling but I’m not used to the character’s play style yet and because of that I lost a few rematches.

Real talk, World of Light is mad fun. Each battle has different conditions which keeps things fresh. And the world map is just so dang pretty! Turns out spirts aren’t just useful in battle but handy for opening closed off areas in the overworld. Huh. Neat.

A lot of characters in this game feel so awesome. Young Link is crazy fun to use. I played as him for a second in the Melee days and never touched him again but in Ultimate? He could replace Toon Link for me depending on how he handles when I unlock him.

Isabelle is scary with that fishing rod. Definitely one of the best grabs.


sup ya’ll long time member, rare poster: boom! from back when

tryna level up so i can beat my friend’s ass in smash. i added sonichuman and po since we were friends on wiiu. stupid nintendo, i can’t even msg them to play. so add me pls. and how are people chatting, discord?

friend code: SW-8068-4783-5209


I’m pretty sure there is a discord but you might have to head over to the Smash thread to get that info.


Smash discord


aha… a quick way I heard mention of on another board and now here’s a vid from GameXplain


I wish there was a joycon with a GCN layout. I’d buy that in seconds


Because I couldn’t justify paying $30 for it digitally.


My brother gave me his old Switch since he bought the Smash Bundle, he called it a “hand me down console”. Free switch is a free switch so I’m not complaining. Picked up the new Smash and only been playing Classic mode and I’m having a good time, it’s probably the best Classic mode that any Smash has had. Each character’s path is unique, not too long and the credits shump is pretty fun. I think I have around 20 characters at this point, really the only “new” fighter I have is Inklings.

Only character that pissed me off doing Classic is Jigglypuff because she super light. Shes the only character I have >1 mil score with. Also got that 9.9 Intensity with Rosalina so that was cool. I’m having fun with this game. Probably won’t play online since my internet sucks and I’ve read it’s been a lagfest.


Congrats on the free switch, brosiden. That’s awesome. And yes, the online play for smash ultimate is the epitome of fucking garbage. I haven’t played on it yet but I have tons of friends who have, Ive been browsing twitter concerning it as well as reddit. No one has said a single positive thing about Smash’s online play


I also hear terrible things about the matchmaking. It doesn’t work for most people. Glad I wasn’t dumb enough to pay for Nintendo’s service.


Which is so fucking odd because games like MK8D and Splatoon have buttery smooth online.


Why am I having so much trouble adjusting to controls? I can’t carry a GCN controller to work each day…guess I’ll set up the controls to emulate N64 days. Fist unlocked fighter is Ness for me. I just want Snake and Bayonetta


Using the game explain method I unlocked all the characters I’m interested in playing. I didn’t notice until now by challenger approach appears after a few matches in Games & More.


Can’t say I’ve had any real issues with matchmaking on my switch from the games I’ve played. Haven’t played randos on smash yet but the online with friends is smooth.


MK8D is (was) buttery smooth online but matchmaking is utter shit. I mean for the most part you really have no clue if you are playing against AI or a real person.


Does anyone have a Power A wireless GameCube controller? I’m thinking of getting one. I have several GC controllers but they are all wired and I was wondering how the Power A ones measure up.

I was playing on Moray Towers and up until this point the stage has usually been a day stage. This time, it turned to night and even lit up as if it were a Splatfest. Very nice little touch.

I really like what they did to Mr. Game & Watch in this game with each of his moves better representing the games he came from. You can even toggle through the numbers much easier now. The amount of times 9 has come up thus far has been ridiculous. Now if only I could land more kills with it.
Pro tip: Make a Playlist. The game gives you a music track just for doing that.