The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29! Super Mario Maker 2 in June! Links Awakening Remake!


sheeeeit, I’m back to jugglin’ Smash Bros. and Diablo 3 again… on D3 my seasonal wizard is at paragon 401 now…though I can’t really progress in terms of Greater Rifts since certain critical items just aren’t dropping at all for me… around 100 hours played on this version of the game and I haven’t seen even ONE Royal Ring of Grandeur! (*I remember they were super common on XB1 for some reason, at least for me; on that one I’ve probably seen 50+ of those) I’ve upgraded tons of rare rings to legendary ones…but it’s always stupid shit like the “justice lantern” or “Broken Promises” …or shit I already have like Convention of Elements.

Meanwhile in Smash—I’m seeing now that World of Light Adventure mode is filled with some incredibly ridiculous bullshit…like stuff that makes one thing “how is that one even possible?!”


I have the Nintendo one from way back on the Wii which worked fine

There are others though that supposedly work but I haven’t heard anything on them.


i use this:

it was vouched for and been good so far


I bought a random one that came with 3 usb ports from Amazon back then for one of my windows tablets. Just so happen that it works for the Switch too. I’ve heard some doesn’t work.


This is the one I have. Spawn Wave did a tested multiple adapters. This one actually nets better speeds than the official one. Make sure you plug it into the USB 3.0 port to maximize the speed of your connection.

Edit: Just noticed @delalaser linked the same one.


I was JUST about to ask you guys about some recommendations for Switch LAN adapters and lo and behold. I figured I’d have to pay through the nose to get a good one but the one @delalaser linked is dirt cheap and rated very well.

Man, after having Snake back in Ultimate, I don’t think I realized how much I missed him. He’s so much fun to play as. There’s nothing quite like using Remote Missiles to gimp someone’s recovery


I put a good 6-7 hours into Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom over the past week on my flights. They don’t make many games like this now a days. It’s such a great game and can be challenging as hell with some parts that will make you want to rip the hair out of your head. But you will go back to it and once you beat that part, you feel extremely satisfied.

The art style of this game is incredible. You can see how much love was put into the game. The animations are top notch. When you get the lion and are using him in the volcano section, just stop moving and watch everything going on. The little heat blur that is over the screen and the mane/fur on the lion just look incredible.

The pansies of today’s generation would probably turn this game off within a couple hours because it’s too hard for them. There is absolutely no hand holding in this game which they simply don’t know how to handle.


I got my NES Switch Controllers in today. Haven’t opened them (honestly doubt if I do) but they look super nice. Hits me right in the nostalgia.


I think it was $25 during black friday? Just purchased mine.


Been playing Smash with someone as at work. Love how portable and quick it is to set this systwm up for some quick games.


Another good video to add to the first post. I’ll get around to it eventually.


Holiday sales have hit the Switch eShop, just picked up Grim Fandango Remastered for under $5.


Hm. I have grim fandango on PS4 but it’s an amazing title. I wouldn’t mind double dipping. Especially at that price :thinking:


Arcade Archives DONKEY KONG JR. is on the eShop. I played the NES version of that game like crazy as a kid so I’m excited to play the arcade version. I also got SEGA AGES Phantasy Star, finally. There are some really good deals on the eShop right now. That Grim Fandango Remastered for $4.99 is pretty tempting and I have the cash for it.

Simon Belmont Theme from Super Castlevania IV appeared in the shop for Ultimate.


That theme is part of the default music selection. Is there a different version of it?


The default version is an arranged version. The one I meant was the original SNES version.


I had no idea but Psyvariar Complete is getting a port to the Switch and the PS4. Psyvariar is a cool shmup from 2000 and had a revision the same year. It’s a bullet hell shmup with a big focus on bullet grazing to gain exp to level up your ships power and gain invul windows. The Switch and PS4 port is being called Psyvariar Delta and comes with both Arcade and Revision, as well as a new ost being named Delta (guess that’s the title lol).

Most importantly tho it’s getting a physical release on both the PS4 and the Switch and its only 30 bucks. Think I’m gonna scoop it for both.


Can you chain or link attacks with Ryu in Smash? Like, jump in, punch and finish with shory or hado?


Yes. Ryu and Ken work very similiar to how they work in the games. You can do 2 crouching shorts (down tilt + light attack press), Crouching forward (down tilt + Heavy attack press) and cancel that into a special. Most of their tilts can be canceled out of as well as their aerials.


Thanks man!