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I have a lilttle over 40 hrs logged into XC2 now and just want to share a few thoughts.

The story so far is kind of meh. Lots of anime cliche. When a friend told me it was a super weeb game, I replied with aren’t 99% of JRPGs like that? But this game takes it to another level. Supposedly the story gets better and better though and it’s not that bad where I don’t want to keep going. My current objective atm is to head to Rex’s hometown.

The battle system to me is whatever. but I think I lean more towards disliking it than liking it. It’s like FF13, complicated for no reason even after you understand how it works. I unequipped Roc and benched Tora because their English voice lines are annoying asf. I would lower the volume for the voices, but I like hearing the little banters on the field and such. This is why I still appreciate games like DQ11 so much.

Besides that, I like everything else about the game so far.


Bayonetta 3 up for pre-order for $48 with coupon on Amazon.

Bayonetta 3 - Nintendo Switch


Normally we get a Direct around the beginning of the year and I imagine they’d want to do a small push on TSA and NSMB so might be getting something the first week and ahalf.


The story XC2 only slightly improves, the back story bits are by far the most interesting moments and based off the location you mentioned you are a little bits away from where they start to focus in on it. But overall despite loving several of the characters I agree the overall story on XC2 is its weakest part after Rex being the blandest yet still at times annoying main character with a voice of the current generation.

Can’t help you on the combat, a few wrinkles and items they add on top of it later does make it more interesting to break the game and go for ridiculous element combos but if you are at that point there isn’t a lot they are keeping from you. The DLC Torna is actually way better in my opinion but sadly it only works for the story DLC and you can’t carry it to the main game.

Still I would recommend XC2 to most once it gets it hooks into you with the battle system it is a fantastic game and some of the individual characters and their story beats are very good.


There is a surprising amount of Yaoi Dating Sims on the Switch.


I was gifted Octopath Traveler, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and a PowerA controller for the holidays.

Haven’t played much of Octopath, but I think it’s fine for right now. Picked the merchant girl first because she was cute.

Wew playing Street Fighter with the joycons is one of the worst things ever. The PowerA controller is better, but that dpad is rough and is hurting my thumb. I need to padhack one the arcade sticks I own. I’ve read that the PowerA controller has issues with analog drifting so once the controller craps out on me, it’s gutting time.


I think I’m pretty far into Monster Boy. I sat down to play it for a little bit yesterday and ended up playing for like over 2 hours. The game is like crack to me and I always want to see what is right around the corner or figure out what the next thing to do is. I love that there is no hand holding for the most part and that it makes you just figure out stuff.


Got my Genki today. I’m waiting for some new headphones to come before I test it out though.

I had some Jaybird X4’s that I lost at the airport last week and I went out and bought another pair. Those had a slight noticeable delay with the other bluetooth adapter I had and then I did some research and they weren’t APTX or anything, so I’m guessing they would have the same issue on the Genki. So I grabbed some $35 bluetooth headphones on Amazon that are APTX-LL and BT 5.0 which should cause like 40ms sound lag which isn’t noticeable apparently. So if the $35 bluetooth headphones sound somewhat comparable to my Jaybird X4’s I think I’m going to return the X4’s since they are $135 after tax.


ah, if only they allowed for more customization options with the Mii characters…because I have so many ideas that are either in bad taste or just gross…(*at the very least, let us have full control over the color options for everything.) I already have one named “Snot Rag” and a new one called “BootyBallz” I created today…and those of course are just the tame ones that are the result of my eternally juvenile sense of humor.

*I’m hooked on Dead Cells again (*it’s been a while since I got Diablo and Smash Bros. in the past few weeks)… still haven’t defeated the last boss though. Up next for me is “Sundered”…ah, I found a review just now for the Switch version:


@Million-X You’re probably the reason those options are so limited lol.

Nintendo saw what you did to Modnation Racers sir.


I think The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece. In my mind, it’s completely reasonable that it was game of the year. Out of every Nintendo Switch game I’ve played so far, no game (except for Super Mario Odyssey) matches Breath of the Wild’s caliber. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is up there, though.


The fact they’re still making content for Mario Tennis Aces is super surprising but there have been articles claiming Nintendo is focused on long term content (free and paid) for a lot of their first party titles.


Monster Boy has gotten buggy as shit in this haunted mansion level. I’ve had it crash on me multiple times, then I’ve gotten stuck 2 times where I had to quit the game and reload it. Then I’ve had an issue where sound effects start cutting out but I’m not sure if it’s the Genki that caused that or what not, but even when I remove the Genki the sound out of the speakers is still messed up.

And just now it crashed and I saw this error message for the first time ever.


French website has Witcher 3 listed. Not sure if it’s real or not, but I really don’t think the game can run on the Switch without looking like shit. But if it’s real and it actually runs well and looks decent enough, I might just buy it. I have it on PC but the ability to just press the sleep button when you gotta pause and go do something else is just too good.


ha, that’s yet another one I was thinking of recently… “Witcher 3 would be awesome as a portable game via Switch…provided it could still look even halfway decent…” Ohhhh if that becomes a reality I’m absolutely buying that sumbitch again on Switch, day 1.

I bought “Sundered” recently… the art/animation in that game is absolutely gorgeous, btw… it’s easy to get into, great controls… I’d definitely recommend that for any fans of 2d action/platformer “metroidvania?” stuff.

*I’m not a fan of the recent change to eShop… now it no longer has separate pages, from what I see… so it’s 1 big page that goes on until you reach the end of the entire eShop collection… this *seems slower because you hit certain points that should’ve been page-enders where it has to load the next few rows. (*it’s probably about the same since you’d be waiting on the page to load; it’s admittedly a nitpick for me; I don’t like scrolling through and then waiting on the next few rows…it reminds me of those old “56k” internet days, actually…when the internet was generally terrible in terms of speed.)


There’s no way they’re going to get Witcher 3 tun run on Switch. Maybe they’re planning to port over Thronebreaker and that French site just didn’t get the info right.


Porting Witcher 3 to the Switch sounds like a job for Panic Button.


I have wolfenstein on switch. For the compromises it has, it plays well! Panic Button do make some magic


sheeeeit, Starlink Digital Deluxe being 40 bucks seems like a steal for any like myself that were a bit on the fence with that one, imo…since it comes with everything, apparently.

haha the standard version is still 60… imagine the fool that buys that right now instead of the 40-dollar deluxe edition. Anyway, I had to look up more footage of it… yeah, this looks like the real “current-gen Starfox” that fans have been waiting on, tbh… also—that one alien character “Judge” looks interesting…

damn there’s so much stuff to get, man… I was planning on finally getting DBFZ (Xb1) and Soul Calibur VI, and a pro-controller… and now there’s this one on a 50% off sale!!


Yeah, I have Doom, Wolfenstein 2 and downloaded Warframe on the Switch… those folks do good work minus frame rate issues at the beginning but they do good patches after release.