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who are some solid ken and ryu players in smash ultimate?


Game is still kind of new so I don’t know if anyone has made a namevfor themselves yet but you can watch some match footage on vgbootcamp’s youtube page

This a match with a ryu who has decent movement and did some a few combos…only big problem is he didn’t respect richter’s bs and got bodied for it. He was starting to learn and then just looked like he gave up.

Better neutral played in these 2, especially against K Rool.

Ken matches

Venom appears to be starting make waves with Ken so he might be someone to keep tabs on if You are trying to learn him


sheeeeit, the Starlink download took about 2 hours and 45 minutes!! I think it was around 13 gigs… I still haven’t tried it though since I’m right in the middle of some more Smash Bros… that mode where you fight some huge # of battles until I guess you’ve fought everyone. This is the REAL holiday vacation for me… I have the 4-day weekend completely to myself, and now have 3 recently purchased games to get into.


So I’ve played about 2 hours of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. It. Is. SO. GOOOOOODAAAAA!!! The remixes of old Monster Boy tracks are cool and the new music sounds clean AF.

Horizon Chase Turbo is really good too. The visual style is cartoonish, yet sleek and the soundtrack? Good call on the indie developers for getting Barry Leitch to do the music from this retro inspired arcade racer. You get turbos for boosts but you also gotta manage your fuel and if you want to get super trophies for more unlocks, you gotta collect the tokens around the track and come in first. For $20 you get a very good arcade racer.


Is Sports Party any good… for $19.99?


Monster Boy just gets better too. It’s crazy how great the old school art style looks even on my 10 foot screen. There was so much love put into this game. Wait until you get into the volcano section and how great it looks there, with the heat effect. Just awesome.



Pondering whether I should give this a try for Ikaruga, Danmakou & Co.:


I started playing Arena of Valor today, it’s really fun and the characters are really cool.
My main is Violet so far, but there is only one map?

Also, if you wanna buy a character it costs like 12$. And here I thought fighting game DLC characters were expensive lol.


Flip grip is worth it for games such as Shmups and other Arcade games that are in portrait or Yoko mode while on the go.


The Genki is pretty solid if you are looking for a wireless headphone adapter. It’s got a nice form factor and is smaller than the one I got off of Amazon. It looks very streamlined and “looks” like a Switch accessory. I also never realized how much lag headphones had until I was using them to play games. It all just depends on the codec being used (on receiver and headphones) however I ended up testing out 3 sets of headphones before I ended up with one that I’m going to keep. And ironically they were $100 cheaper than the previous headphones I had. The sound isn’t quite as good, but for no lag and “good enough” sound they will do. I only use them at the gym and then while playing switch on an airplane for the most part.


I’ve been in the market for a vert stand for my Switch since I bought it. If you find one let a brotha know.

[quote=“Darksakul, post:3630, topic:181914, full:true”]
Flip grip is worth it for games such as Shmups and other Arcade games that are in portrait or Yoko mode while on the go[/quote]

Yoko is horizontal, Tate is verticle.

Fuck this websites entire quoting system.


Thanks, Japanese terms aren’t my strong point.


No problem.


More about that wireless adapter for headphones on Switch


What you want to know about it?

Also, Monster Boy is pretty damn buggy. The game crashes on me quite often I feel like, like maybe once or twice per session. And the Haunted Mansion definitely has a bug with sound where sound effects will start just not happening, and then eventually they all are gone. And the only way to fix it is to close the game and restart it. I initially thought it was a problem with the Genki but it just happened to first happen to me while I was testing it out. Last night it happened while playing it in docked mode in my HT.


Anyone else here what the other rumored DLC characters are for Smash.

I heard,
Doom Guy
Steve from Minecraft
Ryun Haybasa from Ninja Gaiden


that would be the biggest letdown imo if it’s that Minecraft guy…or anything from that shit-ass ugly ass fucking game. It is truly one of the most vile, repulsive looking pieces of shit in the history of gaming, man. Yeah, I hate the visuals THAT much. Thanos should’ve snapped again to erase that bitch from the timeline.

I’m not even sure what I would want…just off the top of my head here…
One of the Battletoads…? (unless MS owns those characters now via Rare?)
Wart from U.S.-version Super Mario Bros. 2
Dr. Robotnik/“Eggman”
STRIDER, bruh. Hell yeah.
Viewtiful Joe. Hell YEAH (final smash could be that giant Six Machine Cannon, perhaps? Or the “Six Majin” Mecha form!!! HELL yeah I’m so down for this-----and an alternate color for him would be the yellow “Another Joe” look)

and we all know Shovel Knight will be in there, it’s guaranteed… since it is apparently federal and international law that this muthafucka be included in 95% of games for some reason. :laughing:


Shovel Knight got Assist Trophied. And Rare owns Battletoads and therefore M$ does.


Full information regarding leak

Apparently the info is coming from someone who has been right before. Happy for Ryu, Meh on Doomguy, and Super meh if not disappointed at Steve. Doomguy makes sense for marketing purposes plus doom has been around since forever. Potentially the first fully playable Western character? Wish it was someone else but I’m not mad at it.

Steve…augh…I guess I get it from a business standpoint but that character is anti hype. I don’t even think people who play Minecraft would be excited about it.

Hoping the leak ain’t true but we’re sitting at somewhere around 55%-65% probability right now.