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Game of the Year 2019, people.

Edit: All of those DLC characters except Edrick sound super disappointing.


The more outrageous wishlist:
Alucard from Hellsing, dammit.
and Jiren the Grey.
…and All-Might…these may not be a realistic options but I’m in pure wishful thinking mode here.
The Mucinex Booger Dude.

Tyson or “Mr. Dream” - eh they’d just make him a bigger, slightly different Lil’ Mac though…and of course I’m sure legal issues get in the way of it actually being Tyson :rofl:

…hmm…and Chargin’ Chuck, even though I think he’s already an assist character or something.


Thought this was supposed to be Breath of Fire Ryu and was severely disappointed to find out it was Hayabusa.


Shovel Knight already an assist Trophy,
Magikroopa is a Spirit, same with Eggman.

Strider I can see,

Viewtiful Joe? Fuck No. I rather have Steve from Minecraft.
I can’t stand Viewtiful Joe.

Nintendo isn’t allowing any RARE/MS properties to be in Smash.
I don’t care how much Phil Spencer says he cool with it in Tweets, Top execs at Nindy are still sore they let Rare slip out of their hands.

Doom guy belongs he much more influential to gaming than half the roster, plus Nintendo is all bed fellows with Bethesda now.

I am also fine with Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, as that is a iconic Nintendo character if any

Never will happen, Nintendo put out some hard-fast rules that has to apply first.
Character has to originate as an Video game character, No Comic, Manga or Anime.
Character has to have at least one appearance on a game on a Nintendo System at some point in time.
Character (or game the character is from) has to be considered influential to gaming ether to Nintendo Consoles or Video games as a whole.

They never do Tyson again, they actually had to edit him out of the NES Classics version of Punch out for Mr Dream. If anything Mr Dream would be a Little Mac skin or Echo.

Oh I forgot all about Elric from Dragon Warrior/ Dragon Quest, in Japan Dragon Quest is bigger than Final Fantasy, and it was the first real RPG of the NES.


Steve makes sense, he is the most popular video game mascot that MS owns and I figured MS would get someone in… I just wanted it to be Master Chief. So that at last Samus vs Masters Chief can be settled.

All that said, I would not believe the leak besides Steve from Minecraft and the Dragon Quest rep, because seriously DQ is way to big and has been attached to way too many Nintendo platforms for them not to have a rep. Doom guy? While Nintendo and Bethesda are closer that seems unlikely I mean besides just using guns, how do you tone the other attacks from the most recent Doom game?


Sooooo when did Nintendo implement their own DLC char rules? Cloud was never in any Nintendo game. I’d love viewtiful Joe. Fuck Minecraft Guy


Yeah. Viewtiful Joe is awesome.


Technically Cloud was in the Kingdom Hearts games, which were on Nintendo handheld devices and a few other Final Fantasy spinoff games from Square Enix. Heck, Cloud is as much of a mascot for Final Fantasy a chocobo.


I don’t think Nintendo cares if a character is associated with their brand. Snake, Ryu and Ken are in Smash and their respective series haven’t been on a Nintendo console in ages.


He was never even playable. Just a mere appearance in a handheld game that was a spinoff but hey Nintendo gonna Nintendo.

3DS got SF4 and we got two more street fighter games in the past year on Switch. Snake originated on the NES and had a 3DS remake of snake eater. Those characters had a justified reason to be in Smash. I don’t know the reasons seemed dubious but hey I’m just ranting. I support doomguy 100%


Snake originated on the MSX. The NES port of Metal Gear is trash.


Hahaha, no one younger then 32 but die hards and folk that Google everything they read even knows what a MSX is.


I was thinking “Metal Slime” from Dragon Warrior as well but he’s kinda visually similar to Kirby already… sidenote/blasphemy—>I never liked the Dragon Warrior games.

Earthworm Jim!
Castlevania’s Alucard
Dig Dug :laughing:
Billy Lee from Double Dragon? (his bro Jimmy is simply a palette swap of course)—eh, he’s a visually boring character though… just a random white dude in a plain blue outfit that beats people up. :rofl:
Stan the Bugman (*tho I remember it being “Stanley the Bughunter”)…but it’s probably an assist or trophy/whatever… I remember he was a trophy in Melee as well… no one seriously remembers that character but me and a few other people of my old ass generation…and actually fuck this idea; he was always just a swap-out for Mario anyway, so he’d be too similar and thus a boring choice for a “new” character.


Contra guys would be sick.


It would be nice if Nintendo remembered Star Tropics.


Also throwing in Twin Snakes for list of Nintendo console appearances.


Snake was on a the Game Cube and GBC versions of MGS, and His first game was on the NES.
Ryu and Ken been on every Nintendo console except for the NES, N64 and Virtual Boy.
Cloud appeared in multiple GBA and DS titles KH as well as a ton of FF spin offs

He is already an assist trophy, and yes he appeared in a number of GBA and DS games.

Who? (Yes I know what Star Tropics is)


sheeeit, the limitations on Mii characters continues to annoy me, but it’s great having that be part of Smash Ultimate…allowing me to put all kinds of stupid, disgusting and “in poor taste” characters in the roster. I was playing as “The Supreme Gentleman” Elliot Rodger and “Duuki Mane”(fighter type) earlier…I’ve unlocked quite a few mii outfits and accessories lately.

*seems like when the cpu gets final smash, they WILL hit you with that shit no matter what since the high level ones can react PERFECTLY to every possible situation, so the only hope is to KO them before they reach that point…or hope it’s a character with a lame Final Smash.


Finally got smash yesterday. Just been trying to unlock characters through classic mode. Wouldn’t be too bad with a smaller roster but having to unlock a roster of over 70 characters this way is fucking dumb. Even if I play on the lowest difficulty the AI magically becomes impossible when fighting a character you are attempting to unlock. But every now and then I’ll literally have the AI walk off the stage and die. Lol.
Like I’ll just completely beat them up to around 300 damage and they won’t get smashed no matter what. Then they’ll turn around and two shot me while I’m at 0-30 percent damage. Can’t wait to be done with this shit.


While it’s tedious I would recommend to close the game and restart it every time you see a new character to bypass the timer to face a new unlockable in Smash mode. It will save you time if just want to unlock everyone.