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I tried that method and couldn’t get it to work too often. It worked like 2 times them quit working period. Tried again later, worked 2 more times, then quit again.


I just do the story mode on the spirit mode.
Its easier than classic but more tedious


World of light is the slowest method to unlocking the characters. I wouldn’t play it if unlocking is the goal.

You likely need to log in more time to get it to work more constantly.


Legendary Spirit battles in that Spirit Board mode are completely insane, man… like this stuff is close to being literally impossible from what I’ve seen…there was one with several “metal skin” versions of Megaman all shooting me immediately from the start, and that metal skin super armor effect was just one of several bonuses they had going on. After one try I was like “nah” and moved on to something else. There was seriously no beating that. I’ve tried others several times though… and nothing. The only way to even come close is if you figure out some ridiculous cheese combo of spirit bonuses…otherwise you have absolutely no chance.

The cpu in this mode can decide you won’t even land 2 hits on it if it wants…and that will be exactly what happens…between things like it giving itself metal-skin, damage bonus on dashing attacks, things like electrified floors (forcing you to equip a spirit that nullifies that; now you’ve used up slots that could’ve been attack bonuses or anything else.) constant PERFECT shielding of any and all attacks you do, etc. etc.

Whatever, I’m still managing to have fun despite all the ridiculous bullshit in that mode though.


Well now classic mode won’t let me fight anymore unlockables and I’m at 51 characters. Fuck this shit. Lol

EDIT: Just found the challengers approach option tucked away at the bottom of the menu. Didn’t know you could choose to rematch characters you’ve lost against. I’ve probably ran through the entire possible roster in classic mode and that’s why they’re not showing up now.


All your complaints and more are why I refuse to play smash. I shouldn’t have to do all this bullshit that takes around 12 hours (longer if you’re doing world of light) to unlock content that should already be unlocked. Plus it’s an absurd amount of content to unlock. 60+ characters. Fuck that.


Welp. Now I’m at 54 characters. The challengers approach option has disappeared. Unlockable characters no longer show up after beating classic mode. And using the 10 minute timer/game restart method is yielding no results. It would appear I am now at a dead end. I’m gonna be so pissed if this game is gonna make me play it’s shitty story mode just to unlock more characters. Lol


Continue playing the game until challengers approach reappears. If your not getting new challengers it means the characters in the approach is all that’s left.


I beat that match, its not that hard as it’s a stamina battle instead or trying to launch battlers in the air.
A battle with Metal ROB and Metal Dr Mario is much harder. This is both a board skill as well as a Spirit that offers the METAL Killer skill where you do extra damage to metal characters, with the right skill set I am doing 175 to metal characters per attack.

I also like how they did the Street Fighter Map in the World of Light, A Green DK with a Spin Attack is there allegory for Blanka.


Zero unlocks is why I found Smash Wii U/3DS boring as fuck

Playing as certain characters will unlock other certain characters.

Also Time and Distance counts for Unlocks, more time passes in battle and the more distance pass in battles make a “Here comes a new challenger” pops up after you exit the World of Light, as well as additional chances in Challengers approach section of Classic mode


Yeah I’m aware of all that. Each of the original 8 characters have unlock paths. However no matter which character I used challengers still stopped showing up after beating classic mode. I continued playing matches then even turned the game off for a few hours and came back and still nothing. I had more than enough time in battle to where something should have appeared. I was getting challengers all day until it just suddenly stopped.


This tedium of having to unlock 60+ characters isn’t fun at all. It’s a goddamn chore. If Nintendo wants unlockables it should have been stages, music, other modes.


ha, neither side will convince the other, it seems… I also think character unlocks are much more interesting than things like stages and music unlocks. Perhaps a happy medium would’ve been if they just started with a few more characters, like a 3rd or close to half the full roster, then you unlock the rest of them…? that initial 8 is pretty damn small in comparison to full # of characters here… I might’ve made it so you have a “starting lineup” of 20 to 25 or so.

…but yeah, if I recall (it’s been a while), the rest of mine were all in that Challenger approach replay thing…and yeah, World of Light is probably the slowest possible way to unlock them.

*haha, my friend’s kids got a Switch for Christmas… I went over to their house Christmas day…and somehow these youngins had the whole roster unlocked already! Holy shit, man…they just got it and they already have everyone later that same day…they must’ve played it non-stop, or perhaps they looked up that fast way I heard of several weeks ago…


I don’t play competitive games like Smash, SF, MK, etc to unlock shit or for their single player modes. I play them to wreck other people to the point of them wanting to quit playing. Content like characters should be unlocked from the very beginning. They should not be hidden behind a 12+ hour grind for the sake of “playability” or “replay value”. That’s fucking stupid.


Character unlocking in fighters has always been stupid. I’m glad the last game I cared about that did it was SF4 and I’m glad Capcom learned from that game to not do it again in any future fighters they made.

Character unlocking in a party game I can understand though…


It was cool when we didn’t have the internet. Every character was a surprise.


I find it hilarious that people compare “competitive” games like Smash with MK and SF, yet kick and scream about it not being a fighting game. I honestly don’t give a shit what people label it as, and honestly I call it a fighting game because you fight people in it. But to me, it’s a matter of semantics I guess. Whatever, I think the whole thing is hilarious.


Because unlike MK, SF and others of their ilk at the core of it Smash is not a fighting game. It is a party game that can be played in a competitive setting by manipulating its modes and options. IE Final destination and omega modes for levels, turning off items, etc.

you have to turn the into something that despite the option of being there—is not intended to be played as


Wait, so Smash is a “party” game that can be played as a competitive fighting game?

Oh Shit! And all this time I thought it was a racing game!


It isn’t a party game, it never was.
Smash Bros Is an an Action Platformer with a co/op Multiplayer mode tacked on.

It’s a party game to you as you make it out to be a party game.Wii Sports is a party game, Duck Hunt is a party game, Tetris is a party game, jerking off can be a party game, god damn any game can be a party game.

By your definition Mario Kart is a Fighter, Star Craft II, Galaga and OG Donkey Kong are fighters as they can be played competitively.

Also who said shit about playing Smash Competitively, without a single player mode most games (with obvious exceptions) are shit to me. I really enjoy the Story Campaign in many games.



I do not think that term means what you think it does.

sifts through the rest of your post